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  1. My chassis legs are in a similar state after being standing for quite a few years. The car is with someone who is repairing them for me at the moment, not the work it originally went for . I will have to start stockpiling some chassis legs, floor panels and jacking points etc, for another rebuild in a few years, if I decide to keep the car. This is the nature of the beast when these chassis especially the later ones start to show corrosion in the usual places.
  2. Just had a quick look on Hella Website, catalogue is set to Licence plate lights. Item 1 and 2 are two similar configurations, just can't make out the number on your part to do a though search. The Amazon listing is one I saved years ago, and is cheaper than most on eBay after a quick search on there. If my memory is correct Peugeot used these as well. Hella Catalogue. Item 1. Item 2 Amazon listing
  3. Added to my internet Favourites, Cheers.
  4. T5 LED Dashboard Light Xenon White 286 Car Bulbs COB 74 73 2721 Wedge Bulb 10pcs
  5. Pilkington's website. https://www.pilkington.com/en-gb/uk/automotive/classic-cars-home/makes-and-models/all-makes-and-models?make=vauxhall Manta B is under Vauxhall, while A series is under Opel.
  6. Dave (Mantasrme) on the forum has details on kits Mantasport
  7. Entered in error and can't delete post? I realised I was looking at item 06698938 (20 40 800) which is for the lower bolt anchors, for the armrest to door fittings.
  8. Looks like I will have to pay to renew my membership, as the update to the process is taking sometime. I don't mind paying just thought it would be nice to have the process of a free year membership as an instantaneous flowing switchover. Club Officials, Offer my free year out in some competition on Farcebook etc. if you wish to try and get newer members involved.
  9. Same thing has happened to me today. We need some clarification on this ASAP, as it was mentioned in the EGM (months ago)and highlighted by members previously. I have no problem paying the money to re-subscribe, but I don't want to be hanging on to find out. Please PM me rather than hanging our washing out to dry in public so I can commit to the OMOC again, as this doesn't look good on the whole clubs behalf, and you know the backlash lies that go on at Farcebook HQ, and other Un-Social Media Platforms. “A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can get its boots on.”
  10. 4 years ago (I commented on this) and I still have the spare unmolested centre console, need to start kicking my butt in to gear. Lenk Tuning International (carbon-car.com) have a couple of different ideas.
  11. Is this what you are after? I haven't got any but it might help you identify what you require.
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