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  1. My first car was one of these back in the late 80's, it should have been this colour put had been painted black. It took me a year to get the blue interior sourced as someone had fitted a multi 70-80's Vauxhall colour (beige, brown, red and black) interior. I notice it has a GLS badge on the boot, but no headrests on the front seats, I am sure the GLS had them?
  2. robah

    GTE Auto....??

    I did post on your other thread reference the Carlton B 2.0 litre RWD autobox should fit a redtop (XE) engine. I don't know what tunnel Mods that might be needed if any?
  3. Very nice, great work done by Danny and Carl. Nicely period kept with the hidden extras of the five speed box etc. Instant Show and Shine car, I really miss by SR Berlinetta now.
  4. Some very nice Car Porn to look at and looks like a great event. Not been able to work on my car due to knee surgery 15 months ago and still can't kneel down (maybe never again 😥) but I am getting strength back in my knees with physio and acupuncture. I have bought a new 400 kit for my car from the original Irmscher moulds so hope to get it fitted next year. I hope to visit events like these in Europe, once I get my car back in to working condition and stable running.
  5. If I get a suspicious email I always use my PC to check and can tell straight away it is. I always try and send the emails to the company being copied like Amazon, PayPal etc. to their spoof email report addresses. Don't know what their cyber team do with it but I have done my bit. I also go to the correct website to confirm. My email account at Outlook/Live is usually very good at picking up Spam emails and puts them straight in the spam folder that I delete regularly once I am sure they are fake emails. When I saw the advert with the white Manta GTE (eBay) I constantly reported it to them. The perpetrators were doing the same adverts for other classic cars as well.
  6. Used this supplier to refurbish my lower steering column bearing assembly, many years ago. It was when they were like rocking horse poo to get hold off. They are just down the road from me so very handy in that respect, will be using them to refurb my spare gearbox in the future.
  7. I think this is the part https://www.clipsandfasteners.com/Door-Panel-Retainers-p/pas1024-25.htm Looks like a lot of manufactures use it, I quickly put the GM: 9685057 in to a search engine but most came up from abroad. You might have luck with other manufactures.
  8. I take it is the later type window winder for the likes of a GTE variant? I might have one lying around, I will have to try and get in my shed to look.
  9. Very nice, 😎 Got a new kit to fit to mine, as soon as I am fit and able to resume working on my cars.
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