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  1. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  2. Hi Jess I have dug the Irmscher wheel out and found some packing for it, I just require some more filling to pack the box out. I am glad I read your reply as I have to the end of the month to sort out the complete packing. I have just taken some recent photos to show it is in the same condition as the other pictures and when they upload to my OneDrive I will post them on for your perusal. Regards
  3. If not already known this might be a good start https://www.autobahnstormers.org.uk/
  4. Hi Wayne I do remember, I only forget names not people, well most of the time. You had the red GTE exclusive? with original Blitz interior and 400 spoiler that was painted different to standard items (made the car stand out from the pack) . The one you most regret selling. Astra GTE went years ago due to my lack of progress, I got back what I paid for it and bought a Vectra B GSi 2.6L, which is halfway through reconditioning the suspension. I haven't got around to finishing it, due to my knee surgery and still unable to kneel 20 months later. I am hoping to fit a new 400R bodykit to my Manta, sometime this year as I bought that 15 months ago, and haven't been able to start that yet. The car just needs some TLC and motivation from me to be road ready this year. Here's hoping you find a decent Coupe project soon for you to work your magic on.
  5. I apologise for late reply, new shift pattern and body not trained yet, it is 15 years since I was on a similar shift pattern. I will dig out over the next week and I will give you a PM on price and postage I am on shift now until Wednesday morning. I personally use Interparel.com (great prices) for my deliveries and always use recorded delivery service, as protection for me and the buyer. I am only selling it as I prefer the 3 spoke SR Berlinetta steering wheel, which I sourced 1 complete and 1 missing the horn button a few years back.
  6. I have an exclusive steering wheel that I posted on this thread. Still available.
  7. I will gladly help anyone, especially after someone's long build and they are missing something that I might have spare or know somebody who might have it. I think it is good business to help the people that keep this club and forum relevant and working. You do get to know a lot of members on the forum, without actually ever meeting some of them, who always look out for others, and without the OMOC and these people that trawl the site we would just have rusty shells, I thank those who have helped/assisted me. We as a club have lost quite a few great members over the past decade (and decades before) who have been inspirational and kept us sane with being able to find spares that we thought were no longer available. We still are getting components as our friends in Europe have helped with items like edelschmiede and others broadening our parts catalogue. Edelschmiede helped me a few years ago with a brake master cylinder problem after I converted my car to rear discs, it was as simple as a ball bearing restrictor to remove, but to me it was priceless help. We no longer get the Prince's who have fled a country and need our bank details to store their millions We just get the troll for troll sake id10ts now, that keep us on our toes, or the Bitcoin emails that go straight to dump with my email account.
  8. I think it is down to who you wish to deal with and how you research the seller/buyer. I have a mental list of people on here I trust 100% as I have dealt with them with quick payments/items dealings and everything is as stated. I have on numerous occasions given away items that people are looking for to keep their car on the road. I don't do Farcebook anymore (recently retired it), but I did notice the crap being thrown about by losers/tossers on the Manta related pages. I do have an extensive list of part suppliers and bespoke sellers for the Manta family online that I usually use in the buying of most of my spares for my car and it's configuration. I had issues when I sold my Mk1 Astra GTE as a spares or repairs on their forum, as someone kept saying I would not get my asking price, and I told him I would rather scrap the car rather than give it him for a steal, considering I knew it was worth a lot more than my asking price, from previous sales of cars. I got dead on the button what I asked for from another buyer. I have been in and out of the Manta scene since around 1989 and I know what my parts are worth, I don't suffer fools well, and I have given up on sob stories of "Woe is me" as sometimes you get played by characters. Some people on this site who have helped me out in the past will mostly get items a lot cheaper than the asking price as a favour for their help. Even if they sell them on for a higher price after purchase I am not bothered. I have a few for sales on here and I am as honest as I can be in descriptions, I have stopped running around trying to take pictures from all angles, because I know if anyone is genuine on buying the items they will PM me for pictures. I need a tidy up of what I will have/not need in the summer for my own car and I need space for future none car projects, and general tidy of my properties landscaping. I am in two minds to sell the current none original mould 400R kit fitted to my car at the moment and will need the space to hold this if I keep it for spares. I don't sell on eBay due to the messers and previous experience with eBay selling, and anything I sell Manta related is only advertised on here. I am still not in the right frame of mind to go to the Pub meets as my illness etc. still plagues me. My new shift patterns will also impact my participation in future Pub meets due to the nature of my employment.
  9. I suppose it depends on how desperate/quickly you want to sell the car or parts? I have got to the point that I am scrapping most of my spares due to timewasters and knock down specialists.
  10. Words can't describe my heartfelt sorrow for the predicament and pain you and your family are going through at the present time. I hadn't read your posts for some time, as I was hoping to sit down and take a long read for inspiration to continue my minor work, in comparison to yours. It is only that I took a look at the last page to understand your plight and distress. Medical (none surgery) procedures and understandings of mental health has come on leaps and bounds since I was diagnosed with a similar illness back in 1994. I know you will have your hands full for the foreseeable future with plenty of ups and downs along the way. I know your son will have to come to terms with this illness, and as long as you are there to listen and understand him, which I know you, will then it will make his recovery and treatment that much easier. I wish I had the knowledge and parenting that was often overlooked back when my diagnoses was realised, I would have recovered a lot earlier and be further down the full recovery road. I suppose that mental health was still a Taboo back then, and for me it is still hard to relate to and express, as I don't seek attention for it, I just prefer progression. I still have issues locked away in small boxes in the back of my mind that open from time to time, but the coping mechanism's that the medical professions have taught me have made it easier for me to ride the waves of emotion over the years, to see the waters are slowly getting calmer. I will never rid myself of the illness, but I can take a lot more control of the situations. Try to ensure your son is part and partial to all ongoing procedure and treatment as this will help his future self and you and your family as well. All the beat and good luck with your families future health, hoping for a brighter future Rob
  11. We use to use this stuff to remove a thick adhesive from the undercarriage attachment lugs on Jaguar Aircraft. Very efficient and as you say very toxic and damaging to skin. We had to keep applying it every 15 - 30 mins to soften it up but nothing else would come anywhere near it. The aircraft painter CO tried to stop us using it, trying to use COSHH as a reason, but when we told him we need two of his staff on evenings to apply the paint stripper he backed down and allowed us to carry on. We then had to use MEK to clean the area, so PPE was essential otherwise you would be high as a kite with a massive headache 30 mins later.
  12. Nice to see you enjoying your car again, rather than fixing other cars 😉
  13. They can use this tool to translate if they need to. https://www.dict.cc/?s=Verstärkungen&failed_kw=Verstarkungen
  14. Is that 50 Euros for a complete Exclusive rear spoiler?
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