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  1. I take it is the later type window winder for the likes of a GTE variant? I might have one lying around, I will have to try and get in my shed to look.
  2. Very nice, 😎 Got a new kit to fit to mine, as soon as I am fit and able to resume working on my cars.
  3. These type of kits might be worth investing in for trim items. 12PCS Plastic Car Trim Removal Kit.
  4. H, I have subscribed to your YouTube channel (incase you were wondering) hope to see more content in the summer months
  5. Good old DynaFile we had fun using these on Aircraft Structures, they were air/compressor powered as not allowed to use electrical type. I have one of these B&D in my shed, never start a project without it.
  6. Hi and welcome back again, hope you find a Manta and are able to move on the Corrado.
  7. Nice to see the Hatchback is 3 seconds quicker and 20mph top end speed to the Coupe? Good to see magazines messing up back in the 80 - 90's
  8. Nice one Jason, pick my 400 kit up next week. 😎
  9. robah

    ball & spring

    I know you mention it's a ballbearing but just in case you need the whole unit https://www.edelschmiede.com/shop/Cap-oil-pump-oil-pump-cap-complete-Opel-4-6-cylinder-cih-engines Maybe contact the shop for edlelschmiede, to see if he can get the ball bearing type for you very good grasp of English and very good on delivery.
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