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  1. I take it is the later type window winder for the likes of a GTE variant? I might have one lying around, I will have to try and get in my shed to look.
  2. Very nice, 😎 Got a new kit to fit to mine, as soon as I am fit and able to resume working on my cars.
  3. These type of kits might be worth investing in for trim items. 12PCS Plastic Car Trim Removal Kit.
  4. H, I have subscribed to your YouTube channel (incase you were wondering) hope to see more content in the summer months
  5. Good old DynaFile we had fun using these on Aircraft Structures, they were air/compressor powered as not allowed to use electrical type. I have one of these B&D in my shed, never start a project without it.
  6. Hi and welcome back again, hope you find a Manta and are able to move on the Corrado.
  7. Nice to see the Hatchback is 3 seconds quicker and 20mph top end speed to the Coupe? Good to see magazines messing up back in the 80 - 90's
  8. Nice one Jason, pick my 400 kit up next week. 😎
  9. robah

    ball & spring

    I know you mention it's a ballbearing but just in case you need the whole unit https://www.edelschmiede.com/shop/Cap-oil-pump-oil-pump-cap-complete-Opel-4-6-cylinder-cih-engines Maybe contact the shop for edlelschmiede, to see if he can get the ball bearing type for you very good grasp of English and very good on delivery.
  10. I was asking about the group buy and deviating from your original post so sorry on that.
  11. JS Performance make and sell the conversion hoses in silicon, that Retropower sell. I know they fit as my car was the trialist car for the fitment. Is this just for Radiators? could be interested.
  12. Thanks for sharing, will be helpful to a lot of people.
  13. Would love to see that sell for that but at the moment I doubt it. I think it would be pushing it for half that price, might have to increase insurance valuation for my car
  14. Love the style of the Rekord C Nice project A pity you don't have the Vauxhall/Opel V6 2.5 to 3.2 available as it would suit the car nicely. You will have to keep us updated on the progress.
  15. Pardon my ignorance what is an "SL "? I have used the Rustbuster 2 Pack 121 on my Vectra Subframe and it is very good, but recommend spraying it on rather than brush. I did the latter and the finish is not brilliant. I will be doing my spare Manta front subframe in the 121 coating at some point. I used Dinitrol for my Manta chassis bought via Rustbuster 7 years ago and still looks strong underneath. I sprayed that on. I used the creeping wax inside the chassis legs to protect the inside from the elements. Usual rust in usual places for a Manta, good luck with the project.
  16. Coupe fuel pumps on the standard cars are near the rear axle not dealt with modified systems. There should be an earth strap from motor/Gearbox to chassis, I know about this as I had a similar problem back in 1991 when I couldn't get a spark from my SR Berlinetta. Was the fuel pump near the battery a check system, rather than filling the tank just use a fuel container and run the engine over? I will be sure someone with more knowledge on this matter will be able to assist.
  17. I think pictures will help, especially in the areas of known problems like swan neck area. It comes to supply and demand for prices as they do fluctuate during the year. Fully built GTE Hatches have sold between £3-5 thousand over the years and it is going to be the minimum you would like to sell it at as well. Some very knowledgeable Manta owners in your area, might be worth asking them to take a look as well. GLWTS
  18. I have the Auto Storm double cover version from these https://www.autopyjama.com/home-engl/ I have had it 5 years and still going strong even with cats clawing it . Not cheap but sometimes the expense is necessary. My covers have got extra bungies to hold the covers better as I get a sort of crosswind being a corner house. I mainly use the outer cover more for the winter as extra precaution.
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