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  1. Was informed about this Manta the other week that Sold at Auctino for £1800 (See below link). http://classiccars.brightwells.com/viewdetails.php?id=3133 And is now on ebay for £2995 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1983-OPEL-MANTA-1-8-BERLINETTA-2D-90-BHP-/221136952267?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item337cca1bcb
  2. Spotted this E-Reg Exclusive on a TV screen at Beaulieu. DVLA Check shows car is still on road as Road Tax due in June. Is this a club members car?
  3. I appear to have sorted it. For what ever reason the above ID is my Facebook ID. Not sure how that has come about but all seems ok now.
  4. Wonder if this would have happened if it was a P-Reg Manta?
  5. Looked very solid. Only area I could see that requires attention was the sill at the rear of the drivers side. I got the impression that the previous owner keep the car in a garage. Also they were a Manta Club member at one time as there a club sticker in the rear window. On the subject of the price, I think if you turned up with £900 they would probable let it go for that, the repair needed on the sill if a bit of a bartering told.
  6. Sorry Andy probable was not very clear with my post. I was not having a go at you but your right there has some confusion about who brought this car as I understood it was in Essex and being retored. If some bits from this can go and help another car then great.
  7. See this link. http://forums.mantaclub.org/topic/27412-cav-coupe-1976-l200/ Car was offered on here for £200.00 by the person who had brough it. And I noted in this listing that at least one person expressed an interest. This is sad that such an early Mk1 Cavalier Coupe is going to be banger raced. On the subject of that is it realy wise for a car club like the Manta Club to publicise that car that could have sold to a member on site has now gone to be banger raced in the public section of the site. It migh be more suited to the members section. (Note: I know the advert is on Retro Rides but even so). What messages is that sending out to prospective members?
  8. Right i've been to look at this car it is one of the best 1.8's i've seen. The engine is one of the quietest 1.8 or 2.0 for that matter I have heard. The chap at the scrap yard explained to me that the car came from an ealderly couple from Amersham, Bucks who had ownded the car for 20 years and only got rid of it because they wanted an Auto. Interstingly there is a Manta Club sticker in the back window so would hazard a guess they were (are?) members at one time. I had a good look around the car and the only real rust issue I could see was a small area on the drivers side cill that would require attention for the MOT. Car has a months MOT and Tax on it. Also I noticed that the car does not have a Manual choke which is unsuall for a 1.8 I think (Probabley an aftermarket conversion but there was no sign of any holes in the dash where it should be. Chap at the scarp yard said it was lucky it came to them as it it had gone to a certain yard in Aylesbury it would have been crushed. (They have a few unsual cars in the scrap yard (Ford Prefect, Ford Capri, Peugeot 504 Cabrio, 3 x Austin Maestro's including an MG version, Mk2 Cavalier and two Reliant's). I would hazard a guess if you turned up with £900/£1000 in cash they would probable take it. Here is a picture of the engine. Just surface dust for the yard other than that looks very clean. More pictures to follow.
  9. I know this scrap yard as I went there two months ago to look at a Mk2 Cavalier that they had that should not have been broken (think it is still listed on ebay) which happened to be green and have the same colour green interior. This car is to good to be broken by the look of it and you have to wonder how it has ended up at the scrap yard. Incidently the only other car that I know of with a Green Interior is one owned by Mr Virco. I'm going to Bicester on Friday and if I get a chance I will have a run upto there yard and have a closer look and report back.
  10. Looking good. Like the shad of yellow. Is it Signal Yellow? A rare Colour on a Mk1 Cavalier.
  11. I remeber that as well Ian, it was about three years ago as I was at the show as well. Seem to remeber Jason took your details as well as he suggested something may be comming up he needed a Manta for. I'm assuming nothing happened and what ever was planned got cancelled. Also I do recall seeing the pictures on here and in Manta Magic.
  12. I've just remembered I have a an Amstrad GX4000 Consule some where if that is of interest as well? (If it is I will try and find it for Saturday no garunte though),
  13. I have a Sega Megadrive + Games, a Nintento SNES (if I can find it) + games and a Dreamcaste + Games (also if I can find) if they are of interest. Plus I also have a 15" LCD Monitor if you are interested? Also I will definatly be coming over at the weekend. SO if you could post some directions that would be helpfull. I know the Witney/Eynesham area fairly well (If I remeber correctly some you know spotted me in my Manta in Witney a few years ago). But i'm not 100% sure where your place is.
  14. I'm in Milton Keynes and I know the car. If you are thinking of selling it I know someone who would take the car as a whole project.
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