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  1. Cheers guys. Yes, I'm just looking to fit a subtle tachometre rather than swap the clocks. Good idea on using a black wire. Once the car arrives, I'll see how feasible it will be to add it routed to the existing loom and recover it. I quite like the hidden wiring look some classics have (where I assume the loom is lengthened and run thorough chassis rails and underneath the components) but I might be getting carried away there!
  2. Very nice, especially that coupe. I'm actually a hatchback man (the bells..) as they're what I remember from the 80s when I was a boy. My school headmaster and his wife both had his and her Mantas. His was a black 1.8 hatch, hers a white one on B plates.
  3. Did you make any progress with the Cavalier yet? I was more interested to hear about the aircon system your Grandad had fitted to it.
  4. Same here. I'd love another Manta (I've had 13 already) but I've been disheartened since selling my minter back in 2011. I had two projects since then, one of which is still being used and daily driven, t'other is somewhere in Ireland. My MK1 Cavalier is due to be delivered Monday afternoon, so am looking forward to it arriving.
  5. Thanks. That's a shame, as I hoped they all had the same wiring loom and it would be an easy fit.
  6. On the early Bs and Cavs without the 6 clock dash, is there still a signal wire for a rev counter or will I have to wire something from the coil or dizzy please? It's an early 1977 Cavalier 1.9GL and I'm leaving the original clocks to retain originality and mileage, but want to add one of those little (period correct) tachometres that can mount on the steering column cover. Thanks.
  7. Hi there. It's been a while. I've not long put a deposit (yes, money) on a MK1 Cavalier 4 door, so I will inevitably be on the look out for parts come the end of the month when it arrives. I just thought to post to see if my old account was still active too—it appears to be so.
  8. Yes, I'll be using a 57i (when I see one for less than £80) and the exhaust will be a custom stainless jobby, once all the underside has been welded up. If that gets me 10bhp then I'd be well 'appy Plus, with high octane fuel, I should be able to advance the timing enough to add a couple more too. While I'm gradually sorting out the head, which is an unleaded one that needs a bit of returning due to rust in storage, I thought to buy one of those drill attachment grinding/polishing kits. Ported, polished, mild lift, exhaust, K&N.. I should easily be on target. Thanks for the replies *refurbing
  9. Okay thanks guys. Back in the day, I knew of people who did just change the camshaft and subsequently were running with hydraulic lifters (didn't even change them for new). They were mild cams which still made a noticeable-by-driving difference in engine power and didn't seem to have any issues, they weren't even 'lumpy' at idle and cold start, but doesn't mean there wasn't premature wear to the cam lobes later in the cars life. Hmph, well that's me back to square one on the head build, I was only after an extra 10bhp! :-D
  10. Wow, look at them all factory fresh at 30+ years old. I don't know about you guys, but when I see a set of Manta daytona Recaros, I just want to bury my face in them, and give them a damn good sniff! ...
  11. Thanks very much, that's good news as they're a bit easier to get hold of.
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