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  1. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1631519227028834/ Just spotted this on marketplace. An MOTed and road-going coupe is a bargain at £4k isn't it? He also has a roof skin available, along with the exclusive bits separately. I'd have it myself, but I'm one of those oddities: a hatchback man.. (memories/nostalgia of the mantas I remember in the 80s)
  2. Just to update: Smith and Deakin can mould and supply a fibreglass Ascona spoiler, but not the manta one oddly. It's £135 plus £20 delivery. Thanks again for the referral.
  3. Thanks, they look promising. I'll give them a shout.
  4. I might keep a tape measure with me, so if I spot an old E21 or E30 3-series (popular with these spoilers) I can see how close the dimensions are to the Ascona/Cavalier. The E36 is no good as the boot lid is the wrong shape entirely. I did see a Finish website advertising Ascona 400 fibreglass bodykits, they had a spoiler listed too, but I clicked "checkout" and I got a browser warning saying that the site (for payment) wasn't secure.
  5. I'm not too fussed on the size, but ideally looking for something close to the contours of the bootlid in black rubber (to be period correct) for an easy fit. I don't mind if it's bolt on or bond. An Ascona one would be ideal yes, but I can't find one for sale and imagine it'll be a few hundreds if I did.
  6. Has anyone tried fitting boot spoilers from other cars to their Ascona or Cavalier before? I bought a Manta coupe spoiler as I saw one fitted to that rat look, early model, 2-door Cav (that's in the project section) and it does—in the most part—look and fit okay, but the ends aren't quite the right shape (obviously) and I've started to like the look of the "ducktail" type, like the Ascona 400 has. Of that type, the E30 and E36 BMW aftermarket spoilers look a close size, but wondered if anyone has tried others before I start spending money on trial-and-error? Thanks. BTW I'm after a Manta B front spoiler/splitter if anyone has one available please?
  7. Doh! I got outbid 😄 which is probably a good thing..
  8. It did actually sell the day after I spoke with the owner. He got £18k for it, obviously in Ireland as cars in general are much more expensive and this is amplified with classics. He still has the original steering wheel, as I used to drive it with a protector when I took it on maintenance runs and it's basically brand new condition. The wheels have gone, although I fitted some different refurbished Ronals when I had it as the originals had gone porous. I also think provenance and paperwork has gone now as he asked me to confirm the mileage. I ahem.. "sold" it (to KGF) with every tax disk, MOT and service history—yes, the little footwell book thing—and even the original window sticker and bill of sale that showed £5000 + a trade in for a 78 Cavalier for it brand new, delivered on the 1st August 1984. A shame to "retro mod" an original. I dressed the engine bay with Clive Armstrong's custom chrome/stainless stuff, an Opel GT rocker cover and silicone hoses, etc, but still kept the original parts. Getting my pants pulled down.. er, I mean selling this car was the BIGGEST MISTAKE I ever made, and I've been married twice!
  9. Cheers guys. Yes, I'm just looking to fit a subtle tachometre rather than swap the clocks. Good idea on using a black wire. Once the car arrives, I'll see how feasible it will be to add it routed to the existing loom and recover it. I quite like the hidden wiring look some classics have (where I assume the loom is lengthened and run thorough chassis rails and underneath the components) but I might be getting carried away there!
  10. Very nice, especially that coupe. I'm actually a hatchback man (the bells..) as they're what I remember from the 80s when I was a boy. My school headmaster and his wife both had his and her Mantas. His was a black 1.8 hatch, hers a white one on B plates.
  11. Did you make any progress with the Cavalier yet? I was more interested to hear about the aircon system your Grandad had fitted to it.
  12. Same here. I'd love another Manta (I've had 13 already) but I've been disheartened since selling my minter back in 2011. I had two projects since then, one of which is still being used and daily driven, t'other is somewhere in Ireland. My MK1 Cavalier is due to be delivered Monday afternoon, so am looking forward to it arriving.
  13. Thanks. That's a shame, as I hoped they all had the same wiring loom and it would be an easy fit.
  14. On the early Bs and Cavs without the 6 clock dash, is there still a signal wire for a rev counter or will I have to wire something from the coil or dizzy please? It's an early 1977 Cavalier 1.9GL and I'm leaving the original clocks to retain originality and mileage, but want to add one of those little (period correct) tachometres that can mount on the steering column cover. Thanks.
  15. Hi there. It's been a while. I've not long put a deposit (yes, money) on a MK1 Cavalier 4 door, so I will inevitably be on the look out for parts come the end of the month when it arrives. I just thought to post to see if my old account was still active too—it appears to be so.
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