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  1. No decals, so may have been resprayed at some point in the past. I bid to show my interest, but it's already going past what I want to pay. I ebayed a running and MOT'd GTE hatch a couple of years ago, and only got £1200!
  2. If anyone has a front spoiler up for grabs, please let me know. I'm not too worried about condition, colour, material, etc as they're getting a bit rare, although an unpainted black plastic one would be ideal. Thanks. I can't reply to anything in Parts Wanted, so will have to PM you.
  3. I took it for a drive earlier. It feels the same to drive bar having a smaller wheel (too small if I'm honest, which is a shame as I spent quite a bit on it) and having super smooth indicators. If I press down hard against the spring behind the wheel, it thunks in-and-out but I'm pretty sure the boss is as far back as it can go, else the self cancel wouldn't work. I'm guessing that's indicative of the plastic safety thingies. I wonder if they're replaceable with some aluminium or plastic printed parts? In any case, the cars good for now especially as I've done a load of rewiring to get all the gauges working (motivated by a small fire a couple of months ago), and all the dash bulbs and fuses have been replaced. I'll look to find a Manta SR wheel if and when one comes up. Thanks for all the tips.
  4. All on now thanks. Well, apart from the plastic lower steering column shroud, as they're absolutely evil to refit properly. All the multiswitch stalk controls are working perfectly. Doing up the steering wheel column bolt seemed really difficult, like I was fighting the spring behind it. I've got it so it's flush with the end of the column, but it maybe that my new wheel is slightly deeper, as I thought the nut passed over a few turns. I might eventually get a Manta B wheel as this Mountney one is a little small which hides the instruments from view and will be near impossible to steer at slow speed.
  5. Thanks, I'll give that a go. The column does already move slightly in and out (less than a centimeter at a guess) as I noticed it when I tried to pull the wheel off the splines by hand. I used a gear puller I adapted to fit in the two oval holes designed for the proper GM wheel puller, but it could well have been damaged in the past as it (a '77 Cavalier) has been apart before. Thanks again gents, I'll see how it goes in the morning 👍
  6. So it should just press back in easily? My original one, although working, is very cronky with a rusty stalk and feels like it's falling apart. I've got one off an '88 Manta (the same part number) in much better condition to replace it with. I've greased the shaft (then went back to working on the car 😆) as there's a bearing but I've had to tap it down with a rubber mallet to get as far as it is; it's nearly there, just a few mil away from where I can get the bolts in but it won't move. I've checked for trapped wires, etc, but sounds like I'm going to have to take it off and try again. Thanks.
  7. Hi there. I'm struggling to refit the complete switch assembly over the steering column. I've made sure the steering lock bar is out of the way and I've got it pushed on where I can see half of each of the bolt holes (lining up for the three bolts that secure it) but I can't get it to go the last few millimetres. Am I supposed to be hammering it on with a socket like a make-shift press? I was reluctant incase I damage the part. I tried refitting the wheel so that the nut will act to push it all in place but that hasn't worked either. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. I've got a small rubber bung on the front of the turret and a breather filter on the back. It does pong if you don't route a pipe towards the road, like pre 50s cars had. The union on the inlet could feed a vacuum gauge on the dash or perhaps a crude nitrous oxide setup! 😄
  9. Why have the second breather tube (going unfiltered, directly into the inlet manifold) at all? I always disconnect them as they gum up the carb and heats up the intake fuel/air mix, and venting to atmosphere isn't an MOT fail, just a regulatory thing for manufacture. Isn't the fatter rear breather enough? They both come from the same turret on the rocker cover.
  10. Seems optimistic for a project with rotten swan necks. Although I've been out of the loop for a while, and if a project hatch auto is worth that then I'm staying out of it too! I do like the all gold, I think there was a bronze too where they colour-matched the alloys and makes them look "more classic." The downside is having to have beige Recaros and interior parts.
  11. I can't believe you copied it after all those warnings!
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