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  1. Unfortunately I have decided not to renew with flux this year due to reading and hearing the negative comments through out the club which is a shame I had been with them since my teens and now getting on a tad 60s. So see how my valuation with another well known insurance company compairs for this year.
  2. Feck. Sorry to hear the crap news. You know where we are if you want to talk. Mick and loobie
  3. Ive been active as a committee member in the omoc for over 26 years and never heard that the club owns or bought an ascona 400... where on earth did you get that from because its total rubbish.
  4. Just renewed my insurance with flux was quoted £110 but when i went to insure with them a month later jumped to £126 and wanted to mirror my ncb on my other car which ive never had to do before. Also they quote £38 for breakdown but i was told £65 over the phone as my policy wouldn't accept the lower price???? Your thoughts Dan please. Ive used flux for as long as i can remember but i will be going elsewhere next time if its not any better next year.
  5. Mark Milson was doing the Midlands area but isnt a club member any more so not sure if he had details sent to him regarding the kit car show or even if we have a stand? I might come and have a mooch on the sunday as i have to work on the bank hol monday Its a great shame this show was the start of the Midlands area manta shows and always pulled in quite a few members back in the early days and held fond memories just as shame the club cant support this show with a decline in members and road worthy mantas anymore.........
  6. Pm'd you sorry taken a while to get back in touch been so busy Blah Blah.......
  7. Just checked mine on DVLA and it states sorned so happy but will keep an eye on it........
  8. Bugger me, i too could of handed my notice in with some of the bits i have in my man shed.............
  9. Hi there Mr captain chrome yes i'm still here in the club and still have a manta tho not on the road it needs some work doing and havnt the time or energy to face it at the moment, so hows it going you still in coventry? last time i saw you you had a skoda ha ha but if i remember it wasnt just any old skoda it was a very fast skoda. havnt seen your manta about if its in the leamington area not sure if i can remember seeing it at billing??? will have to make some inquiries for you. Regards Mick
  10. Bugger best check mine as its been sorned for over a year and havn't checked since.....dont want a fine
  11. Think there is to many zeros on his asking price ive thrown better condition in the skip......muppet
  12. The meet is normally the 3rd friday in the month at the Racehorse pub in Warwick but this time of the year it is very quiet due to the weather and very few members in the area so best to leave it for a couple of months Mick
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