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  1. Hiya plamen, Cant help on the rear seat but i have a great condition set of front door cards with all the interior handles , window winders etc. £100 for the complete set
  2. I have a blue one paul, i did spend a fair amount of time unpicking it though ! I need to give you a ring about gear linkages anyway im sure we can work something out !
  3. I supply good used ones in pairs for £25 plus postage 🙂
  4. I can do you a good used one for £35 plus postage 🙂
  5. Hes being very bloody cheeky using my pics and my advert wording . £2k was fair for that car . Good topside but deeply deeply rotten in many places floor and chassis wise. Never worth that price and i doubt he will get it
  6. I can do it for £800 as it is paul , it really only needs the interior and doors putting back together. If youre interested i can get some proper pics next week ?
  7. Yes i was just thinking that paul Heres a pic of mine anyway - its more complete than this now with brand new headlights fitted and bumper on but this is all i have handy while im not in work this week Its an '85 now i think about it more !
  8. I have a super solid carlton its an '84 2.2 automatic with only 35k on it. 4 door saloon in gold No rot whatsoever and in great condition Previous owner has resprayed it and it still wants building back up so its a bit of a project but not a massive one. Would gladly swap it for that manta you have
  9. Sorry for being slow just catching up with everything from before xmas. Replied to you via pm
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