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  1. Yes that would be the 1.9 type The bracket, linkage and cable from the 2.0 all fit fine though and are a much neater job
  2. There are 2 sorts of brackets, work opposite ways
  3. Pics here steve - should be ideal for you 🙂
  4. I have a good one available at £30 plus postage, it will have the 2nd spade terminal on it 🙂
  5. Sure , ill get some pics tomorrow for you 🙂
  6. Yes i spotted that lol, there are all sorts of different variations on the linkages and after market conversion sets. Thats the set up for a 2.0 varijet conversion , but the 1.9 linkage for the zenith carb is different again with the linkage working the other way round and a big long throttle cable looping all round the engine I can sell you a linkage with matching short throttle cable which will work with the ball thingy for £30 plus postage and packing which will be a nice simple solution!
  7. Heres the setup on my ascona steve 🙂
  8. Certainly 🙂 Ive to go to the unit in the am to sell a van so ill get pics while im there
  9. Hehe its money for old rope with me lol Ill get pics tomorrow and can supply a suitable linkage and cable from stock if needed 🙂
  10. I can take some pics of the setup i have on the ascona for you tomorrow - it should show you everything you need to know. Do you not have the throttle linkage which bolts to the inlet manifold ?
  11. These are the correct downpipe gaskets - at this price i bought 10 lol https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/392508165509
  12. Thats not right for a b series !
  13. I have great condition brown dash parts, tan colour top part no cracks, darker brown lower pieces
  14. I have ronal centre caps at £10 each 🙂
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