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  1. MrCarlos

    GTE clutch

    Yes 215mm 2.0 GTE size Thats ok ill take your existing one as an old unit and get it checked to see if its the correct one before doing anything with it
  2. Yes paypal is fine, ill pm you the details now 🙂
  3. MrCarlos

    GTE clutch

    Yes since i posted that euro have stopped supplying them I needed one myself recently and found gte clutches to be totally unavailable at any price Im now having them remanufactured myself and can supply them at £120 on an exchange basis, i must have your old plate and cover back in order to continue supply Release bearings are brand new Uk mainland post and packing is £10
  4. Hiya Jason, Yes the wiper motor will include rubbers and plastic nuts
  5. £25 delivered to you 🙂
  6. Hiya jason I can do you a complete wiper motor and linkage, with the rubber mounting at £35 Gte throttle cable at £20 £10 post and packing
  7. Cool £120 the 2 plus post if needed ? i have a series belts but they are lap belts, the ones i broke didnt have inertia reels
  8. I have a heater box with matrix but no fan 🙂
  9. offside inner wing then ? I have this, very solid panel £100 plus postage 🙂
  10. Offside or nearside, complete with socket or just the inertia reel section ? I can do either 🙂
  11. i can do these as well glyn 🙂
  12. I have blue, grey, brown and black available on the glove boxes 🙂 And have a pair of headlight seals Pm me !
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