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  1. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  2. I can do a pair for £30 plus postage 🙂
  3. Got that safely cheers will send tomorrow 🙂
  4. Yes sure £20 the set including postage
  5. I can do a full factory sunroof steel mechanism with panel and all the sliders,handles, screws etc £60 for everything plus postage and packing All in good working order, will need a new seal as they all do
  6. Very much so If i remember correctly a previous ad for the same car read "Car needs extensive work underneath to floors and chassis - imagine the worst one of these cars you've ever seen and then double it" I had a conversation with the owner before last on the subject and he said he never started fixing it because it just needed that much he never knew quite how to start Ive been following it because its been local to me for at least 10 years and im in the market for a 2 door ascona project and at the right price could be a buyer - but this current listing is just plain misleading
  7. Changed hands many times as a project, its completely rotten underneath
  8. Yes sure i have those 🙂 £40 the two plus shipping at £6
  9. Sure hermes tracking number is 8083280249848086 , looks like it was delivered today though !
  10. Cool thats great 🙂 I do have an afm, will pm you with details
  11. £10 post and packing so £70 altogether 🙂
  12. i have one of those available £60 plus post and packing, its a heavy thing !! Good condition, no cracks and all the threads good and clear
  13. I can sort you out with a pair 🙂 £80 plus post and packing
  14. Ill pm you 🙂
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