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  1. Ive done it - smells terrible for ages while it burns off then the exhaust goes rusty again......
  2. Yes a 3.44 would be wrong for a 1.9 auto I have a perfect condition used 3.67 cwp set with mint bearings at £100 plus postage 🙂
  3. Im just cutting this up...... Scuttle seems good, lots of the other necessary parts will be available. Always up for a package deal !
  4. I have a full front suspension at £100 Dont want to split it
  5. B series? I can do column for £25, indicator switch assembly at £30 Both in good order Postage not a problem
  6. Ive been on the receiving end of the vile shit messages from an ebay troll too, same one as danny and i would put money on the same culprit here. Hes a current club member
  7. Saloon screens are 10mm shorter in height than the others So a saloon screen will go in a hatch or coupe but no way will a coupe or hatch screen fit into a saloon
  8. The logbook for our yellow coupe currently for sale says Berlinetta on it And the other b series currently with me (steves old car) says sr bsh on it I would be very surprised if the dvla would make any changes though, ive never known them do. Let us know how you get on
  9. I can do a good 4 speed gearbox at £80, gearbox mount at £15, alternator bracket £10
  10. Cool im at the unit most of the week if you want to collect or i can courier for £8 🙂
  11. £25 sat on my workbench andy 🙂 Perfect used one
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