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  1. Thats not right for a b series !
  2. I have great condition brown dash parts, tan colour top part no cracks, darker brown lower pieces
  3. I have ronal centre caps at £10 each 🙂
  4. Its safe and sound waiting for its turn to be done - im waiting to get into a bigger unit which will greatly increase throughput!
  5. I have both parts in stock steve at £20 each , no problem with postage
  6. Pics here 🙂 Decent solid straight wheel, will obviously need some paint
  7. Ive found this one while getting the rostyle out for you It will want a refurb to make perfect Its £40, can send with the other wheel 🙂
  8. Ill get you a pic in the morning jonathan 🙂
  9. I have one available right now - £25 and i can post for £12 🙂
  10. Around 100kg, best sent on a pallet
  11. Manta gte hatchback Injection Fuel Tanks These are impossible to find in good condition used but dont panic - I have a solution ! This is a fully professionally reconditioned tank Pressure tested and all leaks identified All weak areas of metal removed , new metal welded in Breather pipe attachments all replaced with copper pipe Cleaned inside to remove all sludge, loose rust scale and stale fuel deposits Pressure tested at the end to confirm tank is now leak free Painted in black - would recommend a good coat of waxoyl when fitted £350 plus postage if required SUPPLIED ON AN EXCHANGE BASIS - I MUST HAVE YOUR OLD FUEL TANK OTHERWISE I CANT CONTINUE TO SUPPLY I do have this tank in hand so can supply immediately 07889 141818 Located Burnley, Lancashire
  12. I have a good one on the shelf - £40 plus postage and packing 🙂
  13. Changed hands a few times since then, had a sorry mishap a bit back ....
  14. I can do you a couple of looms paul - £20 each ? Both with fuse boxes
  15. I can do a pair for £30 plus postage 🙂
  16. Got that safely cheers will send tomorrow 🙂
  17. Yes sure £20 the set including postage
  18. I can do a full factory sunroof steel mechanism with panel and all the sliders,handles, screws etc £60 for everything plus postage and packing All in good working order, will need a new seal as they all do
  19. Very much so If i remember correctly a previous ad for the same car read "Car needs extensive work underneath to floors and chassis - imagine the worst one of these cars you've ever seen and then double it" I had a conversation with the owner before last on the subject and he said he never started fixing it because it just needed that much he never knew quite how to start Ive been following it because its been local to me for at least 10 years and im in the market for a 2 door ascona project and at the right price could be a buyer - but this current listing is just plain misleading
  20. Changed hands many times as a project, its completely rotten underneath
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