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  1. I have one available paul - green / blue tint with blue sun strip Nice condition, its £200
  2. Yes i have a few of them 🙂
  3. I have the later type available, good used condition. £30 plus postage and packing
  4. I have good used gte clutch cables at £25 plus postage and packing
  5. Thats great news adrian both for you and me in my selling dannys car capacity lol
  6. Did you get a carb sorted ? Ive a perfect runner available for £60 plus postage and packing
  7. Ive a good pair of front hubs available at £60 plus postage and packing
  8. No the 4 and 5 speed engines use the same flywheel for the 203mm and 215mm clutches.
  9. The 5 speed clutches are a bigger diameter at 215mm than the 4 speed ones at 203mm In practice you can get away with a 4 speed clutch on a 5 speed conversion but its a good idea to use the bigger one Ive attached the relevant info from an old forum post - chapter and verse on clutch / flywheel variations
  10. Im on 33 years , the last 12 as a full time business, we're both on the experienced side ! I would just have done with it and fit a full new 3 piece clutch kit of a good quality brand - luk, valeo or the like. Then you'll maximise your chances of fixing it for good with only one more set of labour fees. Clutch kits are now thin on the ground (nearly impossible on a 5 speed) but are out there for a 4 speed if you do a bit of part number cross matching If it was on my ramp that would be my course of action
  11. There are two different sorts of release bearing profile - flat and convex or curved And two different types of clutch cover fingers If you have a mismatch you'll get exactly the problems you are experiencing Do you have pictures of the parts you've fitted to the car jane ?
  12. Likewise - whole roof is a better solution. Ill do you a deal on the roof i have while your already having all the other panels alex !
  13. I can do you a good one of these at £30 plus postage and packing
  14. Strong money for that car - good luck to the new owner.....
  15. Its absolutely bollocked underneath, the current owner bought the panels etc and looked towards getting the work done, i saw pics on fb i think but it would take real dedication to do it, ultimately not worth it on a hatch economics wise. Might be worth fixing if sat on for another 5 years ??
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