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  1. Can believe mr monacco missed this, usually the first to see things! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-Courtenay-Turbo-Very-Rare-classic/304185380443?_trkparms=amclksrc=ITM&aid=1110006&algo=HOMESPLICE.SIM&ao=1&asc=20200818143132&meid=98d545c9e9dc47cebc6a9dce6aa3b0ad&pid=101198&rk=1&rkt=12&sd=274983717681&itm=304185380443&pmt=0&noa=1&pg=2047675&algv=DefaultOrganicWeb&_trksid=p2047675.c101198.m1985&pageci=dd85f81f-a605-45f8-9f49-8420f746ebf8&redirect=mobile
  2. Smart move, can see this being a hit with classic owners and bikers. If it was marketed right, advertised and promoted could be onto a brilliant business venture.
  3. Great so see more and more low mileage examples coming up, like the cobwebs, in engine bay, a real good detail of engine bay, and a full valet on door cards, as they do clean up well. Would be worth losing the 80s two tone look, and reverting everything to original and a good clean. Anyone remember what the last one above went for last year?
  4. Forest kit was narrower, road kit was slightly wider, and then there where a million other kits created just to confuse people, I have a high kit, dips for filler cap, flange on inside, but wider than anything ive seen, its not irmscher, its an eighties sydney meeke kit, aka bertie fisher.
  5. Think you can buy a female version of the satnav plug, essentially a cig socket, think they are called 12v sockets, used in suv, campervans, etc, an additional switch could be fitted to kill power to it. Seen them fitted to motorbikes, 12v sockets, not cig lighters! Or ashtrays!
  6. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  7. Just a thought, you could cut the backs off one set and the front of another set, a single weld creates a widened set.
  8. Thats looking really good, the car that is! Like your red tiles also, very retro. Think acetone, or nail varnish remover will remove red mist from anything precious! Great job, very impressed, wanna do another one?
  9. Manta parts sideline business going there, just think, you can list 40 item for free, just sitback and let the bucks roll in, That is, after scavenging all the good parts out, and post office trips being part of your daily routine. Post office trip are not for me, find them very 19 century!
  10. Its surprising how some people dont think like that, always thought the best exclusive would be a pre 83 shell, essentially a exclusive r! Take the mk2 escort wrc! Its a shell with top of the market aftermarket bits, they might cost 30 to 40k but its worth 80 to 90k if done right, so is the shell worth 40k? Always thought from a sponsors point of view a chevette, kadett or manta with (mk2 wrc spec! Components) would be more memorable, ie better platform for a sponsor, opposed to just another escort. Not that anyone should be thinking of destroying a genuine b, they are what they are! I prefer them, just something about them!
  11. Great pics, some interesting cars there, sorry to hear of your brother.
  12. As with anything, always worth going for a look if seriously interested, some issues might be a big deal to some but a minor to someone else. An mot advisory could be a small issue or a fred flintstone replica. Took a chance on a blind buy once, asked what the car was like, i was told it was white, lol. Btw, it worked out fine!
  13. Yeh would be interesting to do an indepth bit of research on some of these low milers, overall a low miler should have original items, everywhere, or at least a fully documented history. An indepth mot history check would be first port of call.
  14. Wish i never read all that now! Its like an M&S advert, not just any old manta, this is an M&S manta. Great buy, excellent condition, very low mileage, excellent. Where is that buy button!
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