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  1. Interesting to see if it come up for sale at £17k if the seller sinks 6k into it, prices are so unpredictable, especially for non major project examples.
  2. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  3. Easier with the seat out, but adds to the 10min job, and they say cars are easy to work on 😤
  4. Never really liked the trim anyway, Think I have a complete sunroof inner roof cloth section..... Need to look? Sometime ..
  5. At the end of the day....there is only one way to check it out. Anyone interested would go an see. Always a nice colour in them.
  6. Looks a very nice car, and considering, well worth it.
  7. Great pics, it looks a great day, with breakfast, lunch included, all I get are entry fees, no goodie bags, nothing! An no explanation as to where entry fees go, not charity😕. It's getting a bit tiring🤔 without cars attending, there is no show. Great variety of Opel cars and something to keep everyone interested. 👍
  8. That trim, was it fitted to all? Some has it not fitted, or maybe it's another case of Opel, fitting it whilst it was available, maybe supply issues, or someone thought it didn't need it, not necessary, or technical issue, anything that is fixed and could cause injury removed. Who knows? Nice fix Bandit, looks grand, upsidedown🙃
  9. I see she is soundproof less ! At present. After pricing sound deading, I am trying yoga mats, 8mm thick. Soft foam, water resistant, and chip prices 🍟
  10. It's usually the passangers side, as the spare wheel not placed correctly and forces hinge up. Or bigger wheel. Remember they where originally produced for 13 inch rims. Great fix with spacer between hinge and boot lid, but as above this will lower the hinge and bring it ever closer to spare wheel.
  11. Used tiger seal on mine, it's black. Once dried it can be cut shaped and painted over, rubberised black as mentioned above. Small cracks can be deemed out a filled. Granville Tigerseal, it will dry hard but is slightly Flexi, used in bodyshops for panels, bodykits or add ons.
  12. All in all, it's not a bad price. Any thoughts on packaging, distribution. Overseas posting etc. I did comment previously on a poll of what exactly is needed for repair panels. Concerned that most cars that did need roof skins have been saved already. Let's face it, they probably won't need one either, if hasn't been needed already. Still wouldn't put me off buying one for the parts department🤫 my stock. Great effort, and hopefully it will save alot of the later cars and get rid of those pesky glass aftermarkets. Where needed.
  13. Looking great lad, green tint would look well in her.
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