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  1. Orange minus the i240 kit but gives some ideas, simple works! Wonder what those 15 inch ats wheels would loik like with a i240 kit.
  2. Seen this, thought id stick it up for inspiration, like the black. Silver graphics look Well too!
  3. Another great link to hard to get bits, think we need more of these, as spread sheets dont work, as they need updating, think the way forward, is to include any purchases in the build thread, great job lads
  4. Doh! I used US dollar conversion. Think thats what most clubs need, some giveback, it cant all be take, and no give, can it! WHAT!............ so you get a yearly bonus! So it is possible..... depending on sales, the club pays you to be a member, interesting, and a big incentive. You will get your 300 dollars returned, eventually! Where did it all go wrong...... its just not right, now....... back to the car, looks a decent one for its age, great mods for the engine!
  5. Thanks for the parts info, it helps other too, and gives a few ideas too! Tnks! Didnt think that gasket set would be available on ebay? Will need one, as im refreshing a 60k mileage engine thats been sitting for 20 years! May need a waterpump too me thinks, anything else i should change, or check, all new gaskets will be a must, would be great to find a weber carb inlet and 4 branch, as i have the carbs.
  6. How could you ask for anything better! There is not many people in todays world that would go to this much effort to help someone out, aswell as the club members
  7. Mk3 gsi cav or astra, mk3, bolt on, no probs! These work with 2.2 carlton vented discs, no mods needed. There is a 4mm overhang on pads, but they will never come together due to thickness of disc, eiither that or you will be down to wafer thin metal on pads and disc would be eaten to shit, this is a quick turnaround setup, just bleeding needed.
  8. Yep, agree, it has to be one of the earliest, only sold from 1975 onwards. Need to find you a photo for some inspiration!
  9. Why is it in good condition Weird to see a car ripped apart and not too shabby on the rot front. Was it stripped from new, take it this will be the concours edition! Nice find
  10. Hello and welcome, best place for manta help right here! Seems your not pushed what direction this goes, any car ive done to date was kinda planned, not set in stone, but i did know from the offset. Its all depends what you want out of it, use, ownership length etc. Is a modified 400r worth more than a original b,? Will it cost more to restore, buying parts for original or modified bits. What about a poll ! Get some pics up!
  11. Thats really interesting! 300 dollars is £240 ish, life time membership you say, thats only 10 yrs in most car clubs at £25 quid a year, and then you get free gifts, kinda for peanuts........ where did it all go wrong.......... and sums up how bad things realky are, or how good things could be! Have been searching for these parts for ages to no avail, ..........must try harder!
  12. Would it be possible, to stick up parts supplier and rough idea on price, would be helpful to alot of us, searching, ie gasket set etc. Great job, liking the colour, brave! Was gonna say a non original opel colour, but didnt they do orange manta b's, great job.
  13. Just incase you change your mind, a dissy sticking out the back will work, split the heater box, leave matrix where it should be, the fan can move right, untight with standard battery. Been running it for years, no probs. Fitted a redtop on sfi box to a 1.8 hatch years ago, running standard ecu. A wee bit harder to wire, but think all you will need is a wire to fuel pump, you could fit a swirl pot and run your return to it. Use your carb tank.
  14. Seen a spare wheel shape tank, or could a swirl pot be fitted to allow use of a carb tank.
  15. Jess, you should as a few questions on protection against rot etc, to prevent it, and best, suitable products to use. There is a drain hole in each chassis leg, allowing water in, in engine bay, below battery, and below brake servo. I used a mix of heated wax oil and motorcycle full syn, oil for chassis protection. Stone chip for body protection, you can use garden hose cut to two inch lengths to temporary plug chassis holes, to allow product to do its job. Main think with these cars is to protect them.
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