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  1. Did see a car SOS programme, it was a birmingham, midlands company, Think the other car programme, with drew and that other guy, it was either the mk1 golf or mk1 mr2. Headlights restored. And it wasnt expensive. Cant remembet the company name now, but did write it down, somewhere?
  2. ®evo03

    Getrag help

    Maybe that explains the weld, and the problem i had with 1.8 to 2.0 selector?
  3. Am i right in thinking all mantas (maybe only GTEs) had wires cable tied on front chassis crossmember for fronts, black wires, folded back. Think i remember the foglight switch on dash, above headlight switch, is there a different switch for front and rear foglights? Got the same led bulb holder fitted to reflector section of rear drivers lens, On modified mantas, as never liked additions like aftermarket lights, ariels etc.
  4. ®evo03

    Getrag help

    I did briefly come across some problem before, give somepne a whole selector bracket to fit to a GTE, it was different to his, something tells me it was the length of the bracket or selector pin connector. Didn't see it myself but guy said it didnt fit, think i pulled it of a 1.8 box, wonder if the box was a carlton? Are boxes identical? I can see the weld in Beedz's bracket, but the one i had was not welded, or hidden very well!
  5. Hi Ian, doing good, sorry its too late, but, i fitted fiat punto speakers to original manta pods, perfect fit. Might help someone else out, as i would imagine all manta, cav, ascona speakers are getting to that vintage. Cant believe this thread has 77 pages, a labour of love, would be a nice piece of history to produce it in one of the 'photobox' books, to keep with the car. Lesson learned, "nothing is impossible"
  6. Yep, anything is possible, as long as door hinges dont move, try doors before fitting, as they normally do need a little adjustment. surprised no one has offered you a cut from a scrapper, surprisingly they are normally not too bad here, did yours have a factory fitted sunroof? Maybe try and parts wanted advert, and show photo of what you need. Explain that outer cover will be replaced.
  7. A coupe cav is the closest you can get to a manta look, Nice choice on mods, less is more etc, it has a cleaner look to a manta if done right.
  8. Good save! Keep em pics flowing, great work and save. Have you any plans for car, original or slightly modded. Always liked this cav, rusty but solid where it needed to be. Another nice one!
  9. Can it be seen through we cam removal hole in back of head, without removing the rocker cover? Seems the easiest route? Old school guy once told me CIH GM engines died at high revs due to oil starvation, when driven at 9/10ths. Heads would warp! Thats oil starvation cured! Any upgrade for coolant flow?
  10. Yep running 1.8 boxes on slightly modded xes for years, plently of fun! And no trouble, very important to run GM oil, red stuff! MANTAMAN would be proud of me! Are you planning on standard injection, carbs or bodies!
  11. Think with the pictures, if you select the photo in instagram, then copy it and paste it here. https://www.instagram.com/p/CBqtuFvH1sZ/ Think you need to do it, to get image only.
  12. Great job, looking like its gonna be nice and solid, did you make the battery tray? Where is the joint?
  13. Are they fitted under engine mount?
  14. Any one got these lying about? Most redtop opel go full mod with carbs or throttle bodies. Creams or blue, anything will do!
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