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  1. Wasnt there someone remaking these arms? Trying to think where i seen them? Was it retropower, or maybe somewhere in EU. Herman we have the same local government, to be quite honest i agree, even i know more than they do, im no mechanic! But not as harsh, and pretty clueless as to what parts should be there, or not. Ironicially it is stated that the mot only is worth the paper its written on for one day. Roadworthiness is then bestowed upon the owner! A opel kadett was mot passed using a different more modern model floor pan, running gear, basicially its a skateboard car, the under pinnings of a car with a shell on top, some call it a snail car. We have no mots for a year now, they broke their own ramps! All of them. Herman, how do they know a manta isnt a proper 400 with same arms, something like MSA log books for rallying or racing, if it existed when manufactured it is allowed. Ie a dog leg box, modifications to 400 spec chassis Does your mot allow rear disk brakes, engine mods, carbs, throttle bodies, bike carbs, power assisted steering, air cons.
  2. Wilwood are essentially a racing caliper, behind the scenes rebuilds, some dont even get a full season, half a season at best, I would say a well thought up upgrade, or even a rebuild of original calipers, one thing i would say is that opel took a slight sideways step with the later sliding calipers, earlier twin pot calipers in good condition work better. It depends on your, use for the car, your plans on doing it and hopefully having no further issues, i would suggest whatever caliper, get em rebuild if in any doubt.
  3. Welding should be part of the national curriculum, not once have i used algebra, pythagoras theorem, or dissect on a animal, i could have used training on braising, stick, mig, tig welding, along with metal manipulation. Now they are teaching us to use foil tape, not to worry soon all environmentally friendly electric cars will be made of toxic plastic, bonded together, and have three times the carbon footprint. We will be using old cassette tapes boxes and duct tape. Where did it all go wrong... keep that welder going to save another car
  4. Thats just the shape they are, cant imagine them being any other shape, seen them made from box section before. They rust because of the hole at the top! Look at the passangers side top plate, just below battery tray, all the water of the roof, windscreen, is directed to the battery tray, out the drain and down this hole, between the inner and outer skin. Both legs have these holes. I always use a grommet found in the door pin to block these holes.
  5. Thanks stoo2000, back to the future! Its 2020 again! Unfortunately!
  6. Yep agree with all, shocked that a average condition exclusive could make that much, and a fully restored one can be even higher, close to a low miler ticket, doesnt really make sense that mileage means nothing but, hay ho! What do I know. But it into modern context, would you expect a 1 Yr old car with with 25k to be same price as same car with 100k? Monaco blue, we need your services as club members valuation negotiator.
  7. Lost all fields. Can't post. Can't send a pm as message field is gone. I have title. That's it? When I try to reply to post on forum. Nothing happens. Weird looking too, wouldn't call it an update, maybe downgrade! Is it meant to look 1985 retro! Looks OK on phone, same as before really. What's going on?
  8. Monaco, you should either write a book on manta values, you never miss one for sale, or a manta edition of classic car weekly. Or put in authority of club evaluations for club members. Something that is catching my attention is the replica 400s that H400 made us aware of in belgium, cira €30k mark. Could you build it for €15k Ok, they are both great cars in their own right, works look dash, ronal wheels etc but i do see flaws, minor paint surface rush issues. Its got a 2.4 engine, would guess average 90 to 100k miles Taken this 23k exclusive into account, its a completely different class of car, the average restored exclusive in same visual condition with 90 to 100k miles would make between £7 to £9k. So is low mileage worth £13k.
  9. Need to make icecream boxes see through, transparent! So we know what we have, a free marker pen would be helpful also.
  10. Old boy once told me to scatter a few straw bales on the floor of shed, garage to draw in moisture! Takes barn find to the extreme, make me feel that ive found one every week! Couldnt deal with straw, too messy, I do air the garage out during the winter, the bbc forecast has humity levels, showing when its low, you would imagine sunny, sometimes not!
  11. Yeh, whats that in sterling, a 400r 2.4 frontera engine, against the other original, very clean exclusive with walking miles! Originality, against conversion 400r parts?
  12. Still consider it to be low priced considering 40k miles, very hard to find. Great buy, wonder how long it will take before it doubles in value?
  13. Any info on bhp increases with any of these mods?
  14. Anyone use silica packets inside their car, the stuff you get in trainers. Usually sit it on a plastic coffee container lid, on centre consol. Learned, tyres perish with uv, it is better to cover and deflate. Or store in the dark! Batterys drain like a lead balloon if sat on concrete or cold surface, store mine in a wooden insulated box, at room temp. Never put a car away wet or damp, if washing, let it dry for a day and take it for a spin, to air dry it. Once seen a escort cosworth that was stored in a dehumidifier tent suffer from dry rubber rot, everything made of rubber, perished. Disaster. There was no other explaination. Was this a ford problem or machine problem? Anyone do anything special with manta headlights, remove rear plastic, rubber covers?
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