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  1. What the hell did they do! Can it even be corrected!
  2. Is it the bit that holds the tape cassettes, that are removable to a hidden area!
  3. Had to start this thread from page one! What a journey. Cars a credit, well done, perfect in every way, and you did it the way you wanted it, colour, spotlights, wheels. Always have a car planned out in my head even before i start it, and usually never deviates. Think you need to experiment with lamp pods on next project, and do a b! Oldskool, chrome bumpers, lamp pod, 6 cylinder bm engine!
  4. Needs shown to the previous owner, shows he made the right decision.
  5. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  6. Lookin braw! Really enjoying evening times, little to no traffic out and about, early sunday morning blasts on the bike! Great to see you are getting use and enjoying, fair play!
  7. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  8. Adding the weight to the car boot wont make a difference, only weight difference i can see is the auto v manual gearbox, which isnt in the boot, would be interesting seeing difference in corner weight. Body wise the 2 back doors would add weight! Out of interest, are you running recaros in both?
  9. Friday afternoon back box, or could be a hatch backbox, you might be onto something there, as its exactly where things change, above panhard rod. Is your stereo broken? Up full to 11 man!
  10. Yeh, knew what you meant by filler crack, maybe worth considering refitting them, IF, you go full respray. A clean defined edge not blended will not crack. As most cost goes to prep, why dont you consider getting a quote for a respray 95% prep ready. Caution, some will say, we dont do that preprep stuff! I cant see why if they can do the end 5% prep. The way i look at it, all the hard work is done, its only manual labour afterall, the remaining 5% is where the skill is at, The reason im saying this is because the cause may be in the primer, or deeper, causing you the blister issues. Im sure there are other guys on here can advise regarding paint costs etc.
  11. Yeh they have their uses! Hatch, pickup, small van. Any other loads a hatch will take?
  12. Think your bracket is on back to front. Cable slit should be at outside.
  13. Ems respray might cure some of the bits, but not all of it. Is it the white 400r? arches should have very little filler, filler is only used for shaping and flattening. Arches should be bonded on with granville tiger seal, as for other stuff like cracking especially in fiberglass, look at taking the flex out of the kit, use braces where its flimsy. Micro blisters could be as mentioned, moisture, dust particles, or generally bad paint.
  14. Pics, 2.0 with weber 1.6 with solex
  15. Yep, looking good, know what your saying about the hatch, they just feel different, like a rwd astra or mk2 cavalier, must be the extra length of the coupe that makes it drive differently. I have a wee hatch and its cool, run near identical setup of all mantas, bilstein shocks, 60 lowered, even swapped to see if wheels made a difference, Its like extra weight over the axle, maybe its the tank and hatch bootlid combined, you will feel the difference in the new coupe!
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