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  1. That new manta shell wouldnt be made by opel, as is the mk2 isnt made by ford, dont even think it can be registered new Mantas are no different to any other car, its not about paint etc, its getting it sold, out the door, look at new bmw orange peel paint! The zinc dipping works to a certain degree, but not with salt, caked mud and constant wet humid environnent. Think the exclusives where stamped out with different grade of metal, mid 80s recession remember!
  2. Put it this way, depending on the spaceframe, it wont need welded, or dreaded swan necks! Or this way, last evolution kit i seen was removed from a car and €3k, then compomotive twelve inch split rims wheels, have to be £1.5k / or £2k, theres £5k, plus a guaranteed rustless manta for life, thats priceless!
  3. At £75k you would be buying a manta with the equivalent newish modern GM engine, em, reconditioned running gear, modern brakes, electrics, dash clocks, etc, as per the mk2 escort. or the shell alone at £25k, to reshell your own, but this is my point, would it take £50k, to build a car up from the £25k shell, ?
  4. Sitting like this, with a monaro block, gearbox, subframe, what would it be worth £25k? Less/ more? Think the colour on the car for sale doesn't do it any justice, its like a stationwagon, campervan, or an 80's truck livery! Weird!
  5. Scam or not, is it less than 18k? If it is, Im in! 😀
  6. Its an early car think! Think the dash pinnacle had a gloss finish, later cars had a matter finish, flocked is the way to go!
  7. There will come a time when panels won't be needed, there are only so many unrestored cars out there that will get restored. Those figures will decline with time, a full restoration end up a garage queen, plaything, whatever you wanna call it think the panel thing is twenty years too late, its not viable to make tooling for 5 roof skins a year? What would make it viable, 20 roof skins a year? 40? What benefit is it being a omoc club member with original panels, that wants to buy a roof skin, opposed to joe public? I can't even get my OMOC membership changed, so i give up? Influencers get paid nowadays! Its some peoples income, career, Seems here you have a pay to be an influencer, the members are the club,.......how things have changed!
  8. Wouldnt really be a car for the manta purest, but given a thought, and a plan would make a high value car. Think its being advertised in the wrong places, it needs shown for what it is now, and what it could be. .........i think revamp.....some styling changes and a monaro setup! Or total mad max look! With the hummer plant! At 10k surely thats a steal, given the recent manta sales.
  9. Ive been hearing about omoc club getting panels for years, don't think the panels will ever happen, ive new panels here, but would be in the same boat, would need a replacement and a guarantee of quality. Any idea on price for quarters, or quantity needed, number of batchs.
  10. In the early nineties, a ex works 400 was for sale, £10,500, got a photo somewhere, got a spin in it the previous year, to a petrol station at a parc ferme for a rally. At 14, just couldnt convince the bank manager, maybe he invested? The woman has no taste.....
  11. Easiest way to make a digital template is to grid out the cardboard template you made Ian. Eg, 20cm per square. Each point where the headliner touches the edge of each square needs measured. Then you get a graphics person, to draw it up. They can even do it 1/4 scale, 5cm x 5cm and scale it to 400% when complete. A eps vector file would allow a vinyl, vehicle graphics to cut a template on vinyl so this could be used as a template. Printing it on paper this size would be expensive, and print tiling would be messy Easiest way i can think of to scale and cut a template. But..... this could be a wee sideline for you, making them! Its no easy task, but what is..... Cheapest material i seen used was newpaper print, the A3 sheets used to wrap up your chips, in chippers. Its slightly see through so you could trace your cardboard temp master onto them, fold it, thin paper and post it out! AGAIN, not easy. Check your seams are in the same place for sunroof and non sunroof cars for tension bars .........and goodluck, remember headline tucks under front and rear screen rubbers, so screens out, to get it fitted right.
  12. Last time i looked it was 27k for a mk2, or mk1 shell. Most are treated to all new panels, or another fortune spend kitcar specing it up to rally spec, completed by aged plate, if this doesnt drive prices up nothing will, for these and originals. So there is a 43k difference, between a shell, and complete car? Ok back to mantas, yeh, still same old, same old, you get what you pay for. Remember one of these new shells being used to build a gte! Nice move!
  13. Oh, 70k is a full spec built car, you can buy blank new shells, not rolling, and you think wings are expensive!
  14. Dont think there is a big enough market for mantas. I realised this years ago, most mantas now are garage queens, when they where 5, 10, 15 yrs old and working cars, yes, but im sure there are now more garage queens than back garden queens. I cant see me needing any wings, doors, roofskins etc. Only the brave that are prepared to tackle a restoration, and they are all of that knife edge, is it economical to repair, or would breaking it be beneficial. We all seen cars broke for profit, wonder could you buy an average car, every new panel, pay to get it welded, painted and finished for less than a mint car. Base line is an exclusive coupe! As for new panels, its a very long time in the pipeline! Example is the new Chinese mk2 escort shells, apparently original panels wont fit? Does that mean if 15 years time new tooling will be needed? Think they make them in small batches, from time to time, they are dispatched, and sold, at em gone! Do magnum do manta stuff! Got stuck last year getting the passangers side rear spring support chassis section for a manta b, have the drivers side, but ended up going full manta 400 raised section to lower the car, raise the axle closer to the car!
  15. Just outta interest, where did you see it advertised,
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