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  1. Ian, careful, just watch with your drill, you could snap your speedo needle, Wrong direction on drill could snap needle. You could remove dash pinacle and disconnect speedo, behind dash. Hopefully the cable is ok, as hard to get. Thats a great technical write up on boot lock, it would be great to get a write up on setting carbs, with pics and timing adjustments. I had a guy that could set carbs by ear, but sadly passed away, old skool guys are getting thin on the ground.
  2. Replica or original Ian, think i have a few originals for each car, which is nice! Hold on.....£8.50????? Wtf! Not to worry, you should be free this yr in you are 1980. Love the idea of fitting a LS corvette eng or m3 bmw, and getting free tax...... Good luck with your finishing touches, car looks the part, im sure you will enjoy it on the road.
  3. Great back up car! First model, car, colour i owned..... nice memories, exclusive are light big, soft comfy bmws of the same age.
  4. Welcome along Paul, nice car 1.8 hatch, not many left now, yeh best place to be with a manta, here. Plenty of advise, help and info, and is also nice to see another new car. Yeh, full membership, you can upload photos and start up you own project thread.
  5. Yeh, keep it, take your fist full of cash and see how long it takes to replace it, if you find one, you may need another fist full ! Wonder will it ever get to the stage where members swap cars like for like, eg both worth, same or similar money, Stu, Ive got a few i can trade!
  6. Did anyone try nova or mk2 astra reflectors, or what about lorry lights? Im in the same boat, want to use standard original headligh4s for manta i am restoring, so gonna try stripping and metal polishing
  7. Its hydro dipping, yes and no, wouldnt be heat resistant.
  8. Am i right in saying you could essentially fit a A series axle to a standard or 400 kitted manta or ascona, cav! And run ridiculous offset! Surprised no one has done it!
  9. Hands up who needs quarters, not me.......yet! Hopefully never! Seriously would be interesting who needs them, maybe im wrong, but any manta needing a quarter or two is scrapped, are there enough mantas out there needing them? Or maybe some are interested in building an all new panel car, just for the crack, but it would never be completely new panels. As long as someone doesnt recast ronal rims, ive loads worth scrap value!
  10. Your not allowed to mention cars without pics, sorry, new rules!!!, Pics would be nice!
  11. ®evo03

    New swan neck

    Great job! Should protect car for another thirty years or more!
  12. ®evo03

    Track Manta

    You could try looping the caliper, it means taking caliper off putting a loop, or twist in flexi, and rebolt it, and test it, wheel off and wheel on, Yeh, have to agree, cracker of a car! Hope you get it sorted, ecu could be in get home safe mode - it may need cleared, do some research! Google should help
  13. Any more info, colour model etc. If it in the republic, its would have been reregistered, but the ik plate can be retained.
  14. Think that half moon plate can be reoved with engine in place, how i know, i think i had same problem years ago!
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