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  1. Looks a good decent example, far play, enjoy it, any plans for the future. Maybe a 5 speed, lowered? Period spec wheels? Always liked these. Standard manta will take 13x8 or 9 with a narrower tyre.
  2. ®evo03


    Your not asking much! Just missed out on this one! https://www.classiccarauctions.co.uk/1985-opel-manta-400-tribute
  3. Got a 2.0 carb engine coming up, any idea on price of this? So coil stays, so this does away with condensor, and point only, still runs a rotar arm? Great buy, let us know how you get on with fitting
  4. Thats the shit........ fair play.... congrats...... very nice car. Well fit, lsd redtop, carbs, some fun for 20k! 5k For a decent shell, 5k for all the right bits, 3k for right paint... thats it...im giving up work, build three a year and im sorted tax free
  5. Also looked at novas and mk2 astras, think they are all close but not the same, i did extensive research on this, it is expensive to get gone, its called metalisation, very involved process. Either plastic or metal Now there is a new breed of chrome paint, its a chemical process. But again very expensive, you can chrome anything! Was thinking full face chrome with a flocked head of hair! There is a new breed of model chrome paint, problem is it needs lacquered, and it goes milky! Ive at least 6 squares, and 8 round cibies that need sorted. Could we work out a club discount or club batch, 1, let company know there will be two manta lights landing. 2. Let them tag them so we all get the right lights back, pay them individually, get company to pist them back! Sorted. I can try and sort this if no one else is up for it?
  6. If you want to colour match your dash, dash pinnacle has two bulb holders, you can buy leds in blue. Lights up your gauges in blue.
  7. Excellent idea, im doing this first chance, cheers bro, ive two to do now! Or i could change on to carbs if i find the bits, can twin 40s be jetted up? Think i kept dash speakers out of a mk3 cavalier, small round jobbies, and fitted into manta dash vents, just like my vents too much. Have you no centre speakers above radio. Was building my manta dl years ago, think it was radioless from new, found blupunkt speakers in a scrapper, these fitted rear manta housing, and under centre dash, fitted two under dash, two in the back, deaf now! Think they came from a ford or a fiat, remember it was nearly brand new, head gasket gone. Good this coming up next, manta b gtj, 2.0. Have to keep them as standard from new, just need to be smart on routing wire from car to door?
  8. Would moving the top hinge out fix the bottom outer side. Its all to do with small movements in everything. Or the top hinge on the door. Maybe your car was stretched you would imagine it being built on a jig, and everything mass produced, everything is the same. Wonder what went wrong, remember seeing 1.1.78 stamped on my car, so its a hangover car, maybe even a drunk at work car, but it is really very good. Maybe it helped, maybe your was a 5.30 friday car? Or maybe your on to something, manta c stuff does not fit manta b, where they made in different factories, without checking think b and cav where russelhelm, c where antwerp
  9. Its like looking at everything in a mirror, great idea for moving ecu in injection mantas, would also work on redtop mantas with sfi. We have fusebox just above where the ecu is mounted. Maybe we have not enough (slack) length in wires to allow this. Totally agree with protecting ECU,
  10. Just incase you didnt see it, its kinked! But good one the club for purchase, at least things are moving forward , AND THERE IS A FREE ONE, FOR EVERYONE IN THE AUDIENCE! Its a new panel so could have seen it flying across billing on someone head, approx 2005 / 2006 think they where £120. Should have bought all three!
  11. Yo Ian, dont know if you have seen this an stradacab is sill a member, but could be worth a punt, i was looking through his thread and he did not use red seats, he used recaros. If you havnt tried recaro you should, it may change you mind. Have you considered dying the red original cloth with brush on dye. Will try and find a link to this project.
  12. Thats a first! Never even knew that, history lesson right there! Does it even have side strips? Radio ariel rear quarter? Herman, would you be tempted to revert it back to original, think there is q 400 b2 first production in this club, so your would have existed before this, think the last black plastic bumpers in the uk where berlinettas or b gtj. Then on to facelift manta c.
  13. Maybe is from 1980 onwards no cloth? My project car is 81, manta b single slot, no cloth on pillars. Maybe the B1 400 is a single slot grill. My other manta b 78 has go cloth on both A pillars. I know about differences in scuttle panel, wiper area. Single slot has two, manta 83 onwards has just one I let a restoration company look at one of my shells manta b, as they where restoring a famous 400 rally car, they said it was too much work to reshell car, too many differences. So they have bought lots of new oe panels to repair original shell. It had a very hard life! I also seen photos of another famous 400 rallycar approx 1983, it was made using a manta b or cavalier shell. As there are traces of original paint all over car. The last layer of paint before metal, This colour!
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