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  1. Nice car, has to be a setting on your camera, or you can flip them all 180˚ and save them!
  2. Viva headlights? Nice car, shame about the lost history.
  3. Drive it for a while to use the juice up, before refilling, was running outta time to use, so went ahead with mot, thats when it went wrong, right outside mot door, turned a blind eye, so it passed, it did drive normal but wouldnt tick over, a fill of juice cured it ! Weird, think yours might be an air leak!
  4. Had this recently, but with a carb! Stuipidly it was petrol that was in the car for sometime, approx two yrs, emissions where of the scale on takeover, a bit of driving, and a refill or a few, and fixed, easy fix!
  5. Congrats! Hope you enjoy.
  6. Looks great, top efforts for a home spray job, proves it can be done, any hints or guides you wanna share, materials, paint type, prep, equipment, technique?
  7. 400, i200, i240, exclusive, and irmscher, 400 spolier may has different mounts, as there are differences! Caution!
  8. Inner skin and outer skin of bonnet isnt welded, it bonded, probably better to use granville seal sealer, it dries hard, slight flex. As for noise, you can buy sheets of sound deading, or was thinkung of foam yoga mats! Bonnet stops are same as any early vauxhall, think nova are the same possibly corsa too! Maybe astra too.
  9. Scarey when you see this, that weetabix, biscuit steel, its got to stop somewhere, but where,
  10. Guessing this car is one of those that colour looks different in different light, be great for photos when done, top work! Rebuild begins......
  11. This car has loads of quirks? Whats the back seat! With arm rest. Leather is a brave choice! Cold in winter, sticky in summer, sliddy all the time, but really suits this car, its like a business spec manta will some sporty options! Opel should have done it!
  12. Got my vote too, something unique and different, something about old car colours? Great work, looks excellent.
  13. Great car, and would be worth the effort, great selling point, being 23k miles! < means alot. Ive done more miles in reverse. What would it be worth, one owner, fully restored and reverse mileage worth even more with documented history.
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