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  1. ®evo03

    New swan neck

    Trying to think, why it is designed for two? One is clutch, looks like it bolts to the block, down beside engine mount, it is relevent to left hand drive. Maybe clutch, and speedo! Not sure I've never seen one before, normally really good at guess the manta part game. I give up! Next!
  2. Keep that under your hat......... you mean someone will be paying top exclusive money for a percentage of manta b....... how dare you! ....lol
  3. Shsssssssssssssssss, dont tell em the early ones are better metal, all we needs is a shit load of quad lights, injection systems, spoilers, skirts, and recaros, fake gtes will flood the market. A nice early car tba is better, my 1.6 78b, is my fav, never sell it, was gonna convert it to a 2.0 5sp, glad i didnt now, building up an other b, this time a 2.0 4 speed, decided to keep 4sp, see how that goes
  4. You could also fit complete commodore rear axle, complete with hangers, maybe you have better access to these parts. Manta 400 uses similar setup, so it will pass homologation
  5. ®evo03

    New swan neck

    On old hospital drip bag, cable tie the end, fill bag, you can do the same the other end to catch access, a clear plastic bag, cut in the corner does the job also. Im sure people walking into our garages see stuff and think, what the........ Weird contraptions all over the place.
  6. No sunroof, win win! Cant beat a black manta, especially with 5 spoke alloys adding style. How can you beat em quad lights, nice investment, em!
  7. Andy is this old stock, take it its not available now? Just intersted, got a few new old stock irmscher back boxes.
  8. ®evo03

    Track Manta

    Quick enough car, try staying with it in a standard manta! Have you an LSD fitted? Good enough job, is it a gokart track, very narrow. Looks like ratio would suit drifting, mostly 2nd and 3rd gear work!
  9. ®evo03

    Track Manta

    Any vids of her in action, how do you rate the redblock over an xe. Always like this car, slightly different, modified, narrow body and nice rims. are you sure springs are not upside down, or backs in fronts and vise versa.
  10. Time to sweet talk Mrs Sutty, any browning points on hold?
  11. Forgot you even had this on the go...........colour of my first manta, great colour. Silver/ chrome manta graphics look good on this colour. Q? Do you ever get sick of working on the one brand of car? Ever do anything interesting, and non opel? At this stage you probably have manta nightmares.
  12. Looking sharp! Fairplay
  13. ®evo03

    New swan neck

    Wonder if they are an all fit one, maybe different models? Ive never seen anything similar to opels, maybe GM, america? Or the person stamping them got bored?
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