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  1. Yeh, open the hatch boot and dive into back seat ! As l8ng as they dont trying getting out of it and face planting after tripping on seatbelt
  2. 4 dr ascona or cavalier would have made more sense....
  3. Couldnt have said it any better.............the end.
  4. Try to remember connections, there is a half moon connector for the rev counter, it can become loose, feed is of coil, light green wire. There is an electrical strip that feeds the circuit board, Cant think of any other connection, its been a while, but i think im missing one. Its pretty easy to swap a dash out of you have a spare, do your self a favour, remove cables from heater controls leavers. Q, didnt know the dash has bulbs in circuit board, thought bulbs are only on binacle.
  5. Yes great choice of paint, does its job 15 years on, no probs.
  6. When you sign in, the remember me option, tick that! Try that!
  7. better.......... isnt really a word that should be used in relation to that car, perfect! Maybe........ but for an opel purest,...... english axle, outstanding insurance claim pending? Weirdly it might be running avos but has no rear springs, therefore its stress in a area not designed to run coil overs, would be interesting to see stress, strengthening work done. All in all it is what it is, perfect.... maybe
  8. Pick a number, multiply by 2, double it.......... i would imagine alot, it is what it is!
  9. Maybe not! Who would leave a genuine 18k mile car out in the elements! But i do like the no warranty clause! Very classy! Lovely beige interior too!
  10. Cool, lucky enough to see it in action too! Used four times since rebuild.
  11. No sean, its in the plug that goes off the ecu, yes that one!
  12. Its a switch that lights up, when its on it flashes any codes, you can turn switch off, doesnt light up, you can get a tidy wee flip switch, almost like a lecy kettle switch!
  13. ®evo03

    New swan neck

    Ah, regarding sump, thought i was missing something! Phew! Can you also change the chain by joining old to new? Top tip on using old seal to fit new. Great work.
  14. ®evo03

    Manta Hatch

    Sounds like plan! To make life easier, see hermans thread, its easier to reove engine on front subframe. Leave gearbox on also. Either make or buy chassis legs, replace both, while your at it. Spit moves life easier. Here is a template, not sure what scale, but once you get the scale, maybe work on width, should give you length. A print shop should be able to print template. Ah, so thats where the saab engine manta went to, you need to get a few pics up, maybe a different thread. Hey get it on the road, cat need too much.
  15. Think there should be a safety warning or a heldful hints guide in filler and fibreglass kits / IF YOUR GONNA BODGE A CAR, SAVE YOUR MONEY PAY A WELDER, FIBREGLASS & FILLER DOES NOT COUNT AS CRUMPLEZONES! well done! Cant beat a solid car.
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