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  1. Was thinking that, gold from scrap! People look at some cars and are overwelmed, its only metal work, a bit like sculpture only you are following opels template. Which can be difficult when hand forming from sheet metal, when repair panels aint available, also if you hadnt the skill, know how or confidence, it may not be worth paying for the service. Have you ever thought of doing this, BMW / OPEL. Might save the worst shell, old m5 needed! Heres the link, legend! https://www.driftworks.com/forum/threads/opel-ascona-m5.164017/page-2
  2. Great to see this getting fixed, see if i can insert some scaled drawing, may help you, if not will pm them? Andy have you ever produced a panel with ridges from an old panel, using the old panel as a form, guide or mould. Its a boot floor im trying to reproduce, any techniques would be much appreciated, its not opel.
  3. Watched all the videos, that refinisher tool, as really a glorified grinder, the head does the work, a variable finishing tool would be better, but the power usually on full wack. You can control power to a grinder wirh a light dimmer switch. Looks like dirty, dusty work, and hard work at that, That laser, i want it, its like being a super hero, amazing. After a week of removing that rubbery underseal from a car body, blow torch, scrappers, blades, thinners and first go a glass blasting, what an experience that was! Of course ive never tried it before and apparently a car body is the hardest thing to do bar the inside of a sphere! Its amazing the new tech out there for every process, i was told about an expoxy primer, ordered it, started putting it on underneath of manta car body, which was cleaned and prepped, left it a few days, what a job, it even looks tight, flat and factory done, really hard to remove too, should be a good thing.
  4. Has anyone seen it personally, it might be a case of, one mans scrap is another mans gold, or should that be scrap!
  5. Be interesting to see the new Quentin price guide, even if it is two years out of date? Compare it against the OMOC guide, think it could be two year out of date now! And have a look at whats one the market. An OMOC guide would be a good start for reps and members, with the request to add additions, special rare parts, or 5k paint receipts etc.
  6. Rubber it isnt ! THANKS! It would be great of someone produced a rubber from cork gasket dimensions, suppose with 3 or 4mm rubber, a rocker cover, sharp blade, straight edge, it could be DIY. Btw i dont have rocker cover issues, just interested in better ways of doing things.
  7. Warning, without this running, classic insurance will pay market value or less, now i did ask them (normal everyday car) where do they get this information from? They say Market Value on either, search engine, autotrader, or whats my car worth! Says it all really! A good recent example is the dolphin grey exc, coupe. Hopefully owner didnt get ripped off by insurance, although car is being fixed, but im sure it was horrible to have it happen, and to deal with aftermath Good answer mr sunbeam, Some adverts surprise me, one was Dannys yellow b coupe, i personally thought it was undervalved, at the time an exclusive that needed welding was sold close to 8k? And not undervaluing Mr Rapiers B above, whats the difference in this, and big stu, 30k (valued) B. Im not dissing anyone car, I dont know either car, or owners etc, both are very nice cars. Personally i prefare a B over any gte, or exclusive. So would I be bias or would someone else be, over a much prefared later manta, and is that personal taste. It would be great if the club could offer members, upon renewal of their membership, for their cars to be updated and agreed on valuation. Lets face it no one knows more about these cars than us, that guide the club came up with was a starting point and could be used. What 611 said about Manta A prices and spares, totally agree, i have a car, with some parts for example, 6 point roll cage, plated LSD, bilstein shocks, early round holed revolutions, these 4 items are proving real difficult to find, bilstein dont make these shocks, has to be over 15yrs since i seen a LSD advertised, revolution dont make these wheels, never seen a cage advertised. Value of these 4 items alone roughly 2.5+k, cage appox 600, shocks 500, LSD 1k, revos, 500. But they cannot be replaced or atleast very, very difficult. Thats modified stuff etc Same for mr daves, manta or ascona, originals, where do you go to find a replacement for them? Where do you find a replacement. We have been running or own mini economy, prices of parts increase car values, or is it the other way round?
  8. Woooo, thats an expensive tool, would pay for itself, suppose. How good would it be in tight spots, and curves in bodywork, eg enginebay Ive two shells, bodywork that could do with it. Both are original paint, both have been glass blasted, treated, cured, and need stone chipped, so its bodywork time! question is would the head last, or is there a similar head for drill, grinder, or variable mopping machine? Great find Pete
  9. What are people doing to get correct, updated evaluations? Where are they getting them from? The club had a basic guide on here a few years ago, probably needs updated now! In the past my insurance company required a evaluation, and photos, every angle of car, inside and out. What is everyone else doing?
  10. Good outcome, and upgrade, rubber it is! Could you edge be cut of original manta cover? Leave it a perfect fit.
  11. Welcome, when you say, a good starter car, are you planning a restoration or modifying it, anyway hope you enjoy!
  12. Thats Great to hear, and a outcome of what was wrong! Gives others info where to start with similar issues. Now go, enjoy, put that pedal down......
  13. Why do people park cars on grass? It acts as a constant wet sponge, bottom 6 inches will need welding, thats alot. Mini would be closer to ground, and minis are not known for not rusting! They are better parked on gravel, or quarry stone, best drainage. Concrete and tarmac gets splashback! Grass if you wanna go fred flintstone. Athough saying this, it does look in decent nick, hopefully hasnt been there long.
  14. Weirdly, a direct upgrade without machining, are vectra 1.7d rear disks, zafira, mk4 astra calipers, mk3 cav gsi2000 front calipers, with 2.2 carlton vented disks, you will need a fabricated rear caliper mount. Weirdly 13 inch ATS will fit front at least, never tried rear, but it do know 14 inch gte wheels wont fit. Rostyles have a ridge on inner wheel that fouls calipers. Never looked closely, maybe a band or a flatter rim, you could make your own specials, rostyles centre in a different rim, i did look at maybe using MG 14 inch, or range rover, but think they are 16inch, and 5 stud. Check this out ! Expensive, https://www.imagewheels.co.uk/billet-104-rostyle-alloy-wheel/
  15. Or although we can keep a UK reg on a car in northern ireland, the dvla can be stubborn, or sneaky if its a nice plate ! B600........ and try to make you change it, example of NI format, ADZ 31, WIA 4330, or jimmys WIA 4958, most ex works GB based Manta 400s where NI reg? No knows why? Your car may been re-registered, either a new NI plate or age related. Or if in the Republic, it would almost certain be reregistered. Only hope is a pic, maybe someone will recognize it, or a dvla search on vin plate. I dont know of any standard GTE coupes here, as most consider it is the ultimate manta, White, GTE, daytona recaros etc. But thats not to say its moth balled, or hidden in a barn gathering dust.
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