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  1. Ian, is your machine doing all this? Even the leatherette? Do you want another one to do, think you have found your hobbie, extra money maker, I was thinking, there is no way a machine will sew, so i was thinking of purchasing an old hand or foot machine.
  2. Sorry dude, tried to photograph glasses info, if you pm me your chassis number, i will pm you info typed out.
  3. Yeh, i had to explain that 01/01/78 was the first day, and it had to be built before ie sometime in 77, he eventually got what i was saying. Ive even got the xe engine number logged on 400r, log book. I think its even down as multi colour! Ha,ha, I had trouble before getting a uk reg number logged in NI. Which is legal, they tried to say it wasnt? WTF, ive three of them, ie uk regs. They knew it was vaulable, ie, it shows BRO WN, they knew this, so if i agreed to get a new NI reg, they got to keep valuable reg to sell it..... need to watch them! Sneaky...........one guy stopped me and offered 2k for reg! It was original reg. So it stays with the car. Now back to mantas, L, DL, and SR. Back soon. Most people do their own homework before purchasing. Time to break out glasses history, back soon.......
  4. http://www.opel-infos.de/fgst/fgst9_74.html Try this! Your welcome. Dont worry about the dvla, i had to prove a car was build pre 78, it was first registered, 1/1/78, i said to them, so when do you think it was built then, come on, a bit of common sense. I also have glasses info somewhere, will look later. Although is there a manta sr badge on bootlid? A photo might work. There is a section if info is wrong, it needs corrected, you dont need to pay for it.
  5. Andy, made one of these for about £6, great for joggling, especially arches, so a step can be put behind original quarter panel, or bottoms of doors etc. I used box section, so it can be vised, and panel passed through it.
  6. Think this is a dragons den topic, How many will you sell? Every manta owner in the world times two, as they will buy a spare. Any ideas for making new alternative? Anyone? Im thinking expanding foam, imagine the mess! Seriously, im thinking tiger seal, stanley blades, and rubber black paint, to restore, or sheets of 3mm rubber, tiger seal, and lots of work. Minus the GM stamp to remake! What does it do, insulate to keep heat in? Or is to keep moisture out? Maybe both, is it sound deading?
  7. Weetabix covered in marmite comes to mind, or could you grill weetabix until it goes black, then crush it with little ease. Sounds like one of those m&s ads on tv! Ive been there, it is weird that steel takes on a completely different composition when left untreated.
  8. As for the blitz material, no its original blitz material, bought about 18 yrs ago in the uk, came from germany. Sorry, not for sale.
  9. Yeh, doing good, the machine is doing well sewing that material. The old machines are sewing 4 layered leather. As for the blitz material, have it in stock from years ago, enough for one complete car.
  10. Ian, are you hand stitching, or machining the seat material, the stitches you are ripping out. Gonna be in the same boat soon, so im learning alot. Trying to use honeycomb gtj material on recaro seats, along with blitz material. I was at a bike event recently, and a couple used an oldschool machine, it was hand operated, they said an electric is too modern, (rubbish). Used it for sewing leather race suits, racing leathers. Stick it on my Christmas list! Opel too
  11. ®evo03

    New swan neck

    Interesting, and a big thank you, very much appreciated. It is almost like industrial, commercial LPG gas pipe, 8mm copper with pvc coating.
  12. ®evo03

    New swan neck

    Herman, can we get a closeup photo of auto gas pipe, it is good alternative to copper. Thank you
  13. ®evo03

    New swan neck

    If you look at the operation, fuel enters damper, then pump, pump pressurises at 3.0bar, then pressure valve set at 3.0 bar, then filter, up front it enters T piece, feeds injectors and is returned by the pressure regulator. I think the damper is not needed? Maybe opel used it as a 90˚ elbow. Cant see why if pump is 3.0bar, as pressure compensater is needed? But if it is, maybe an artmarket part is available.
  14. Ian, not sure if you are aware but check ebay out, you can get leather dye, know someone who dyed rwd cards black! I thought they where new, Do you know that new leather look, they looked like that, ive used it to dye a motorbike racing one piece suit, comes with sealer etc. As with all these companies, the guys know their stuff, im sure you could get red, or burgundy. Think you can darken, but you cant lighten.
  15. Yeh new ones are fine, have fitted em to two cars, think they hold the bck of the window in track, helps stops the wind, and essential for setting glass. Weirdly think the b i have which is 41 yrs old has originals, weird eh, but must buy a set next time im flush.
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