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  1. Snowing vauxhall how it should have been done, looking better everytime.
  2. Very nice car, hard to believe this is only 5 or 6k over most, and would hopefully need nothing. A bargin compared to a mk2 with similar mileage.
  3. Is the ICE SYSTEM for show or does it work? Some mount a modern in the glove box.
  4. Try the switch or the loom connection, is it connected right way round, connections clean, think from memory there are two wires, that connect to main loom, around bulkhead area. Its either the switch, wiring or dash. U could power the dash to test bulb, and test switch. Look in haynes manual.
  5. Nice steering wheel, is it a montery? Liking this project, no major changes, just nice wee touches, that mans got style!
  6. Is the LSD plated? Then its a zf more than likely, So surprised a supplied hasnt remanufactured these, as there is probably more of a market now, with more power available, and with em being more a drivers car, maybe the club needs to look into it, might be a big seller!
  7. Has to be the nicest mk1 cav ive ever seen restored, great work. Are they new rear lights or restored? Need a rainy sunday to read this thread again, you should upload this thread to one of them photobook apps, that way you have the history in a book, for the car.
  8. Great products out there if they need re coloured.
  9. Great car great buy, new owner needs a lsd if not already fitted, too much power for one wheel drive!
  10. Another nice car, magnet, torch, and large jack needed for inspection. But looks nice! Colour really highlights the shape.
  11. Hella and Lucas glass available, depends what you have.
  12. Think it one of the nicest manta specs around, red paintwork, green tint glass, they got this one 100% spot on from the start, no mods or changes which always helps. More pics needed, and a wee bit of spec and history helps,
  13. http://www.classicmotorcarpets.co.uk/Pages/Headlining Kit Page.html
  14. Just a few ideas, Headcloth, isnt there somewhere doing these new? Carpet, option of a good condition one and dye it, needs to be light to dark, or same colour. Speedo, check ebay for various, same period vauxhalls, think i bought a carlton rhd yrs ago. Rear parcel shelf, dye, and make do a mend! Door check strips, are these the metal door stoppers near the hinge? Door seal, shouldnt be an issue, as doesnt rust! Chrome strip, em? Rectangle washer bottle is 400 spec, and sort after, hard to get! Round bottle is big enough depends on your trigger finger!
  15. Yeh, seems earlier cars or some cars had a bulge
  16. Strong jacking points! Yep, great wee mods, liking the wheel choice and clear lenses. Great work.
  17. Tidy job on the carpet
  18. That would be worth doing, finding out who did it and show them how to do a proper job! Worth doing a bit of searching on here, see what others have done.
  19. Could do with updating that site, very 20 yrs old, another nice car, great to see these examples still exist.
  20. Great value, and worth the effort, isnt expensive and make a world of difference.
  21. Hatches are better! Gonna miss turning my screen upsidedown to view!
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