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  1. Man they are dirty beasts! Cleaned rough seats before be removing material, power hosed it, submerged in a tank with disinfectant, power hosed the sponge submerged it disinfectant, power hose again, then washed the material with carpet cleaner, thoroughly dried in a greenhouse, summer temps for a few days, surprised how good they came up, spotless in couldnt be cleaner. Think you are gonna need industrial strength cleaner,
  2. Thats a great start, rear panels etc, repair panels are the way to go, im sure our european neighbours will avail of them, well any start is better than a none start!
  3. If you mean the plastic trim in the rear door card, think they are several colours to match, seen em before in dark blue, grey, black, beige etc, to match the trim interior,, think nova and mk2 astra are the same. Or similar!
  4. Been trying from Dec to resolve a membership issue, pmd a few, no reply, and i know, patience! And with everything going on, But sometimes i think, Hello!, is there anyone there? .............nope! Even offered to assist, clubs dont run themselves, not much more i can do, still no reply!
  5. First ive heard of it? What panels are sourced, and what panels are needed, do you get rewarded for sacrificing a oem panel, with gold. Cant see ten roof skins being needed, next yr, or even next 5 yrs. Quarter panels only cure the arch area which is already covered by an inexpensive repair panel, the inner arch section would be more of a benefit. Unless your into side swipes? Accidents do happen. A posts inners, outers, would be the next big thing Think manta panels missed the boat, think back 10, 15, 20yrs ago, there where needed more then, there are less being restored now, most are living the high life. Found a fabrication guy, could make almost anything from scratch, ok maybe not a roof skin, but im solid roof so, a big headache removal.
  6. Is it the haynes manual, maybe if the fuel injection bit is translated, with the correct direction on fuel lines, is there any other errors in it? Bought mine of 50p each, you need to read it the think about it and wonder, is it right? Dont believe everything you read, how true.
  7. Cable sounds broken in the middle! Not the first! 8mm bolt holds a plate which holds the gear drive, push in, pull out.
  8. Now, thats a nice car, interesting side repeaters! Something unique, low mileage, don't see many hatches with chrome bumpers. You can tell this car was cared for, photos show how to sell a car.
  9. Yes this is the info i found whilst researching, thanks Herman. I knew it existed before, thought most knew about it! Learned something else direct from irmscher! All exclusives where finished by irmscher, thats a statement direct from irmscher, the story of gm finishing 88 cars is untrue! Apparently? How dare you! That's codswallop! 😂
  10. Didnt know a 400 hatch was produced, apparently? Failed approval?
  11. Nice car, great base for a project if buyer wanted to go further, or go the other way? Nice wee buy.
  12. Never had any issues, fitted them countless times, even with corsa eps, never an issue, wounder would it lined up with the correct holes, or is the shaft stopping it sink further? Never had the resort to the hammer! You never said why you had it off? Hammer might break plastic lugs at bottom of column, careful
  13. Last two dr sold was turned into a (real) 400! Says it all, Being a 4dr might save it!
  14. Ive the manta version 1.6 DL and its the keeper, if you know what i mean, or maybe you dont! No brightwork, = minus screw holes into arches and sills. Its updated with recaros, radio, modern speakers housed in later rear speaker pods, its even got a powersteering, all easily reverted to period original if need be! Think there where 3 DL (mantas) left on dvla site, think there was a blue one on here, might have been an auto, not sure! They where the middle version, there was a 1.3L, so these where less likely to be travelled, eg, used less, less miles, life driven out of them! But it goes, really suit car, best driver, prefer it over a GTE 1.6 wouldnt put me off.
  15. Yep seen it! Is funky not offensive? You dissing the flaps man! DL is deluxe, rarer than a 400, believe it or not very nice car, goodluck with sale, really neat engine bay, plain and simple, very impressed! Is it lowered, on spax lowering springs! Great job!
  16. Inspection needed. Dreaded torque tube? Maybe?
  17. A clutch company maybe able to sort this, tell them your flywheel, ecotec, clutch pressure plate? , and gearbox splines? 1.8 manta. Got one made up, guy split three kits to make one, changed centre in friction plate, while i waited, it can be done!
  18. Nothing like needing something, finding it, and cracking on, rather than ordering online, waiting around, and getting delayed! Its great having your own parts department 😒
  19. Danny did you ever change the tank in that car? The car u had issues with, not the ascona pictured, to set the record straight! Was reading an old omoc magazine, and it was the same issue, you would think you wrote the article! Article was about 10yrs old, but the guy changed everything electrial, mechanical twice over! Turns out there was a cracked pipe in the tank, between swirl pot and sender
  20. Which car are we talking about now, silver or white?
  21. It was the silver one, that i was replying to someone elses comment regarding a rear spring movement, and how it can be easily rectified, safely, as they done on works 400s, just didnt want to go into details on making it mot legal or otherwise. Your advert got stuck into the middle of a post on the silver car tbh no better time to sell, cashing in term, meaning < selling and moving on > as in cashing a cheque, in a bank, job done! I have never commented disrespectfully on anyones car for sale, or condition, or price. Anywhere, thats between the seller and buyer. < anyone elses comment shouldn't count All the very best with your sale of white 400, and the other silver 400 aswell. The other car quoted right below and above your car. > not that my comment should count.
  22. Does the vibration only start at a certain speed, and stop if speed is increased, or decreased.
  23. Thats no better than a boy racer hack with cut springs, there is a legal way of stopping axle drop when proper lowering springs are fitted, this obviously isnt included in the 75k asking price. And at 75k i would do my research, before buying, i know the silver ones history, and its just not for me, never was. It is a shame history isnt included at that price! Thats where forums, project builds and documented history becomes invaluable. Then star reading between the lines.
  24. Previous 400 owner once advised why not to have one! I took his word, and am sticking with that. These 400 owners talk about cashing in! Wonder will they ever regret it, when they are worth 150k ? Its a same as it will go to a collector, or investor, undercovers, and hidden away, opposed to a enthusiast! Funny enough a previous owner of the silver one had a E30 M3, and compared the manta to an old bus compared to the M3. Mean, you couldn't even fit a corsa eps, as you would get .......well you know what i mean!
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