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  1. Was the Chevair 2/4 door saloon, ascona/cavalier shape, Was it available in coupe/hatch shape? What engine box did they run?
  2. Could never understand how bodyshops polish soon after paint, or cutting as they call it, its probably only skin, think it takes a good 4 weeks before paint is fully cured. Great effort, looks very well.
  3. Anyone run konis in their manta? Any links for new ones?
  4. Did cavaliers ever come with black plastic bumpers, like the manta b?
  5. Ah cool, nice find, what model, something different! The original style of wiper is very dated. We need to make up a thread, Other parts that FITS a manta. A peugeot 405 boot seal, fits, a wee trim, an inch too long. Mk2 golf sunroof seal, Nova brake pads! Mk3 fiesta roof skin to hatch! Supposedly! Only tried and test the seals.
  6. Maybe earth is insulated with all that beautiful paintwork. Maybe remove starter and jump it, see what its doing removed. Is there anyway of testing if it is earthing through speeding, clutch cable.
  7. Yeh seen that, removed a few 1.8s, cant remember it being by the cam, but its been a while! Best advice here is to test pump in place, wonder is there an inline filter, and if it is ok?
  8. Can you test pump once connected to block, though the 1.8 was driven mounted to block? Not head? May be wrong. Disconnect inlet to carb, and 500ml pop bottle, should show, with a few cranks.
  9. Sunroof..... can you get 1:18 roof skins. Nice sure about the quality, would the revelle models be better, crisper, quality? I do like the b, but would end up modding it, lowering, ats, where does it stop!
  10. Should have laid the bit they cut out in the boot, to be stitched back in? Are my eyes wrong, or is there more patches on drivers side, usual places, above jacking points etc. Interesting bench mark, thats a bench mark before, glass, parts, rebuild, primer, prep, paint and all the rest of the wee, headache jobs.
  11. Great efforts by both, i found a wee alloy mini spray gun, must look it up and see what its worth, it was that bad, took a good soak to get the lid off, dont really need it but, thought id give it a go, i do remember using it years ago, and thought it was giving great results! Have it stripped, will build it up again to check before stripping it for bling, bling. Not really into chrome but like the detail, hard graft and effort getting a result, better than the way it was, always messing about with old bmxs, motorbikes, skateboards etc, so learned something, time to get the wet and dry out!
  12. Cant go wrong with welding, just ask for advice, some experience on here, plenty of welding done. I borrowed a welder before buying my own a few yrs back, its a sealey 150 mightymig, impressed so far, had a 380 mig borrowed, far to strong for body repairs. Great way to learn is two strips on the floor, wack the gas on pull the trigger, found really clean steel works best, wire wheeled, a slight rough with a cutting wheel, then sanded with soft sanding pad, the steel is shining, weld seems to penetrate better, with any effort, (skill) nothing to loose, well done on gaining the section you need, crack on!
  13. Cant see on the link where it says manta hatch, or cavalier sports hatch.
  14. Any equipment preferences, or how to guides, both effortd very impressive.
  15. Great pics, not so great theme! Think the a post cover and section in front should replace most, worth a buy, as you are gonna need them, unless someone has one stashed away. If you peel off the panels, below, rust converter treatment and protection should fix inner A post. Borrowed this pic, to illustrate where section meet, from mr Abbott. Have to admit, its gonna be a hard section to repair, but most dont give bother here, bet there was road muck stuck up in there! Good luck and keep us posted, be interesting seeing this get done. If the inside door jam is ok, i would template it and have go, making it. Must look very closely at my own project here, see whats, what.
  16. Any details on the polishing process, would be interesting to learn, method, tools, equipment needed. Thankfully have no manta bling, chrome, but it would be helpful,
  17. Not sure of your type of bump strip, but there is a cavalier project on here, with new bump strips.
  18. Great to see her up and running, fairplay, health to enjoy.
  19. Good fix, should work, if you find the tab, make one, or beg,, borrow steal one, think it can be soldered back on, hard to do upsidedown, glass in place. Is ur clock working, never had success with these. Going great guns, getting the wee issues sorted, keep er lit.
  20. Looking as good as always, what happens when you run out of mantas to do? Do you clean the whole underneath of the car with an air drill and paint abrasive head? Seen the drill in a pic above.
  21. Are you going whole hog with new chassis legs or outer repairs. If you look where the chassis leg meets the bulk head, there is a drain hole into the chassis leg, plug it, this was opels plan to sell you a calibra 10yrs later, they should have made a bigger hole.. :0 great save, will make a nice car.
  22. 19 years of reading back on this thread great effort, always thought this was the 4x4 cossie floor pan. Progress looking good.
  23. Have a look at the website, bilt hamber, they have gel that neutralises rust, wouldnt leave it uncoated, use the gel rust converted, etch prime, fill and highbuild primer it. Or treat it and red oxide it, even red oxide has a timescale its only a primer which is porous. Id save it, guessing a decent one will cost more than materials used. Great save. Original is best.
  24. Ah so you need inner A pillar, left side, near side. Example photo below, correct if wrong!, looks easyish to create.
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