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  1. Anybody happen to have a CIH pick up pipe laying about? want's to be a 2.0,1.9,1.6 as its going on a 2.4 that im getting rebuilt to go in a manta. cheers fella's Sean
  2. cheers for replys, alloycat cheers for the offer but i think i will take orm09 offer up as he's nearer, orm09 you have pm mate cheers sean
  3. hi, as title suggests i need a tailgate in any condition for a hatch or just the glass even, seeing as it got smashed today . the nearer to harrogate n.yorks the better, as this is for my daily driver and im a bit stuck without it. cheers sean
  4. well i didnt expected that, yes it was steves car, yea probly me no doubt! pm sent , i really should get cracked on with this car............
  5. Well i have a pretty good pass rate at my local MOT station, even got your hatch through
  6. Good luck with the MOT..... im sure it will pass
  7. [qoute] Yeah mate i think your A will require many many pictures to show all the welding its going to get Shouldn't be long till i have some space and we can get cracking on it [qoute] hope you've good a big enough memory card in that camera of yours then dave, good, thats music to my ears, sean
  8. definatley argree with the above comments, you will have to do my a series soon then dave! didnt think it was that bad when you where telling ne the tale about it! sean
  9. unlucky for mick he cant just cut a hole,as i remeber the bits in yellow have been cut out aswell leaving him with a rather large gap! if i remember rightly? cheers
  10. hi mick, yes you are right the carb is a webber twin choke, hope that helps cheers sean
  11. good look on mot , your list shouldn't be as bad as mine,as yours is quite solid from what i remember sean
  12. ho problem, yeah let us know how mot goes when you get there. heres a pic of how it should be. cheers sean
  13. hi mick, on the yellow A the previous owner had cut out were the stereo sat in,leaving that missing bit,you will need a new dash board, me and steve were after one but were unable to obtain one.i will try and get a pic up of mine so you can see what i mean.
  14. hi mick, yeah that was definatly my old man he is very clued up about the A series, anyway ive been looking through my old emails from mark kinnon and according to him the chassis number of the car corresponds to March/April 1973,origanaly from info i got from the previous owner before me and steve the car was origanaly a 1.6 in bronze/brown colour cheers sean
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