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  1. June 2018. So the show season is starting for me tomorrow at the Bristol Classic Car Show at the Bath and West Showground in Shepton Mallet. RBY was put away in September 2016 in an "on the road" state but nowhere the standard I wanted- you know how you are never happy with your own work?? I also missed Billing that year as the date moved after I booked the family holiday so the whole thing felt like unfinished business even back then. November 2016 I finished wth my employer of 24 years and put my SR Berlinetta hatch EJO on the road out of necessity to smoke around in running for a year as a daily. Took a very lazy year off (come on, I worked full time for 30 years, I deserved a break!) I then started my own company and had to do some extensive retraining while getting things off the ground. Im not moaning or unhappy about it, everything is very good, but there were obviously far more important things to focus on that playing with silly old cars. FF to now, RBY is back at my place and work is underway to tackle all those details and properly finish the restoration. I've started but have lots to do ahead of Market Harborough in July. First job tonight is wash it, pack and hope we get to Shepton Mallet tomorrow morning. If you are going to the show we hope to see you there!
  2. The chap is supposed to be coming on Sat so I will pass on club details. Apparently he already has an A
  3. Should be a type 400 but just after they changed to a Phillips 752 which was from 87 on (ish) go for that as it has FM
  4. I have church with my son at 10.30, back by 12.30. Anytime after that really. Pm me or my mobile no is on the ad. Cheers
  5. Gotta be honest I have turned it over but not had it running or driven it. Its all there though and the engine looks like a reco lump so it hopefully has more life in it yet. Had a few texts from the eBay ad already so if you are up for it let me know. Obviously I would like it to go to a club member for renovation in a perfect world. James
  6. Thanks Terry, I do hope it finds the right home. I love the colour too, I had planned to do the bonnet in black as that was, I think, and option on them which would have made it look well good!
  7. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/201987718228? A shameless bit of self-promotion but I have decided to sell my November '75 SR project. A real wrench for me because it would have been a keeper when complete as I wouldn't have been able to replace it. After this years VBOA show I have come to realise that, given the exceptional quality of the cars that are out there now, I am better off spending my time and money detailing and perfecting the three I already have to full show standard rather than spreading my resource over 4 cars, none of which will ever be complete to the standard I want them. I didn't list on the forum on the basis that most of us probably already have a project or two on the drive (!!) but obviously if anyone wants to get in touch direct then I would be delighted to talk about a caring home for LVV.
  8. Looking at the piccies I don't think that one is not an SR. It is trimmed as a Berlinetta inside and has the remnants of headlamp wash/wipe in the engine bay. The other giveaway is the dash which has the basic dash, only the SR had the 6 clock then unless the "SR" pack was specified on a Berlinetta.
  9. Ebay usually has a few about http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Philips-752-Car-Radio-Cassette-Player-/302305791111?hash=item4662d44c87:g:HdQAAOSwE0JZAKNY I think that strictly you should have a 400 but that is no FM and was replaced by the 752 in '87
  10. Is that not for the front fog light circuit?
  11. Lenk tuning or East Kent will be able to knock a headliner up for you
  12. Short circuit the sender wire to earth, the gauge should read full scale. At least that will confirm it is definitely the sender unit before you pull it out the tank.
  13. We went round the clock last week. The car continues to give good service. (Please note that the pic was taken by my passenger, NOT me) The only problem has been an occasional missfire that I traced to a narrow contact gap which I fiddled with so that the car refused to start! Luckily I had a set of points in the garage so replaced, set dwell and timing and it's all perfect now. At least it warned me first and then chose to let me down while on my drive.
  14. You are, of course, absolutely spot on.
  15. See Cavalier GLS for details....!!
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