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  1. Over 20 years ago now, I was asked if I could make/reproduce the original radiator tray (the cardboard thing) in aluminium and in stainless steel. The answer was "Yes" but you would never be able to fit it, as soon as you put a folded edge into metal it becomes very rigid and will have no flex. The original cardboard items sit tight left and right at the front of the rad, and had folded edges running the length of the rad If I remember correct. the lips of the Manta rad mount area would stop you getting a rigid metal one put in place, this is why I didn't make these but made my alternate version.
  2. AHA...... I may just make this one,,,, Every month I keep missing the meetings.
  3. Can i Have my Genuine Irmscher GTE Exclusive Hatch on the register please Mick.... Sounds so much better than I have a modded old 'B' is anyone interested ? lol Fcuk me how times change
  4. Hi there H11poc (heck of a username) I too am proud owner of a recent purchase being a Monaco Blue Irmscher Exclusive D plate Hatch. I always used to slate the old CiH lump in these cars "BUT" always maintained the atitude that they are bulletproof, I started mine up and it ran after about 12 or 14 years of non running and it runs,,,,, Lovely simple mechanics, just look out for the rot on these mate, my first later model Manta I've owned is this, I'm more used to the early pre 1980 'B' series. I've spent so many hours repairing (Welding) shite up on this hatch that I've never had to in the past. But all well worth it when done, enjoy.
  5. TBH Kev, some of the stuff I've done I've been quite happy with but some of the stuff could have been done much better. A tad tricky not even having a vice or a bench here.
  6. Scared the fcuking life out of me when I chopped that area out, but had to be done to get back to good metal, and was ridiculously easy..... But then again i work with steel all the time. So coming together slowly, Weather has been a bitch to me stopping me getting a lot done, it's been bloody cold out there doing that lot, but cannot be shuffling around in the wet and the cold, next step will be to tackle the seams on the inner wing there as you can see in the last pic, I would really like to do that area well, but all work so far has been done with a hammer and an angle grinder and no other tools/tooling (ok yeah it shows lol) but may nip over to see my old mate Nat to see if I can use a bit of his kit to help replicate this area. all the wing rail work needs a good tidy up on the inside but I don't mind a bit of unneatness as this shell needs to be strong for my future plans. but I should be able to tidy this up so the eye will never see it. Next step will be to tackle the passenger side wing rail, A panel and A post, got a lot of awkward shit out of the way, and decided to make life a bit easier on the passenger side by popping over to Retropower and using Nats patterns to cobble up and A panel,,,,,, Well Stewart mainly did a lot of that for me at Retropower, but we made up a drivers A panel, passenger side is different,,,,,,
  7. Ooooh "Replies have merged" well that's something lol. Rear of floorpan has had most of the repairs done, finished just short of the seat mounting bolt, the floorpan repair section should cover most of the rest. But with this area of the car being particularly week, as sills are shot to pieces too (replacements came with purchase) I simply cannot go jacking the car up and hacking what little rigidity is left in the car, out. as the A panels and A pillars are pretty damn bad, and is going to be dead easy to get a banana shaped chassis/car, if I'm not careful. I can't as yet weld braces into place as car is stored outside and "ALL WORK" will be done outside, and I (As yet) have nowhere to store doors or anything else removed off of the car, and cannot leave it open to the elements (he says) So plan is to put strength and rigidity back in wherever I can with minimal jacking/stress on the shell for now. So attacked the drivers A panel, inner wing, BASTARD washer bottle area (I hate that bit) and wing rail. Don't know wtf that right angled sticky up bit was in the A panel area, but had nothing to do with me and did get removed as soon as I had tried to keep the correct line of things, inner pic shows the folds ready to take the floorpan "I Hope" Carried back on the to the wing rail, and this bit looked like it was going to be a bitch, but turned out to be dead easy in the end, only took about 40 mins to repair this.
  8. Well, got a little bit done on the Manta. Biggest problem so far was removing the shite that some muppet had put in place.... and pretty unsure what sort of welder this "Muppet" was but in my years of welding we have seldom use Silicon Sealer and "Filler" WTF! Anyway,,, Seems like the only bit of floorpan hanging on for life to the sill was the chassis number area, Outrigger totally stuffed as you can just about make out, and have cobbled a piece up at work to replace this section, Straight chassis section to "Bolt area of swan neck" was supplied with purchase, and rather than fcuk about patching up sections of floor pan i bought a floorpan off of Nat at Retropower. Well just tried to put up a story line of work and progressive pics but can't seem to do it............. So here is floorpan cleaned up ready for cutting, and repair.
  9. I'm in need of a Drivers side wing, cosmetics unimportant, spot o' rust ok as long as not rotten through, doesn't matter what Manta it is from or MK I Cav even. Also I'm in need of the strip that runs between the nose and the bumper of the Manta. Cash waiting Can collect within reasonable distance, I'm in Leicester.
  10. LOLLL.............. I remember coming over to your place Guysat, and was absolutely shocked when I saw this in the flesh.... I knew nothing about your car/project, and what a lovely shock when I saw it..... It was just one of those cars that pictures could not do justice to... The stance and the paint and just the sheer quality of finish everywhere was outstanding.
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