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  1. I'd share mine, but its pretty much the autogenerated one which you'd get running the generator in tunerstudio. I'd be interested in seeing other 2.2 maps to see how they compare with a default one. Just clocked the laptop. Had similar when I put megasquirt in. It died on me so couldn't get map until I get new laptop up to where I left the car. (Getting resprayed) The car that is, not the laptop....
  2. Yup. Think it was innovate lc2 with Bosch sensor.
  3. Not yet. I put in the engine data and generated a map in tunerstudio. Have a lambda sensor attached so ran auto tune then fiddled a little with it myself. Needs proper tuner to have a go as its great up to about 3.5-4k rpm then drops off. Not many about up here, much less ones with megasquirt experience.
  4. I have a megasquirt from extraefi running the 2.2 in my A series. Running injection only as using the stamdard ignition module with cih dist. Clearly idiotproof as I got it up and running myself 🤣
  5. A series is 5 cm narrower i think. I have a b axle in my A. Had to turn up shock absorber stiffness if i have much in the boot or the tyre can rub on arch if you hit a bump. Width aside, the axles are identical. (Except the 1.6N and smalled engined cars which had a different smaller axle)
  6. Lenk tuning sell them if you're stuck. 159 euros.
  7. Anyone know the size of the rod for the manta door pins? Managed to break mine and forgot to check. Cheaper buying separate rods than a new tool I already have just for one rod.
  8. Much of the money is the prep, so the less they need to do the cheaper it should be. A lot of places aren't keen on relying on customer work tho. Biggest problem doing it diy, is getting a clean dust free place to do it, where flies don't get to the paint, and the equipment to spray proper paint without losing your lungs in the process. Plus the skill required! For a detailing co to do a wet sand and polish would be more than a couple hundred quid (for a decent one!) Usually a couple hundred gets a machine polish to rectify minor scratches and swirls. A full blown detail with wet sand and polish to a high standard would be closer to a grand than you'd think!
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