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  1. Anyone got a spare red speedo drive gear for a 5 speed box? I'm not getting any drive to the cable from mine.
  2. For a second I thought you were about to share how to make chrome trim replacements with carpet offcuts.😄
  3. I'll have a look through my stash of chrome tomorrow and see what I have. I may have 6. Chris, I'll take the set from you. Can you pm me your PayPal or address?
  4. Its just the bit that runs from top to bottom of 'c' pillar on driverside I need. Are you wanting to sell as a set Chris or would you split it?
  5. Just hunting for the last piece of the jigsaw! I need the C pillar chrome trim that runs down the slope of the rear window on the drivers side. Have about 3 of them for the passenger side but no driverside 😄
  6. Any one have a spare speedo cable? With the bayonet fitting at speedo end, not screw in.
  7. Anyone got the trio of slider controls for heater for a series dash? Managed to lose mine.
  8. You could be sat at a car show surrounded by cars with fantastic paintwork kicking yourself. Trust me 😆
  9. A 5 speed manta b box, with shortened b prop, and shortened gear linkage on adapted gearstick mount.
  10. This is what I got https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OPEL-MANTA-ASCONA-REKORD-Voyage-55MM-ALUMINIUM-RADIATOR-UK-MADE/401482399714?hash=item5d7a373fe2:g:U4IAAOSwPzhaIWLH:rk:1:pf:0 Slots straight in. Although in an A series I had to trim the front valance bit to fit an electric fan as there wasn't enough room to fit it on engine side.
  11. Shug


    I remember finding this: https://www.opelgt.com/forums/clutch-transmission-drive-train-upgrades/27970-getrag-240-question.html when I wondered the same thing.
  12. I'm assuming its the front bar. Which one are you after, the one in the lower control arm or the one to trailing arm?
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