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  1. Yeah I think I'm fairly much sorted now Shane. Great info alright. Thanks for checkin anyway!
  2. Excellent bit of info there Luke-thanks a million. Yeah I fitted the ring gear using an induction heater and gave it a few spins before settling so it should be fine. I think I might just go with new side bearing and a new crush washer just to be sure though? Again thanks for the figures and if there's anything else I think of I might jus stick it here in this thread? Cheers, Enda.
  3. Thanks Shane, appreciate that. @399road... Thanks for you're informative reply. That's a great idea with opening out some old bearings to do all the checking and rechecking. I was going to use the old diff bearings but I think now I'll open them out and just get new ones for final fit then. They're very pricey though. The proper shim kit supplies 2 type of shims-one with diameters for fitting between outer shell bearing and diff casing and the other with diameters that fit under the bearing for final fit which is great because you can do all you're checking and fiddling about using the ones that go between the shell and casing without having to keep pulling off the bearings. Very hard/impossible to get these original type of kits though. Only ones I can find are the ones that sit underneath the bearing which means you're damaging them every time you pull off the bearings. When you say you tightened the pinion by just nipping it up does that mean you used the old crush washer??? It's a nightmare of a job with parts so hard/expensive to find and info even harder! Would you happen to know the crown wheel run-out tolerance also or does it list it in you're manual? I obviously don't have the right manual as the page numbers seem different. Again,thanks for you're help.
  4. Looking for a crush washer and shim kit if anyone has either would be great. Cheers, Enda.
  5. Does anyone have actual bearing pre-load and torque (bearing caps & pinion nut) figures for when rebuilding a Manta diff? I have a fairly comprehensive Opel workshop guide but it doesn't give the figures required???
  6. Excellent work! Love it! I log on every day especially to check this thread! Cant wait to the progress. Keep up the good work
  7. Nice work Bendy How is it my project alwys seems to be at the exact same stage as yours evry time i look at you're thread!? I just done the exact same thing this week in order to fit the LSD. Are you fitting a slippy? PM sent BTW....
  8. If you have that would be great! Yes i am fitting an electric power steering column so wide tyres shouldn't be a problem. What you're saying is very true-no point in going to all that trouble to just end with standard lock? Cheers, Enda
  9. Been going over this on TotalOpel as well and i think i've established that the pinion shaft in mine seems to be an early Chevette pinion.Could it be a Chevette rack?(It is bolted to the X-member and does fit) or could it possibly be just a chevette rack and pinion in a Manta tube? I have found a few options that will fit so that i can mate it to the rest of the Manta column( http://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-GSV1027)but it still doesn't fix the problem that it isn't a quick rack? I might be just better getting the proper quick rack and fitting it? The car will only be for road/fast road use-in you're opinion is it worth my while fitting the quick rack?
  10. Very true. The arm is very weak when the steel sleeve is pressed out. Before either pressing out the old one or pressing in the new one i tacked a few bits of bar around the edge of the arm to support it like so...
  11. Superflex also supply the metal sleeve-in stainless steel. Pic of mine i replaced a while ago... Superflex part no. SPF 1550 Price £31.70ea. excl VAT http://www.superflex.co.uk/results.php?maker=20&man_name=GM&searchmodel=52&Search=Go Hope this helps.
  12. Yes the pinion definately is 'quicker' alright. I'm just stumped now on how to mate it to the rest of the column. I'm gonna have to find some sort of matching spline to fit it really aren't i? Thats not gonna be easy!
  13. Just wondering if anyone has any expierience fitting a quick rack kit to the Manta? I bought a steering rack which was supposed to have the quick gears already fitted but when i checked it it seemed to be 3.5 turns to lock (standard) instead of 2.4? I checked it by marking the pinion shaft,then turning it full lock and counting the turns until at opposite lock. Result-3.5. I then went about ripping my own standard Gte rack and when i removed the pinion shaft it looked completely different indicating that the other may actually be a quick rack? 2 pinion shafts (standard one is the long one)..... The biggest problem i have now though is the difference in the ends of the pinion shaft. The one which is supposed to be the quick one has a splined end which doesn't seem right..or does it? How do i fit it to the lower universal joint? Am i missing a part? Hopefully some of you may have fitted one and can tell me where i'm going wrong. Cheers.
  14. Thats spot on Bendy-cheers for that! I have it right so looking at those pics-spacers and all! Although i think that might be just down to some good luck! Thats very interesting to hear regarding polybushes and understeer. I had been chatting to a few lads who had fitted them and were complaining about understeer and reckoned it was down to the polybushes leaving it too hard. They all happened to be GSI Astra owners though so i reckoned it might just be FWD problem?...obviously not... Feck it anyway-i literally just fitted the last of them to the lower arm this evening! And it was such a b****rd of a job gettin the old ones out and the new in. Oh well...they're in now...so they're stayin in!! I haven't the anti roll bar fitted yet-i wonder would i be better off using the standard rubber bushings on the tie bars or would it make much of a difference now with poly's now in everything else..? BTW if you are going to fit those outrigger to chassis bushes the Superflex part No. you need is....SPF 1753 (bushing) and SPF 1753W (washers to replace originalsteel ones) You may already have a contact for these but if you don't give member 'TJM' on here a shout-he'll sort ya out
  15. Hi Bendy, Excellent work as always! Sorry to be a pain but i wonder would there be any chance you could take a pic of the front suspension head on looking directly down on top of the upper arm? The reason i ask is i never realised that the upper arms are actually handed and the only way of telling the difference is that the arm has slightly different curves and the sharper curve is supposed to face the front. I just want to check i have it right before i go any further. I see you didn't replace any of you're front bushings. A wise choice....i replaced all mine with Superflex ones and what a complete b****rd they are to fit! Never again!
  16. Welcome back Neil Glad to see you're still not fussed about what sort of Manta you get! Best of luck with the search anyway
  17. Looks awesome! Top marks to you as well for straying from the flock with you're colour choice (says me with 5 litres of Polar white waitin to go on the 400 rep! )The antracite should look really different when she's built. Keep it up!
  18. Very true Matt! I'm at my project over 3 years now and it's not even anything special-i just want everything right so i'm not really worried about the time factor. Nice work going on there Bendy This seems very similar to my project as well-will be interesting to see the 2 of them done! as regards the gearbox the handiest way i found of getting it clean was to wash it thourghly and get rid of all the oil and gunk and then give it a going over with some wire brush attachments in a drill. At least then it'll be nice and shiny anyway and you can decide then whether you want to paint it or not? Keep up the good work
  19. Looks great! Can't wait to see it in paint? You going with glacier or polar?
  20. As above...needed for a coupe. Preferrably just a plain one with no engraved logos but anything considered! Cheers...
  21. Thanks for the answers Yeah i'd definately agree with you there. Steel torque tube? one last question (for now! )....what engine mounts did you use? Or did you make some? Looking forward to the updates.... Enda.
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