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  1. There is like 4 gls saloons left I think. Cavtastics son Reuben.
  2. Another LIncolnshire Cavalier MK1 to join mine
  3. Hi & Welcome to the OMOC, your Cav is most welcome - I have 4 Cav's and 2 Manta's
  4. That's great! please let me know when its available. cheers Andy
  5. Wanted front cross member required for a Manta B. the one that sits below the radiator. the passenger headlight and horn wiring harness is usually strapped to it.
  6. As per the title door required for Mk1 Cav saloon. Passenger side front GL spec if possible as it has the trim rivets
  7. I wondered what my son was up to! The SRi started life as my company car and covered motorway miles in the first 3 years. Mileage whan I bought it off my then company was 66k in 1995. I used it as a daily until 1997 with the mileage then on 88k. Then I got bored of it and tucked it up where it’s been ever since. One day I’ll get it out, Steve Hancock (1900SR) is keeping guard over it. Think there are only 200 odd left? Steve will tell us👍
  8. Hi reubz here , I’m 14 and I have Been working today decorating a garage and stumbled across a mk3 Sri. Looks in mint condition and has got 88k miles on the clock. Asked the owner and it was abandoned here in 1994 ish Because the owner got a company car and has been here ever since with a tarp over it and waxed from branded new. OWNER SAYS NOT FOR SALE. But one day hopefully I will own it.
  9. I have him! I have him! Safe now from the butchers who wanted to Manterise him! Spent a lot of money on him already and about £4K left to invest! Waste of money? All depends whether you luv Sapphire Blue Mk1 Cavalier 4 Door versions! I do and it’s the nearest I’ll ever get to my late fathers Cav CTL114T
  10. Might get there around 8.30pm, is that too late?
  11. Welcome back Clive, it will be nice to catch up for a chat at a local meeting
  12. To be honest I'm not that concerned now as long as it finds a good home and it does not reappear as an Exclusive coupe in a few years on an E plate. a bit too expensive to do that now though?
  13. Sold for 5 K to a dealer, I was prepared to buy this off the original owner for 6.5K subject to viewing before offer!
  14. Welcome to the club and Opel Manta ownership! It's amazing how many of us want to own the vehicle our fathers owned when we were kids! I myself have been looking for decades for a fully kitted out M4 Sherman tank my late Grandfather cruised around France and Holland in can only get the Olive Matt green ones though😂
  15. Sorry Guy's yes Manta B/ Cavalier MK1. Got a guy bringing a pair down to this weekends event thanks.
  16. I'm after a pair of new of genuine front wings for project. I would consider excellent 2nd hand ones though.
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