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  1. Got some for mine a few years back from a corsa/astra,from a scrap yard.
  2. Hi Mark,how the devil are you stranger,just got back from hols,so i do apologise if i'm to late mate,but i have a brilliant contact at SERCK (Sparkbrook),so give me a bell if you decide to go down that route,speak soon,cheers.
  3. Hi Clive,great work on the car! That fag lighter on the table,i've seen that before some where haven't i Mate,can you ring me when you get 5 please,cheers.
  4. Correct,BOSAL list same front pipe,85-88 for hatch and coupe,but different middle and back boxes.I do have the BOSAL part numbers here,so if you need/would like them,just give me a kick.
  5. Hi Scribe, sorry if i have this wrong,but 'read it'??,are you thinking the measurement will be on the hose matey?You will have to measure it bud please
  6. Hi guys, in the last few weeks i've seen a few posts re top and bottom rad hoses (for Manta B's)obviously no one lists these any more,but i may be able to help out.GATES do a product called VULCOFLEX,which is hose with wire running through it.Basically you can bend this into shape,and after hot water has been run through it a few times,the hose retains the shape to which it was bent.So as long as these hoses are a single hose (ie,no splits or joins leading off them)i may be able to help .Can anyone tell me the i/d of these hoses (at both ends please as sometimes the same hose can have different i/d's at either end),and also the total length please.If you can let me know on my works email (as i have all the info/catalogue's there)that would be great; pansell@fpsdistribution.co.uk cheers
  7. Hi guys, so sorry,must be old age,missed this post JULIAN - no probs at all matey,happy to help. JAMES - pull your finger out and get these sorted SCRIBE - as the above says,as long as it is a 1 piece hose (no joints/splits coming off it)i just need to know the i/d.Its best if you give me the i/d at both ends,as some hoses will be different from 1 end to the other! cheers,Paul
  8. pma

    James' SRB

    Hi James,car looks MINT bud,top job
  9. Hi mate, really no probs at all buddy,your more than welcome,anyhow,i seem to remember someone coming all the way over from Leicester for a few days here and there to help me out! pm'd you.
  10. Hi guys,i actually have a new-old stock VL227 in my shed if you want it £25 + post.Leave it with you,cheers
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