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  1. wow what a difference! i've got a old coupe shell, i've not been to check on it for a few years but seeing yours makes me think i'll go and check what its like!
  2. wow this is my old car, still gutted i sold it but a house move ment i had to glad to see someone is getting her finished though. did you buy it with the 2.2 still in it?
  3. alrite mate how's things? everything ok here, i've sold all the mantas now and moved house, only got the evo at the mo. everything ok with you? how's the 400r coming along? that be it!
  4. spotted a very tidy 400r in llandudno today, kind of made me want another manta!
  5. 0peli400


    if it had an XE it most probs would be worth 6k if its done right, with that engine and if the work has been done well with no rot etc its worth £4,500-5,000
  6. just remove the diff cover and check for little bits of metal etc, but remember to put LSD oil back in or you will wreck the diff (if its not already) and i don't know who told you the diff is worth £1500 as a new one is half that. propshaft center bearings are quite common to go but normally make a noise for ages. check the UJ's on the prop too.
  7. i think the powers that be are doing this all wrong, do they really think that making most of the forum for members only will make me rejoin...NO! if they are doing it to stop all the bitching then that is the wrong way too, if they want to stop the trouble makers they should just BAN THEM. in fact hey, just make the whole forum for members only and see how long the club lasts.
  8. what a jammy dodger! £150 has got to be bargain of the year the 2dr ascona is soooo cool!! i want one!!!! if it was mine i think i'd slam it to the deck, nice set of ATS cups and XE power. a car like that NEEDS moding! keep the updates coming
  9. aye that does sound a good price!! now that would be much better with an XE and 400 kit
  10. must say that exhaust is a work of art
  11. hows the car coming along andy??
  12. you need to upload your pics to photobucket then resize them (640x480) then once they are resized copy and paste the IMG code from photobucket onto here. if your having probs you can email to pics to me if you want and i'll post them for you. opel.i400@virgin.net
  13. sounds like you had fun collecting it then i take it its the black coupe that was on ebay? if so looks a good car for the money some pics would be cool.
  14. aye keep up the good work
  15. yes please keep this up to date, look forward to seeing progress on this
  16. has someone fitted the plate the wrong way round??
  17. that would be cool as i'm about to fit a corsa EPS colum to mine too
  18. its in a town called machynlleth, its mid/north wales
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