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  1. Been covered many times I've undone my boot striker from the back seat, undid the 13mm bolt using many extensions. Gave same answer last time this was asked. Tank was not in the way.
  2. I get you now, so fixed dizzy with no mechanical advance yes? Looking at the chopper for the sensor they have 1 hole not 4 like on a Manta. That essentially means, in my head, they are using it like a crank position sensor almost but only fires every other revolution? If there is a crank sensor as well I would have no idea why they would do it that way, except to track camshaft position to indicate which cylinder is on firing stroke, but of course if using a dizzy cap the management has no need to know about which cylinder is on firing stroke. Thanks for the explanation as I always like to understand the solution to a puzzle Re the firing well before, when trigger wheels are used on cranks, the missing index tooth is well before TDC to give time to process the info and fire
  3. Sorry, just trying to understand, but the systems where the ECU does the timing don't (AFAIK) use mechanical advance, they often have a bigger rotor arm, and fixed shaft and the dizzy just distributes the spark and does not time. There is no logical reason for an ECU that controls timing to take a signal from a mechanically advancing distributor. That was the jump in things like motronic 1.5, soon after people realised they could ditch the dizzy and go wasted spark. Even with the dizzy rotor offset you said you timed it with a timing light so that negates that offset so I suspect something else w s done to fix rather than just timing, like making it static or reassembly causing the top half to be the other side of the stop. It appears we are on crossed purposes and I just wanted to understand the issue and fix.
  4. The mark on the Dizzy body you point the rotor arm to for static timing should have been the first clue. But if you timed it with a timing light still should not have been an isse. Still all fixed now
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    I'll await correction but the road going 400 kit was GRP
  6. mantadoc


    Then it sounds like you don't mean a 400 bodykit and actually mean the "road sport" kit often referred to as i240 kit if you font wing arches are bolted to the wing and not all made in one piece that is likely. if so Rally Teck made moulds to make those off the original kit lost from my Manta before I bought it.
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