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  1. It is possible to convert left hand to right hand drive. Calcol converted a right hand shell to a left hand shell for his Manta in the US.
  2. Can this mod also be done on the 2.4 CIH engine ?
  3. Hi, If still available will take the Lexmaul, parts. can you let me have shipping cost to UK. John.
  4. Would be interested in the hatch front seat belts if they are available.
  5. Hi Andy, Time to put up a few more pictures and an update on progress. John
  6. The car in the picture belongs to GTEPETE who is one of the forum moderators.
  7. http://forums.mantaclub.org/topic/25134-over-winter-jobs/ 611 - the above are the link to the engine build thread. Have loads more pictures as well.
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