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  1. No problem, iv sorted my membership now, im hopefully going to billing
  2. Hi yh I've sent a message to admin just done another one just incase I didn't click send first time, cheers Andy
  3. Hi been looking at rejoining but it will only offer me family membership when I go to pay is there a way to change this, cheers Andy
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a 1300 inlet manifold ohc from mk1 astra twin choke, cheers Andy
  5. 1st august, if my car passes mot and weather permitting I will be goin up
  6. Hi, I owned a p plate 1.9s about 26 yrs ago and that had both mirrors, hope this helps. Andy
  7. I had same problem its the springs are to strong and push the left corner up i took mine off problem sorted hinge sits fine now(on my exclusive)
  8. Yh will sort payment this evening cheers Andy(payment now been sent)
  9. Hi Yh il have it pm me your details I can pay pal or cheque cheers Andy
  10. Hi sorry forgot you adverised auto consul how much postage and is it in good condition? Cheers Andy
  11. Main dealer should be able to help there the same on later vauxhalls but if not yeah scrap yard.
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