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  1. Think this article came out just before I got my Berlinetta, gave away my old copies ;-(
  2. Thats the car - absolute top bloke. Never thought I would sit in another one! I have to start saving now. I have had a 1998 Rover Coupe at the moment an dI have been waiting for it to go up in value. I had been hoping that if that went up in value I could catch a Manta on the way down. Looks like I will have quite a wait
  3. Would just like to say I met a member at a car show in the school at Hunstanton - he had white GTE. Absolute top bloke let me sit in his car really nice guy didn't get his name though. Got to say reignited my passion for the car. I had given up ever getting another car but now have to start saving. Many thanks to him as I know many people at shows are snobby and aren't prepared to talk to people
  4. Hi if you PM me I have some blades I think that were given to me a while ago - they are in my garage thought about throwing them out on Sunday as well. Not sure if they are the blade or the type that need to be cut down or not. Please let me know either way
  5. Hope you Essex boys are going to Billing next year - am hoping to go after a 4 or 5 year lay off
  6. As above looked immaculate Glacier White Exclusive - looked\sounded like a bad boy exhaust being driven the way Russell Brookes intended. Came off A13 junction and then north up M25 at Warp7
  7. Would love to get another one but just cant afford one - thats why I went onto Tomcats. they are going through the same phase Mantas did a few years ago - cheap! Used to have a 1.8 Belinetta hatch C217 KHK that I tried to get back, or F343 LTF old Exclusive coupe that was featured in Car and Carconversions wasnt converted but they ran a feature called Fastmasters - old coupes etc. Then had a one owner from new Berlinetta coupe BHJ110X less than 10,000 miles on the clock but it didnt click with me. If it had been a 5 speed Berlinetta or GTE I would never have sold it! In summary would love to get one but cant afford the several grand a decent one would cost me - much to my dissapointment, keep looking but they are still too rich for me. :( As I said though good to see one!
  8. Dont have a manta anymore - my hobby car is a 1998 rover tomcat, but good to see a Manta being used!
  9. Green coupe above reg in multi story car park in Brenwtood Essex - anyone on here?
  10. Hi guys dont know if its of any interest - I am an ex member but now have a rover coupe - there is an MG - Rover meet at The Halfway Hse on the A127 SUnday 27th july from 12 - I will probably be there from 1:30. The triumph sports six club are there as well usually. I know its not a Manta but at least its some like minded people having a natter etc on a sunday afternoon. The more the merrier!
  11. Do you work at Revolve? One of the guys who used to be on here Lee Linley - his dad works there on contract I believe
  12. Hi all Think it was Friday 24th February saw a white Exclusive (I think) white GTE coupe with big exhaust on Wash Rd Hutton Essex. Was gobsmacked ages since I last saw a Manta in every day use! Think it belongs to someone on hear??
  13. As above seen a white srb on a trailer through eye green on Sunday 27th March - looked stripped. Anyone on here?
  14. OK mate no sweat. Just thought if I anyone wants they can have them before I skip 'em
  15. Yes their mine - but if anyone wants a load of Manta Magics before they go in the skip can bid on them here on ebay 320653716435. Thanks for looking - also have sales brochures featuring the Vauxhall range inc the Senator and Exclusives offers if interested.
  16. Might have found this one 'Fast Car' June 1993. On the cover is Colin Rimmers i240 and Brian Becketts GTE 400 coupe. Is this the one? Have also found 'missing' Manta Magics in the above list. Shrtly to go on ebay
  17. No worries mate - pm me your mobile number and I will take a pic tonight of it if I can find it - sorry no scanner!
  18. Think I know the one you are on about - was there an automatic manta in the line up? there was also an article 'fastmasters' that featured my old exclusive (f343ltf) regret selling that one and one with a load of mantas on an aerodrome I will check tonight if you can confirm about the auto car. Neil
  19. No not that sort! I am getting rid of a load of old car mags with Manta related articles in since 1990, pretty much everything I could find from a car mechanics mag (I think) with Mick and Jackie Maher gte hatch onto articles on exclusives and the first mag article on a company doing 16v conversions, as well as tuning articles. before they go in the bin (or ebay) is there anyone on here who would want particular articles - or types i.e. ones on the a series or tuned cars? If I havent heard by the 29th I will be slapping them on the 'bay. (Also have two gm brochures from 1998 featuring the exlusive among the rest of the gm range) I dont have an idea on value £3 ea for the mags inc posting? dont know about the brochures but am willing to listen to offers.
  20. Anyone got dates for next year? Cant find them on Biling or VBOA website.
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