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  1. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  2. I have a speedo cable off a 4 speed auto I think it was a 2ltr
  3. More and more bits getting done. Neil is working his magic on the shell and I am spending my spare (a sparse) time making sure everything is ready to put back on once we have a completed shell. powder and zinc coating done
  4. Good but that. If I wasn’t restoring the B we would of had a bid on it
  5. Not trying to say anything (knew that would be the answer 😂) and it’s an illness
  6. We are just building it back up now. The shell was mint and I doubt could be beaten
  7. Good job Andy. Just buy a big battery and cover it up
  8. What Manta are you wanting? We are currently finishing one off which will be for sale
  9. So back from Sywell and nearly recovered - ace weekend. so all my items taken to the powder coating place along with the zinc stuff. Everything is nearly painted now which seems to be never ending! So hoping to have all the running gear done and dusted in a week or two. then it will be onto engine and gear box which aren’t too bad
  10. This has been mentioned numerous times for a number of years
  11. you don't want to rush this build Kev, you have only been doing it for 20 years so far. Just think all the ideas you had in 1999 are now well old! i bet even the radio is 'retro' now but on the plus side I have heard tapes are making a come back (no idea why)
  12. So after having a total nightmare with the front shocker bushes we finally got them in tonight with a few inventive techniques! Been tied up with another car I am building which is doing my nut in hence why it has taken a bit of a back seat. Anyway a few bits left to paint and then it will be the next stage which will be zinc coating and powder coating all my bits.
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