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  1. Just because its on one video doesn't mean its constant. We were there a full day and saw nothing. A mate went for 3 days and saw one minor accident. The ring have now banned the crash videos as people come because they think its crash city hence why there wont be any current crash videos (sadly) as they are a good watch
  2. I have been and driven it. Not many crashes at all - don’t believe all you see on the videos. 👍🏼
  3. I cut them off mine. Rubbish idea and lift the back edge
  4. Agreed. Yep we are running bright as fook leds in the reverse light.
  5. Insured, mot’d, taxed, tracked. few niggles to sort out and needs a polish now.
  6. The oil pressure reading will vary slightly as it will be reading from the pump and not the engine. I have had my injectors reconditioned so it can be done but not sure what he used. For what it costs I would get them done.
  7. https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/products/2-x-bay15d-red-stop-tail-led-2835-brake-rear-light-glb380-p21-5w
  8. I was fed up of crappy lights so researched and found these. Well worth the money £10-12 I think they were. will get a link tomorrow
  9. Not BBS - Ronal LS’s 😉 Well it’s nearly done. Got a few bits to do yet
  10. It is ready for mot. Still a few bits to sort & fit but there it is.
  11. No that’s the side light. Brakes are even brighter
  12. Got to show some willing to the cause......... Spoiler is now painted and just waiting for the decals. Then it can have a much needed wash and polish. Oh and some shaking down 🤔
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