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  1. The guy who did it was a total nightmare to deal with. I have a template somewhere and going to maybe produce some soon. They are not easy to make apparently and when you cost them price to buy and fit it’s really not worth the time faffing
  2. Thanks Ian. my tips on fitting the headlining if you want it perfect is “pay a person to do it” 😁 I tried fitting mine years ago and was never happy with it. So 13 years later I finally have a perfect fitting one. Get the screens out, it’s the correct way to do it, cutting corners is a total waste of time and money. I just got this stuff off eBay, I ran my car for 15 years without anything on the floor but decided this year to fit this stuff which was brilliant! I still won’t be fitting the sponge sound deadening as that stuff is horrid!
  3. Well it’s ready for a bit of love and paint. Neil has been a superstar and we have really attacked things. New headlining in, car fully waxoyled and just a long list of things done. still a long way to go, but it’s edging closer!
  4. I hope the owner joins the club if it gets sorted out. good luck with the fix
  5. Nah. I didn’t have it long, the running issue pissed me off and i was done with it. Anyway I can get my coupe done now lockdown is gone
  6. Hi Ian, i have not heard from Ian for ages but he did randomly post on here the other week. I have text him a few times and had no response. Let me know please once you have spoken to him and tell him to reply FFS! Danny.
  7. Deposit taken, pending collection. The guy who has bought it is a Vauxhall/Opel nut and its his first Manta.
  8. Thank you for comments. I just don’t have the time with my coupe now coming on and the covid rubbish etc. I just need the space. I think the issue could be the Ecu failing but I do t have the time to mess about with it. Will make somebody a good car. Tank was refurbished three years ago and all clean inside still. New head gasket, head checked etc.
  9. I am a long way off MOT. The headlining has now been removed and is now with the upholsterer and being made. I have just got my plastic caps for the headlining bars to sit into and hopefully have it fitted this week. Then it will be off for painting.
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