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  1. If you are not using the lining again then its much easier. You will have to remove the screens, rear quarter glass, seals and grab handles. then its a matter of just picking away until it is hanging on the metal bars which bend out of the location caps along the roof. easy job
  2. Great car! What a shame these cars are forgotten about and probably now fridges. would be great to have a little bit of history like this.
  3. Thats a nice car! i think the price might be a bit high but you can understand why they are asking that kind of money or at least estimating it, remember that price is plus fees! I would have to lower it though and sort out the front indicators though.
  4. Hi there, it all depends on condition but if you want a full restored or as new exclusive coupe then you are going to need around £12,000...... that's if you can find one
  5. Yes we got the car built back up and running etc and sold it to the current seller..........i think he is either after a car not as rotten or was trying to make a quick few quid and uses our original advert and some pictures!. He won't get that for it as it is very rotten underneath.
  6. Brilliant work! this car will be great when it is done. Keep going.
  7. Like i stated the car has to be stripped and ready to go for that price. If they have to remove glass etc its going to be more money. Thanks for the inflation quote, I hope you didn't buy that Mars bar as i imagine it wouldn't taste great 😉. I had my car painted 15 years ago it was a £1000, the Mantas we send through to him to paint now are £2000, they even get an oven bake for that.
  8. No I get a professional paint job for that price. He painted my coupe 16 years ago and the paint is still like glass. Obviously the car will have to be nearly there body wise and not need hours or welding etc
  9. Depends who is stripping it and how much of a strip you would want. A decent spray job is £2000 inc paint
  10. That needs a strip and a professional spray job and keeping original. No mods at all! I would keep that as it is.
  11. I have been sent some pictures as I was interested in saving it.
  12. Hi John, firstly there are many benefits and other threads covering this in the paying members section. Its well worth joining up. Can you describe the symptoms in a little more detail please? as if it is running i am suspecting it isn't the ecu.
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