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  1. Glad your car has gone to a new home to be enjoyed. Its a new record for a Manta B which shows that prices have changed dramatically.
  2. Thank you. it’s a slow market unfortunately but a gentleman viewed it today and said it was perfect which was nice to hear. Hopefully he will sort out what he needs and it will have a new owner.
  3. About £850 i think for the diff, plus you will need bearings and it building. I would expect to spend £1200 to get it all done/built properly
  4. Are you after a project and what type of shape/year are you after as we have a fully restored B series coupe for sale
  5. Hi there Ian. I have a very good headlight £60 what do you Mean with speedo cover? I think you mean the one that goes over the closely etc. My mate also has a box etc. I will pm you now Dan
  6. So things have been busy in my life throughout 2019 to be honest. New job and working very long days and weeks coupled with building the yellow B currently on eBay has sapped a lot of my time, money and taken with it all motivation Manta related. I closed the door on my garage over 3 months ago after the mountain of parts were all cleaned up and painted, the last being the exhaust and didn't go back in until last weekend to a bomb site! I can't thank my mates for pushing and relighting the Manta fire as it was nearly totally out at the beginning of 2019 with a view to it all being sold off including the car. Anyway put away your violins - Work is now becoming a little less hectic and the hero that is Neil Boylan has smashed on with the welding works (see pictures) and the painting of all the parts on the running gear etc is all done. New calipers, pads and rear drums are now sourced and when time commits i will be going to buy them and getting them painted/powder-coated. We are hoping to have the welding all completed for January 2020 and then it will be paint the underside of the car, new headlining, and bolt all the running gear and engine back in! - then paint the bits top side that need it and throw the interior back in. Big thanks the Doug who fully rebuilt and made my alternator as good as new. Here are a few pictures so you know we are all still alive and busy;
  7. Thank you. Any idea on price please?
  8. Hi all, just after the following (has to be mint or on the slim chance new) • bronze front windscreen • englemann Door mirrors • GT/E front bumper many thanks
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