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  1. Message Andrew Abbott on here, he has a full kit It may also be worth joining the club and posting in the correct section to get noticed more?
  2. Hi Andy, that clip you mentioned is the clip used to hold the injection wiring loom on the 2ltr GTE & Exclusive cars.
  3. Totally with some new aspects on cars and headlights are up there! I like new car lights, miles better than the crappy old ones in old cars like Mantas (tea lights are brighter) I get people flashing me as they think I have main beam in my daily, so I then main beam them and fry their eye balls - don’t blame me it’s the manufacture. on a side note really nee cars now have loads of LEDs and they dim in a certain way to not dazzle other drivers.
  4. What LED do you use as the last time I did it the bulb was very dull
  5. Sorry but the fog light in the bumper is horrendous 💩
  6. One on Facebook market placed I believe
  7. It’s the first thing I do in a Manta is remove that STUPID white filter over the bulb. Who thought that was a good idea!!!!!
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