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  1. What a great thread! fantastic work and a great read. Well done.
  2. Nice car. For that money I would want a better write up etc.
  3. That was a really good car. I see it is now sold so hopefully it will have those bits fettled and be enjoyed.
  4. The ones in the link aren’t genuine ones
  5. Any before and after pictures. I agree with you.
  6. What’s your budget if you don’t mind me asking?
  7. How much is it to rechrome a set of squares?
  8. I remember seeing the i200 with the banded Ronal’s, I so wanna do this idea on mine
  9. Use the search engine. What is it your needing to wire?
  10. I want one too 👍🏼I wonder if they will post to the uk?
  11. If you join the club there will be loads you can find out in the members section 👍🏼
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