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  1. Tip of the iceberg, loads done and I will try and get more pictures up. so the block is nearly done (starter motor I bought new isn't for a gte!) so the injectors have all been refurbished, all new quality fuel pipe and clips from Demon Tweeks as cheap ones are no good. Plenum has been media blasted and lacquered. Now all new and ready to roll
  2. I am looking at fuel pumps and totally agree with Jessopia74. I am just biting the bullet and buying a Bosch one.
  3. I can recommend a place to get yours refurbished? he offers a postal service and he has just done mine - with a video to show them working
  4. It was but very hard to find. Fibre glass ones are easier to find than the original steel ones.
  5. There is a full front end on ebay at the mintue.
  6. We had a B series last year that was MOT exempt/historic on the log book. We still had it MOT'd to ensure it was safe.
  7. Just keep them as they are? best to get things checked once a year and it isn't a huge cost for safety and piece of mind.
  8. Send me a PM i can get the Martin kits and deal with him directly.
  9. Congratulations and here is hoping the rest of the issues fade away and they too become good!
  10. That's why the boot floor stuck out with the rest being son nice and solid. Makes sense and isn't the end of the world.
  11. I really hope he gets his price but i doubt it especially being an auto. I agree it is a nice car in a nice colour. But looking at the pictures on Facebook, what is going on with the boot floor?
  12. I wonder what the story was behind these cars? I always find it very strange why people let cars get like that even if they have memories in a car etc? why let it sit and rot to look horrible?
  13. Fantastic work, looks brilliant.
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