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  1. I heard they would fit the panels to a car. Paint it and sticker it up then strip it again and carry on that process.
  2. He needs to learn 😀 it’s easy Neil if on a phone - add files
  3. Sending condolences to the family. Another member sadly lost.
  4. I have one (can’t remember which side) PM me
  5. I wonder if Neil will master posting pictures? 🙂
  6. I have had Avons on a Manta and they were shite! the best i had on were Yoko's (C drives) but are no longer made in 195 sizes. So after doing a bit of research I am sticking a set of new Toyos on mine.
  7. Looks like a great find and very straight and original. Hopefully you keep it and join the club.
  8. Yeh ceramic coating is a real eye watering cost. I once asked at the AutoSport show about 10 years ago and then had to stand there for 10 minutes so I didn’t look like a peasant.
  9. Yeh my mate is usually the same but with lockdowns and staff to pay he’s made easier money to get them through which is fine by me.
  10. Well not much to report, but 5 months after dropping the car off at the body shop (known him for 18 years) a text message landed to say they have finally started to prep the car etc etc. I am not in a rush for it back to be honest (although I really want to fit my mirrors and steering wheel as I loathe the standard ones) hence not chasing it, he's been busy making money on the far easier jobs whilst he can which I think we all would do the same. Anyway its in safe hands.
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