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  1. If it was a keeper we would look into it. But sadly it won't be staying.
  2. Hi Ian hope you’re well. We are going to put another axle on it as I remember you and a couple of others mentioned the nosey axle. Hopefully it will start to be on its wheels in a few weeks or so.
  3. I think if it is what they say it is it’s worth the money. It’s the poor pictures and vague description that’s not helping I feel.
  4. My Ronals are et25 and fit perfectly.
  5. If you send the company an email they will advise and they’re really professional to deal with. Standard lights are crap! like tea-lights in a vase.
  6. I used classic car leds (link above) for all my bulbs. The different is amazing. Not cheap but you get what you pay for and not knock off Chinese crap.
  7. I agree to get them done properly and at least you know it’s done for good then. I very much doubt Andy would do them as he only does his own as he’s a very busy person with his business and our own cars.
  8. I have no idea how they make money at that place. Crap videos and the website itself is horrific!!!!!
  9. Not really. If it’s priced at what it’s worth in a niche market then it needs that one person. Mines the cheapest on that list 😂
  10. I don't think he is being silly with his price. Quite rare.
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