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  1. It’s been a while. So I have most of the puzzle now sorted. I have a few last bits to get such as new brakes, pipes and other minor items and then the running gear is all done and ready to have the car lowered down onto it. Next is the engine the strip and fit all my new parts along with a freshen-up
  2. It is nice though! its a lot of money but on the other hand - is it? Its a brand new Manta, the only weird thing about it is that it has green glass and not bronze, maybe they totally phased it out by 89.
  3. That hatch looks like a good buy to me. Nice colour too
  4. No it’s not one I have seen before. I wonder if it’s for sale?
  5. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  6. Looks great! You got a spoiler too?
  7. Later ones demand more money unfortunately in the case of the yellow one. GTEs etc sell like hot cakes
  8. I think this car if its as mint as he says is worth £12,000+ easily
  9. Looks like a nice car. Nice to see the mirrors in the correct place. Are you planning on moving the engine back?
  10. I tried to buy it but the conversation went dead.
  11. Its Ian HIll's Exclusive.
  12. I will give you a month and then ask if you are enjoying it Ha Ha
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