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  1. If it was a keeper we would look into it. But sadly it won't be staying.
  2. Hi Ian hope you’re well. We are going to put another axle on it as I remember you and a couple of others mentioned the nosey axle. Hopefully it will start to be on its wheels in a few weeks or so.
  3. I think if it is what they say it is it’s worth the money. It’s the poor pictures and vague description that’s not helping I feel.
  4. My Ronals are et25 and fit perfectly.
  5. If you send the company an email they will advise and they’re really professional to deal with. Standard lights are crap! like tea-lights in a vase.
  6. I used classic car leds (link above) for all my bulbs. The different is amazing. Not cheap but you get what you pay for and not knock off Chinese crap.
  7. I agree to get them done properly and at least you know it’s done for good then. I very much doubt Andy would do them as he only does his own as he’s a very busy person with his business and our own cars.
  8. I have no idea how they make money at that place. Crap videos and the website itself is horrific!!!!!
  9. Not really. If it’s priced at what it’s worth in a niche market then it needs that one person. Mines the cheapest on that list 😂
  10. I don't think he is being silly with his price. Quite rare.
  11. Always loved those wheels on that car. Suit the 400 kit/Manta so well
  12. Aaaaah so you got it then! great stuff. I hope you will be the one to finish it this time as i have seen this car in about 3/4 different hands. "Go Lewis!"
  13. I have done on mine. Standard mirrors are horrible! and those who say you can’t see out of the Englemanns must have them in the wrong place
  14. He used to own DUX. He sold that to us (and nearly killed us) and bought that (in the link above) thinking it would be the easiest thing to maintain - sadly it wasn’t so he sold that one too.
  15. £20k! As nice as it is (if you like A’s) I would like to see that at auction 😂
  16. Yeh I know the ones. Only issue is the bezel tends to curl sometimes. Rare though
  17. The cough cough is a running joke from Billing as they asked a question once which was “what year was the exclusive introduced to the uk” the club said it was 87 even though I was in ownership of an 86 exclusive at the time 😂 They made the GTE up until 88 surprisingly alongside the Exclusives.
  18. No GTE's ever came in any year as standard with quad headlights. Just the Exclusives came with the quads from 86 (Kev cough cough) onwards.
  19. It was the very early cars such as the 400s that had the early metal frames. From memory all exclusives etc had the later type lights from85/86 onwards.
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