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  1. What a great thread! fantastic work and a great read. Well done.
  2. Nice car. For that money I would want a better write up etc.
  3. That was a really good car. I see it is now sold so hopefully it will have those bits fettled and be enjoyed.
  4. The ones in the link aren’t genuine ones
  5. Any before and after pictures. I agree with you.
  6. What’s your budget if you don’t mind me asking?
  7. How much is it to rechrome a set of squares?
  8. I remember seeing the i200 with the banded Ronal’s, I so wanna do this idea on mine
  9. Use the search engine. What is it your needing to wire?
  10. I want one too 👍🏼I wonder if they will post to the uk?
  11. If you join the club there will be loads you can find out in the members section 👍🏼
  12. That looks like a very nice and original 400. Not many of those will tun up for sale. I wonder what it makes at auction? I am also intrigued with the storage holders in the boot, never seen those before.
  13. Fantastic work! really great to see the workmanship going into this.
  14. If you are not using the lining again then its much easier. You will have to remove the screens, rear quarter glass, seals and grab handles. then its a matter of just picking away until it is hanging on the metal bars which bend out of the location caps along the roof. easy job
  15. Great car! What a shame these cars are forgotten about and probably now fridges. would be great to have a little bit of history like this.
  16. Thats a nice car! i think the price might be a bit high but you can understand why they are asking that kind of money or at least estimating it, remember that price is plus fees! I would have to lower it though and sort out the front indicators though.
  17. Hi there, it all depends on condition but if you want a full restored or as new exclusive coupe then you are going to need around £12,000...... that's if you can find one
  18. Yes we got the car built back up and running etc and sold it to the current seller..........i think he is either after a car not as rotten or was trying to make a quick few quid and uses our original advert and some pictures!. He won't get that for it as it is very rotten underneath.
  19. Brilliant work! this car will be great when it is done. Keep going.
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