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    Hi, I'm Neil. The first car I ever drove at the age of 12! was my Dads Manta 400R, they are my fave car bar none, nothing looks better to me! And I mean nothing!

    I fell into the Vw scene and have owned many since, (Currently a Supercharged Vw Corrado G60 on air ride etc and a Mk1 Golf Gti 16v on 45 Webers) but I still yearn to own a 400R...Always looking for 'The one'. If it did turn up, the Vw's would be gone in a flash!

    If you have an interest in the Corrado G60, check out the link to my site http://www.CorradoG60.com which is still quite new.

    EDIT: I've just quickly thrown together http://www.OpelManta400.uk
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  1. Saw a 'C' registered red manta coupe in Burnley centre today 6/7/2017 at maybe 7pm ish. Gave me a smile seeing it. Can't remember the last time I saw a Manta, let alone a red coupe.
  2. Wow...I must drag myself away from the pics above.
  3. Hmm. Why am I looking at this? I've got somebody collecting all my XE conversion tomorrow. PS: Danny, sorry I didn't message you back to update...Title of the PM (Parts) threw me off when replying to the other two lads.
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