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  1. Thanks for the Photobucket feedback chaps. As Kev Abbott says that's screwed every thread I have ever written on the Omoc website !! Why they did not take a more ethical approach to charge for future hosting and accept historic use in good faith astounds me! kev
  2. Is it just me or have all my pictures been locked to everyone since I didn't renew my membership? real shame if that's the case . kev
  3. Needs to be done by someone who knows what they are doing as you have to set all preloads correctly! Very nice upgrade though!!
  4. Complete interior -sorry it's sold but I do have 2 front seats listed
  5. no I reused the spring wire on the large end & cable tie on the taper joint.
  6. I replaced a split boot on a new joint I had but I ordered the boot with required diameter and it was spot on.
  7. Mazda rx8 6 speed with adapt or plate and change to hydraulic clutch?
  8. If you have a 2.0 box can you not swop the internals into the 1.8 casing??? 2.0 may be easier to come by if you can.
  9. Why does pedal not fully return? What's changed from before that could influence this??? if not fully returning your not getting full travel! kev
  10. Are you sure it was like for like master cylinder?
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