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  1. Theres been alot of talk lately of a shake up in the car tax payments To sell new little cars, they introduced the £30 tax and 0 tax on some cars based on emmissions, Now realising that everyone has gone for that deal, they want to reverse on the deal, claiming that as road users of motor cars, they should pay to use the road, seems reasonable i suppose, but if you sell things and promote things on that promise, then you can expect some flack for going back on it all, So where does that leave us??, we are road users with motor vehicles, can we honestly say that they will not go back on this promise as well, I dont know if anyone has a larger car, newer car, the new tax bands are out, basically its the death of larger cars, its got stupidly high for a larger engined cars, Lastly, no one minds road tax, as long as it gets used for roads and road repairs, not for other things
  2. Hi andy, Update on bolts, Sent a message to the firm in germany, told them that i thought i had the wrong bolts, that they had the captivated washers like the originals Did not get a reply, so about 5 days later i messaged again, 2 days later i got a reply saying that they could nt see a problem with the order, so i messaged him back, explained it all again, then told him to look at his pictures on his web site and see that the bolts have small washers A week later i get a message saying there working on it, 3 days after that they asked for pics of the bolts i have on the manifold, so did this, A few more days and got a message saying that there engineer has said these are the ones they make, they do no others, again i said that you had some bolts in your possession that had small washers on them and there pictures on the web site show small washers, I had no replys since, so i gave in as i want to get the car done, so i carefully cut the washers off and used small spring washers instead Got some aluminium master cylinder adapters made up to fit a remote reservoir in place, they turned up, really nice except one part was not machined down so would nt go in the master cylinder, ended up putting them in a drill that was held in a vice, then slowly milled them down to the correct size, Its been a nightmare, i eventually got everything manifold wise on the car, went to start the car, it turned a few times and seized up solid, this must have been caused by the powder from the fire extinguisher getting in, so a squirt of oil down each plug hole and wd40, 10 minutes later it was turning, new plugs and a service and its now at least running, its now got to burn the last of the oil off but its getting there, Thanks for all your help andy, just glad i did nt take you up on your offer of lending bolts, that would have been awkward, haha Lee
  3. Same the other side, you can just see the roughness, at this price you would imagine they would have ground that back a bit, lovely looking car but 11k buys alot of car
  4. I have the same car, colour ect, i had an engine fire, so i contacted the guy to ask about the car, basically i wanted the bonnet, then the car was going to get my bonnet and get done up for my daughter to have, I asked the condition of the swan necks and jacking points, no reply, that was last week, so i asked again at the end of the auction, no answer, it did not meet its reserve, so sent another message to ask what he was asking for it, money is not the issue, but i wanted to know the chassis condition, its too far for me to go and look, so ive written it off, if he cant be bothered to answer simple questions imagine arranging to pick it up,!!!!!! Shame he had a cash buyer
  5. Hi andy, Just found out by looking at the web page, they have sent the wrong ones, so ive emailed them Invoice states 850789-s6 What i have is 850789-s4-2 I await there response, hopefully i can get i sorted quickly, this sort of thing tends to happen to me rather alot Lee
  6. Hi andy, the ones i got from him are as the originals were, not like the picture, they have a captive washer that is atvleast 3mm thick if not 4mm, and are 3mm wider than the bolt, to cut them off would be a complete nightmare of a job, and i cannot see how youw would not ruin the bolt, i will email him and see what he says Thanks for the pic, i thought it was me, but your pic shows the ones i wanted Lee
  7. Oh dear, bolts have arrived, well they dont look like the pic, they have the same captivated bolts as the original bolts, other than being a hex head there completely the same, this is just my luck at the moment, looks like im going to have to dremel each one, not an easy task when the washers are 3mm thick,
  8. Ha ha, next will be the double fronted one where its a push me pull me
  9. Ordered them yesterday, great site, tempted to order the windscreen washer kit, but at 29.99 euros, its a fair crack for some tube, t's and jets
  10. Hi guys, thanks for all the info thats been provided and suggestions, Next week im hoping to get some parts made up to fit a remote reservoir, and on your suggestions i may rotate the servo, Again thanks for all your help, sometimes it takes other people to point out things i would nt of thought of Lee
  11. Hey, thanks guys, im trying to fit an aftermarket manifold, however the original bolts have captivated , these are catching on the manifold, Tried allfix, screwfix, thread and pipe, no joy, however i could get m9 flywheel corsa bolts ( hex) on ebay or its a dremmel job and cut off the captivated washers and put on smaller spring washers
  12. As above really, im looking for the bolt and thread type for the inlet and outlet manifolds please, went to allfix today and they could not identify them, he said 9mm, but did not know the thread type, thanks in advance
  13. Hi andy, I did think about this except i was going to use tubes about 3-4 inches high, but yours look great, what size centres did you use, im going to take the old reservoir to a few fabrication places and see if anyone can make something up similar to yours, i have a single set of 40's on a manifold, it clears most of the master cylinder, ultimately im pretty sure i will have to get my dellortos rebuilt, but with the damage thats been done with the fire im not sure i trust them anymore Thanks andy Lee
  14. Hi, I will start this by saying that i had a small engine fire, i had dellorto carbs that faced upwards, ive now bought a single twin 45 weber on a manifold, but you guessed it, its touching the master cylinder, so can anyone point me in the right direction regarding what to do with the master cylinder and reservoir please, i looked at the possibility of a remote reservoir but cannot find anything that will fit the standard master cylinder, Thanks in advance Lee
  15. As title, does anyone know where these can be bought new or second hand, I've had a engine bay fire and it was melted
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