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  1. Is it 12mm? I didn’t think it was that big.
  2. One of the biggest issues is that E10 is hydroscopic so for a vehicle that’s not been used much and has E10 petrol in it there will be a lot of corrosion on various parts of the fuel system. If you’re storing a car with fuel in it it’s always best to make sure the tank is full. There are additives you can add to E10 to help reduce the damaging affects of it.
  3. Has anyone installed one of these screens? What is the quality like?
  4. Have you tried clicking “Reply to this topic”? Or at the bottom of the posts...
  5. I have these clips - they are listed for Opel (old) and BMW. I’m going to try them on a door card I will be refitting later.
  6. I’m looking for a drivers door handle. Mine is the smooth type, not the ribbed one which is readily available on eBay. Would anyone have such a handle that they are willing to sell?
  7. I’ve had similar problems with the horn on my Manta - I can’t figure it out at all! At one point I had 4 live wires going to them - simply seems to defy the laws of physics!
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