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  1. Have you tried clicking “Reply to this topic”? Or at the bottom of the posts...
  2. I have these clips - they are listed for Opel (old) and BMW. I’m going to try them on a door card I will be refitting later.
  3. I’m looking for a drivers door handle. Mine is the smooth type, not the ribbed one which is readily available on eBay. Would anyone have such a handle that they are willing to sell?
  4. I’ve had similar problems with the horn on my Manta - I can’t figure it out at all! At one point I had 4 live wires going to them - simply seems to defy the laws of physics!
  5. That's an excellent mod and I think they look great on the A — great into too!
  6. I don't like the look of calipers mounted at 12 O'clock — 9 o'clock or 3 o'clock look fine, this is where most OE calipers are mounted I have a set of Astra G calipers here that I intend to use for a rear disc conversion but I hope to be able to mount them at
  7. Thanks for that — I was guessing it must be some sort of breather hose — but didn't know where it was supposed to go.
  8. I just noticed this length of fuel hose lose in the boot of my 84 GT/E. It looks like an old hose and doesn't have any fuel in it — would it be some type of breather hose? There are clips on the hose but I'm not sure where it should go to — It seems to be coming from some point at the back of the tank on the nearside behind the sender unit. Has anyone any ideas?
  9. Thanks for the info Mike — I think I have located one.
  10. The gaiter on my Manta B has split — has anyone got one in good condition?
  11. Yeah! This one looks far from factory — but for whatever reason it's leaking so time for a new one.
  12. This looks like a standard radiator on this Manta.
  13. Today I was helping a mate do some work on his 81 Manta B 20S automatic. I noticed the oil cooler was leaking. This oil cooler looks as though it has been patched before and it doesn't look factory to me but I could be wrong. I'm guessing he could replace it with a new universal one quite easily — has anyone any recommendations on a replacement oil cooler? Something like this would probably work.
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