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  1. As title, please let me know what you have cheers
  2. Needed just to get my manta on wheels to move it to a new home. OEM suspension parts or uprated kits considered.
  3. I'm in need of a rear axle for the purpose of bolting to the car so I can move it. Any axle, any condition considered. It would need to have drums fitted, but I have all the other bits and bobs. I'm pretty sure I have a front axle in bits, but I might buy a complete axle to save some hassle depending on price. The car is located in Manchester but I spend most of my time on the Isle of Wight, so collection anywhere between the two locations is possible within reason.
  4. Just found an old post from 2003. Some good guidelines here from Kev: http://forums.mantaclub.org/topic/833-replace-roof/?hl=roof#entry114155
  5. I bought the donor roof off eBay about 18 month ago. Don't see them coming up for sale much so as soon as I saw it I bought it and had it in storage until it was needed.
  6. When reading that thread I linked in the first post, it sounds to me like the skin if difficult to fit over the gutters and that's why they cut through the centre of the trim holes and then butt welded the joint. Originally posted buy UPK: "Followed up on docs suggestion tonight, welded the frame back together, crude i know but needed to study the fit option. Well after doing that i have come to the conclusion that i dont think sliding on the roof skin can work. Infact i studied it for ages and i still can't work out how opel put it on in the first place. Anyhow the long and short of it is that i will remove the original roof as i planned to, cut from the centre of the roof outwards to expose the inner frame weld points, if i am still convinced it won't slide on then i will cut the roof rail edges as per Kev Abbotts method and make a butt joint from front to back. Don't panick folks if this makes no sense. I will photograph the operation so all will be clear. One day I will work out how opel fit the roof skin in the factory and doc, keep using that Jedi Mindtrick, its been useful bouncing ideas around with you, i really do appreciate that. As you say makes me think twice so i only cut once and get it right!! kev (aka upk)" Anyway, I still havnt fully removed my original skin (just the tops of the pillars and gutter part to remove). I'm going to start cutting the donor roof later, maybe things will become clearer to me...
  7. I'm starting my next big job on the car now and I am after any advice from those on here who have done this job already. I've found some excellent info here: http://forums.mantaclub.org/topic/23539-manta-b-project-underway/page-2 but I have a couple of questions: When making the cut along the centre line of the trim holes as suggested in the above topic, how do I get around the B pillar? How do I cut it out in a way which I can get at it to weld it back up? In Kevs pics it looks as though the cut follows a straight line through the B pillar, but i cant see how I can weld the 'new' roof above the B pillar if thats the case. Some detail pics of other peoples jobs would be great. Pics (I've stolen Kev Abbotts pic here, sorry)
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