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  1. Part Number 90097110 Could try your dealer Andy
  2. think new mot regs they have to be a seam weld
  3. Yes they are Ian. If you need any auto trans parts call these guys .JPAT 01934 853956 or www.jpat.co.uk. Will have anything you want for any auto box and at a very good price Andy
  4. That's correct Andy
  5. If i can offer some advice Paul, don't paint it in stages as it will be a nightmare to match shades. Save up and have it done in one go Andy
  6. SPL (Surface Processing Limited) Dudley, west midlands Manta Shell including panel with e coat approx 3.5k but you would need to call them to confirm as mine were a couple of years back. Have a look in any of the classic car mags and they usually have a add in there Andy
  7. Andy, Thats all old news on the dipping. The shells are complete submersed theses days to kill the acid and then you have the shell e-coated which again is total submersion so will get in everywhere. Do three acid dips now and not had any problems
  8. andyc

    Vin number

    If the floor one has been welded over or cut out for repair the only thing you can do is to buy some stamps and re-stamp the floor pan. If you have paper work to support the removal of that part of the floor it might be enough. Just a question, Does the DVLA cover NI or is it a seperate branch?
  9. andyc

    Engines Back

    The company who done this for me are a 100yrd from my unit so no brainer. All these parts had to stripped of the old CAD plate first which i done with acid ann then they were blasted. They got this done in a day because it was so clean Each part had a photo taken before it went off. Each part also had its part number number listed on a spread sheet and then hyperlink to each picture
  10. andyc

    Engines Back

    Bling is back, got it turned round in a day
  11. I have know it in the past that the Voltage reg earthed out and blew the circut board, might be worth checking Andy
  12. It was the official GM for removing the pins.Done a Group buy a few years back.
  13. flexi slide hammer, those who have them know
  14. The numbers won't match anything genuine as they are repo parts, did you get the kit from Opel GT Source?. I've use Gils kit on the Senator engine. It wont just push on but will need a tap to help it, i just used a hammer handle to tap it in place Andy
  15. andyc

    Engines Back

    Bare shell resto 1978 LHD Senator. If anyone's interested i can post the build Andy
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