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  1. Not strictly manta related and its a long shot, but its for my other aging vehicle, a Frontera A series 2.3 tdi In desperate need of the oil pump gears
  2. Driving through the town of Auldearn yesterday and happened to see a red Manta coupe parked in someones yard, no plate on it but its a four slot grille and had some modern looking alloys. Anyone on here? Might just have to go say hello.
  3. Pretty much as the title, seen just past the ferry yard entrance last thursday. Missed the plate as I was too excited at seeing another manta.
  4. I've looked one out if your still interested? Presume you just want the working part and not the enclosure as well?
  5. Should have a few spare, will check today.
  6. The carlton R25 (cable) or r28 (hydraulic) gearbox will definately not fit the C20XE, the starter is on the wrong side. They should fit the 4 pot CIH bottom end as this was basically a cut down version of the C30NE/C30SE block.
  7. Oh ok, I'll send him a message. Thanks.
  8. Cheers Dave, looking at the 3 items he has for sale none are cosmetically similar to what Dan had made. Did you get one of the other types that he currently has?
  9. I was going through some of the old topics on here a while ago and stumbled upon one about how Rastamandan had got a company to manufacture the voltage regulators for the manta/cav etc in a very nice black enclosure. Having contacted Dan directly it seems all his spares were sold. So is there anyone on here with a stash of these things? All i'm after is one.
  10. I'll have to get some boot pics. Battery in the boot's a good option, especially if you can do away with the huge heater construction as well; it frees up a lot of space. Looking "factory" was not high on my list of priorities!
  11. Ye theres a striking similarity! The remote servo's are Lockheed items, without rooting through the stack of paperwork/receipts I cant remember what they were for though, bit annoying that cos Ive made an extensive word document with all the parts Ive used from different vehicles, typically these aren't on it.
  12. It has been a long time Daz, got a few big jobs left to do, like sort a bonnet out and spray the 3 piece spoiler and doorcards, windows etc etc............lots of little things too. It's a 4HA at the rear with a Jag LSD and astra mk4 discs and calipers.
  13. Im not entirely sure about it, I think it's a copy of some aftermarket spoiler that was produced for the manta at some point. This was an ebay item purchased years ago, It was cheap but was a hell of a lot of work to get it to what you see now, It was in 2 parts before, the finish was terrible (no gelcoat) with loads of holes, distorted and the ends were sticking out to much. Not looking forward to speed bumps/ramps etc.
  14. Thats actually a very trimmed down austin metro bulkhead mounted heater fan, it blows cold air up to the custom made silver heater box (with a carlton heater matrix in - all i had on the shelf). The design works well, when I had it on the road last I used the same fan but the old manta matrix; it was an amazing heater; one of the best car heaters Ive ever had.
  15. Hi Ems, Ye it sure has changed! The pedal box is an escort mk1 I think, might be a mk2. Caused me nothing but trouble to be fair infact its still needs some fiddling around with. Definitely wouldnt recommend it, just seems a really poor design to work on and do anything with.
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