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  1. Many thanks nice job now to have a play with mine I'll send pictures when done 👍 Cheers tom
  2. Hi sorry to be a pain can you take a picture of the tube and where you run it too please cheers Tom
  3. Many thanks that's a class job you've done Tom
  4. Thanks looks spot on if you have more pictures that would be great cheers tom Would like to see the inside if you have pics
  5. Thanks looks spot on if you have more pictures that would be great cheers tom
  6. Hi just sorting this out on mine your air box has a nice round tube off yours mines seems to be oval is there different air box bottoms cheers Tom
  7. Thinking a head aswell case mine leaks was thinking of alloy rad and see if they could bolt a small alloy rad for gearbox on it costly but would only be done once
  8. Cheers guys will order some back to full membership next month so will post pictures 👍👍
  9. Cheers stu spoke to on lineautosport they said i might get vibration through steering,being an auto engine I thought they might be better as heavy gearbox
  10. Hi anyone fitted the solid rubber engine mounts on eBay been told they might cause vibration on road car manta gte auto hatch or can I get new mounts cheers tom ps thanks for caliper replies now will biggred 👍
  11. Cheers guys spoke to biggred today only up the road from me ((2 mile if I can help anyone)£130 for pair re con with top paint job lucky my mate got his 1.8s ones off car so doing them and then he will have mine happy days ( will be back to being a member soon kids paying for my birthday march) Another quick question engine mounts was looking at the rubber ones on eBay £39 was told my cause vibration as for track anyone tried any on road car cheers
  12. Lots to consider but no where to buy from all out of stock may take ones off car last minute and hav re cond thanks for replies will keep looking
  13. Thank you both just trying to find two calipers as subframe didn't have any hoping to do complete rebuild then have mine as spare have you hear of cheap calipers online got them for £40 each cheers
  14. Is there much difference to single piston or not worth doing trying to keep as standard as possible cheers for reply
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