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  1. Hi, i am using porsche wheels on my manta, the front is using TJM 5 stud hubs and the rears are not standard so i cant help much. are you running standard front hubs and standard discs, the porsche setup uses M14x1.5 radius seat bolts . You can get the front hubs and discs drilled and tapped M14.
  2. just a small point , the manta uses only one pressure regulator, the small device by the fuel pump that looks like a regulator is actually a pulsation damper used to try and keep an even pressure at the injectors.
  3. Any chance I can collect tomorrow??
  4. I can collect any evening,unfortunately I am working this weekend Thanks, mick.
  5. Hi kev , how much do you want for them i am only 20 miles from you and can collect any evening or weekend Thanks, mick.
  6. Hi all i have finally got the coupe 400r built up and it is going for MOT next week, but as i lowered it to the ground it is very noticeably lower on one corner so i need a pair of standard height front GTE springs so i can get a base setting then i can work out if it needs lowering further, Thanks, mick.
  7. do the wipers park properly when you turn the off from constant sweep.
  8. I was told by a Vauxhall mechanic that they used to use semi synthetic ATF in all gear boxes of that era, it gave a smoother gear change but was prone to make them a little noisier
  9. is the silver reflective surface in your lights more like battleship grey . if so that is the main problem
  10. if you upgrade to 100watt lamps you must use relays and upgrade the wiring or you will fry the main beam switch on the stalks.
  11. Hi, all question 1- is it possible to install a 16v engine without moving the servo? question 2 if the servo needs to be moved, is it best to use a remote servo or just twin master cylinders question 3 internal pedal box or external pedal box? any thoughts please. Thanks.
  12. Hi all, does anyone know the working resistance range of the oil pressure sender unit. the large 2 wire version.
  13. had the same problem on a monza, turned out to be the filter.
  14. Hi, all as the title says I an in need of a rear screen rubber mine has 2 small tears where the chrome trim goes in and will not seal to the body. Thanks, mick.
  15. I am building a 400 rep with very wide wheels and too much travel will cause the wheels to touch the fibreglass arches. so as a starting point the stiffer the better.
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