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  1. If your window doesn’t sit right in the seal when the door is shut check your guide at the bottom of the window. Take door card off and look at the back of the glass. Guide should sit in the rear rail and push the window in towards the seal when it’s all the way up. I had same issue with my hatch and found the guide missing.
  2. I’ve never owned a credit card nor do I ever want to. Mrs Sutty does though 🤔
  3. Anyone ordering any? I don’t like ordering stuff from abroad.
  4. Think I’ve got a spare one up my unit. I’ll go up on Saturday morning for a look if you want?
  5. Fairly certain I’ve seen this one at the shows abroad. Knew I had,
  6. Any part numbers for that? VW part that is
  7. Love it how the seller sounds proud it’s sat on 30 year old tyres. I’d want 5 new rubber for that price! Lol
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