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  1. Good project then if it doesn’t need much welding!
  2. Welcome! Is that the one that was on eBay recently?
  3. Check your earths are all clean.
  4. So basically this manta hasn’t seen the road in nearly 30 years, I pulled it out of someone’s front garden, no idea how long it had been there. So there’s going to be some unknown rust spots here and there. Practicing my skills again. A small hole probably the size of a dress sequin cut out to be replaced..... conveniently forgot to take my welding mask with me. Oh well.
  5. Haha yes my landrover is mainly made of cardboard too! Haha. Have put a skim of filler over it for now. I’ll sand it and report tomorrow.
  6. So I’ve not been to the lock up today but instead I’ve been practicing my body work welding on an old wing I’ve got spare.
  7. Two discoverys. A 1995 300tdi and a 2005 D3 V6. Both are shit. Well, the D1 is definitely shit but it’s an offroader. The D3 is good but terrible on fuel especially when towing the caravan.
  8. Not really done much on this of late. Been too busy fixing my landrover 🙄. I’ve started painting the floors inside. I’ve pulled the buggered old loom out and been deciding which to refit. I’ve got a manual, or automatic loom. What differences are there between them? The manual loom is pretty ropey and it’s been cut instead off feeding it through the body to remove. The auto loom is one I removed from a 77 coupe a while back and is very good.
  9. Nothing a good clean up won’t sort, I should imagine a LHD dash top will be available from Dutch or German ebay.
  10. 3 wires on the red top ECU to get it working. Can’t remember exactly which ones, and that was on my 1.8 loom. As said above, pump should only run when engine is cranking, not when ignition initially on. I’ll see if I can find the picture I had of the wires you need to use
  11. Welcome back, hope the manta itch sticks with you!
  12. Done a lot of lurking, this one has 🤣
  13. I bought one off eBay for my 2.2 a few years ago. I think it was around 60 quid. I was cautious at first but it worked fine.
  14. It looks a spitting image of my mates rally manta, only his is B reg. had me thinking for a while!
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