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  1. Shame you have to sell that. I’m not that far away from you this weekend, shame I haven’t got 17k
  2. I know rear arches are available. Inner wings not so much but second hand ones crop up every now and again. Welcome to manta ownership by the way.
  3. I remember the one you made for that Red GTE. One day I’ll make one for mine......one day........ maybe when the kit car show comes back and we can browse around stuff again .
  4. There’s no surprise really. Charlie’s got a box full of old coils id be surprised if any of them work at all 🤣. There’s no excuse for the firing order though haha
  5. What was the running issue after all Andy?
  6. I do miss pulling engines in and out of that little car. I’d have bought i off charlie myself if I’d got the cash at the time but I’m a porper and can’t afford anything 😂.
  7. Welcome to the Forum! I’d agree with others, get it road worthy as a standard car and enjoy it for what it is. If you get bored after 12 months start upgrading. I’m building an early manta which should have had a 1.6 in it, but I’m using a 2.0 as the 1.6 engine is very rare and you can’t really find any now. Good luck with your project!
  8. Is this what you’re after?
  9. Charlie did make it but also made a cover over it. So that’s probably gone walkies somewhere 😂
  10. I think I’ve got a spare you can have. Will check and get photos tomorrow.
  11. That may not have been there I don’t remember it. Lol
  12. Very good. Well. It was when I last had my head under it.
  13. It’s ex charlie middleton then andy Abbott now this guys moving it on again. This guy sold it on eBay then it got relisted straight away, no doubt due to a time wasting bidder.
  14. I gave a mint one to someone on here to be remade into items the club members could purchase.... still not seen anything of that, can’t remember who I gave it to either it was that long ago
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