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  1. Thought the other guy found a dipstick? I know I’ve got one somewhere…..
  2. Just the look of that car looks awesome. Hope you’re going to keep it looking that way. Black with gold highlights really suits it.
  3. Is this the F plater that Keith Mayman used to own? Glad it’s gone to a home finally!
  4. Nice Carlton. I had a 2.2 CDi a few years back. Couldn’t sell it for half that. Lovely cars, no value in them unfortunately.
  5. That’s great then. I’ll get a postage quote on Friday and let you know.
  6. Ahhh bugger yes I did, but it’s slipped my mind. you’re in Southern Ireland aren’t you? Which means postage will be complex due to imports/exports etc but I’ll try and get it sorted next time I’m off work. So long as you’re happy to cover postage?
  7. Fairly certain I’ve got a spare dipstick and starter motor somewhere if you’re struggling to find them….
  8. That’s something I’ve never seen before. Are you wanting to put it in an A or B series manta?
  9. It is an absolute stunning job. I darent ask how much that’s costing. But I kind of wish I could afford it for my B series.
  10. And surely we could come to some arrangement where the club buys a healthy stock of the panels and keeps them for future members. I know logistics and storage is key in that one, but I have enough room in my lockup to put some racking and can store larger items.
  11. I wouldn’t drop this, I’d be pressing it on. A great thing for actual members to make use of their membership by getting panels at a slightly discounted rate.
  12. Welcome back! Lovely A that is!
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