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  1. Coupe tanks and hatch tanks are totally different shapes. You’d have a lot of work fitting a coupe tank to a hatch, it’d be easier to buy an aluminium race tank and fit that. I keep meaning to go to my local fuel tank specialist to see if he can remake a hatch tank in aluminium but I stupidly sold my spare tank that I could have used as a guide.
  2. Small repair to nearside A pillar below check strap mount. Didn’t take a before picture, but there were holes everywhere. Small patch fitted. Rest of holes welded up. Not a pretty job but can be dressed later.
  3. Mine was still spongy but it’s worth a shot. It’s odd that the pedal goes firm but gives little effort at the rear. If air was in the system it would be soft or spongy pedal.
  4. I had a similar issue on a series 3 109 ambulance. Couldn’t get the pedal to go hard after replacing two brake pipes. Get a G clamp. Clamp the rear wheel cylinders fully shut then bleed the brakes again. Do it for both sides. Report back what happens. 9 months out of action my series was. New rear flexi, 6 new brake pipes, new master cylinder, re-routed pipes, new cylinders, new drums n shoes, counless pressure bleeds, swear words and heart ache and all it needed was the cylinders clamping shut.
  5. Yes, usually in that SAFE place we all have 😂
  6. All sorted now, I had one in a takeaway tub full of bits n bobs from the last one I broke up.
  7. Yes, in a totally different place than I thought. But I recon it’s not the original. That one must have grown legs n walked off. Dash is ok, not mint but it’ll do. This car will never be mint, but I’m happy with that.
  8. I’ve currently got a 2.0s waiting to go in but it’s not been ran in a long time, so if it turns out to be no good I’ll take you up on that engine. But I’m in no rush to buy one as I’ve got other commitments right now.
  9. It’s all fixed now. It’s simple circuit board stuff. Just needed to swap out the rusty bits for non rusty bits 😂. Tomorrow I might go back up and fit the instrument cluster.
  10. Yup I don’t think any area of this car has been spared corrosion wise. I’ve found a couple of sets of newer dash binicles and removed the gauge connections to fit to the original set. I’ve got a B1 dash spare but it’s got a rev counter, the original hasn’t so wanted to keep this dash original.
  11. That ascona looks familiar, like the one that has been up for sale a few times in the last couple of years. Sure it’s got a 2.2 on twin 45s or similar.
  12. I’ll see if I’ve still got any blue interior stuff lying about, but I’m not going to promise anything.
  13. Aye, gets the back end out nicely with more weight to the back
  14. So I’ve not done a massive amount of work on this car recently. Mainly due to a wedding coming up next month and lack of time/funds etc. so today I’ve put a brand new GM speedo cable in. Thanks to nick from America. I’ve also been fitting the replacement wiring loom, when I removed it from a breaker I labelled most connections up. Luckily. I’m ready to put the dash back in but decided to take it home to clean up and check everything is ok. Turns out the instrument cluster is pretty bad, most connections are rotten but I’ve got a few old units I can rob parts off.
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