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  1. Yeah needless to say I didn’t get a card from him lol
  2. Camelion red Vauxhall. Good start there 😂
  3. Interested to see how you get on recovering that steering wheel. I got quoted around £500+vat to do a wheel by a company that coverts all our Merc vitos to leather!
  4. If I can get hold of some new rings and shells I’ll be a happy bunny. My only issue is ordering the right ones as there are oversized shells available etc etc. Not done much engine building
  5. I may be after a carb 1.9 or 2.0 engine. But want a full engine as my head isn’t brilliant either. I might have a go at rebuilding this one.
  6. Wanted. 1.9 or 2.0 CIH engine, complete and running. Don’t need manifolds but would be beneficial. Anyone got one?
  7. I’m not letting it get to me. Lesson learned. Looks like this engine might be toast. Number 2 liner is rusty. Number one big ends are scored bad and the rest aren’t much better. Silvery grey sludge in sump and pick up pipe looks battered. Lots of deposits in oil. I’m on the hunt for another engine now. I sold my spare engine thinking this would be ok. Oh well!
  8. So I’ve not done anything on this for a while. Been busy working and sorting other stuff out. I collected my 2.0 engine from a friend I lent it to, so I could strip and rebuild it. A little disappointed it’s missing a lot of parts that it went with. One being the fuel pump, not really bothered about the manifolds but the alternator is also missing along with the engine mounts, so I’ve got to find those now. I started stripping the engine, it turns over freely but you can hear something “catching” inside. I pulled the head off to find oil on number 1 inlet valve.
  9. I’m after a set of later B calipers. It seams the calipers I have are A series. I know they’re crap, but I’m planning on putting 13inch wheels on. Picture I’m posting up is the current caliper with a later B brake pad. Unless someone’s got some A series brake pads.
  10. Oh my.....someone pass me a tissue
  11. Welcome! Pics of the charger please! 😍
  12. Good find, but I wasn’t aware ford tax applied to Opel parts! 😂
  13. I should imagine if they can make the whole panel they could make bits of it.....you’d think so anyway. Be good if the club can get hole of that panel for remanufacture
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