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  1. Yeah I thought that. to be honest I recon my XE needs a full strip and rebuild before I throw anymore power at it. Runs lovely but anything over 6000 rpm it doesn’t sound healthy at all lol
  2. Yup exactly. I was pricing up carbs for my redtop but with a decent management system was way too much for what I can afford. Better putting my cash into the gold B I’m trying to get back on the road
  3. Never said there was lol and Danny, yeah I don’t blame you. I had same experience with a V8 landrover county. It would run great for about 100 yards then loose power. Changed everything in the fuel system and ignition system. Then did away with the new filter off the new facet pump and it ran brilliant. Head fried completely. Then I smashed the brand new fuel tank off it. Haha
  4. Them lot at Matthewsons are getting a lot of mantas in lately! Seams to run well in the video, didn’t someone on here buy it and Chuck another ECU at it? And what were Opel thinking with that interior? Needs a grey interior that does. 🤣
  5. It’d be worth the asking price now looking like that haha
  6. It is possible to get one registered new. I remember seeing a picture online of a red 70 plate mk2 escort. Must have had a DVLA vin number issued and enough proof to verify its age. Crazy.
  7. Imagine buying a new shell for your manta. It’s take weeks to rust proof everywhere they’d missed on production before rebuilding! 🤣
  8. Cars are usually worth more in bits. That’s why a few break them for profit. My discovery 1 is a worthless pile of garbage but breaking it I’d make a fortune. this ones down to 8500 now. So it’s getting there.
  9. Yeah I think the same, but just to piss the scammer off because they haven’t actually got the goods to sell lol
  10. It is a bit A-teamy isn’t it? Lol. I like the paint job, think it suits it. At least they didn’t paint it pink, it’d be worth about 50p if it was 🤣
  11. I’ll be honest, I think 10k is rich for what it is, a rolling shell. What can you buy for 10k that’s running and on the road? There’s quite a lot out there. I know the owner has spent a lot of money on it, but as we all know, you never get it back, especially on a custom one off. Good luck to him is all I can say!
  12. It’s a very difficult car to sell it seams. Turning it back into a normal road car would cost a fortune. Isn’t it space framed? You’d have to Chuck a huge V8 into it just to match it, there’s another chunk of cash. So a 10k car could easily turn into 30k if doing it right. Crate motor and gearbox from the states, etc etc. No point chucking a 2.0e back in it lol i know exactly what I’d do given a no limit budget. Enough space in there for a 6.5 V8 turbo diesel out of a humvee, paint it olive drab and have a twin straight through pipe out the back. That’ll turn Greta over in her sleep haha
  13. From what I remember the club had already bought a number of panels to have remade.....what happened to them? I know the club was in talks of getting panels remade, it was one topic discussed at one of the last AGMs I attended so it can’t get brushed under the carpet. If panels have been bought using club funds to help produce replacements it’s in club interest to continue that and should be brought back into play. Especially how shows and meets have been on hold for 12 months we should have been pressing this more while everyone is tinkering in their sheds, surely?
  14. No it’s a scam. someone is hacking an eBay users account then listing hundreds of cars for sale that aren’t his, with 2 pictures. One of the car, and one of an email link to contact. I can guarantee that email link will then hack your own email or IP address. eBay are slow to do anything about it. But it’s best to keep reporting them as fraudulent listings.
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