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  1. Club members can get a valuation done by their area rep. I’ve done one in my area, printed on OMOC headed paper.
  2. Ok well if you want it let me know and I’ll forward you the guys phone number and you can arrange it with him. 👍
  3. I should imagine so, they only came with one size of wheel for the GTE so can’t see it being any different.
  4. £60 located in Leek, staffordshire. Needs a small repair to bottom edge where it meets the sill as it’s been kept in a damp garage. See my For sale thread of various parts for another picture. Cheers
  5. I know of two but need very small amount of work
  6. Welcome Leon! Great to see a young lad taking on an old project car. Good luck with it and post plenty of updates!
  7. Plus one on reinforced pipe, that’s why the original has a braided band around it to stop it .......sucking itself in...... oooo errr
  8. Sutty2006

    GTE clutch

    GTE clutch 8.5in? Same as all 2.0 clutches? If so I might take you up on one of them.
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