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  1. I’ll leave it open for now incase future folk searching for the same parts need help. 👍
  2. I’ve got a bare 2.0 block with pistons that might do the job for you ...
  3. My neighbour gave me a set of removal pins, then I made the rest out of 2mm angle. Worked a treat
  4. Think I’ve spotted this one out and about. Think his name is Shaun.
  5. I was only heading that way as the satnav cut the corner off the A9 onto the M80, maybe it was meant to be! Car looked great!
  6. This is probably what my garden will look like in 50 years 😂 Ruths mini isn’t red though lol
  7. I’ve been up to bonnie Scotland with the caravan for a week, heading up I spotted the gold one, then heading back the twatnav took us off the A9 down the a84 to the m80 for some strange reason and I spotted big Stu’s old blue coupe coming at me! Never seen so many mantas out of season!
  8. Spotted heading south on the M6 up northern land on a trailer towed by a van. Last second spot so didn’t get any other details. Anyone on here?
  9. Spotted on the A84 not far from Stirling (ish?) I don’t know the area as I’m heading south. Light blue coupe (RR in reg number) didn’t catch the rest. I flashed in my discovery with caravan in tow.
  10. Club members can get a valuation done by their area rep. I’ve done one in my area, printed on OMOC headed paper.
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