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  1. Yup doesn’t look faded at all. Probably never seen a shiney GM paint job before 😂
  2. No reserve auction sells to highest bidder. Starting bid is 7500 though 😂. So it’s sold from one dealer to the next. It’ll be back up for grabs next time for £8000.
  3. Well that was quick, new power valve arrived today. And I’ve put it in place, I’ll finish the rebuild next week when I’m off work. Fingers crossed there’s nothing else broken or seized a in there.
  4. We use them for heavies. 4 of them, one on each corner. They’ve been around in the HGV trade for a while.
  5. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  6. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  7. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  8. I took a 400 bonnet to Holland in the back of my Hatch. And I once towed a twin axle cattle trailer with my 40inch snap on tool box in the back, very practical!
  9. The floats don’t leak. Nothing inside them. Great news. used the remaining petrol to clean the crud off it. And that’s that. Can’t go further until the new power valve arrives.
  10. May as well carry on though. took the needle valve assembly off, compared it with the one that’s in. 2.00, brilliant. Got that stuck in. Managed to get the float off without breaking it, yay. So I’ve put that in petrol for an hour or so. See if it draws any fluid in. If it does, a new float is required. no that’s not my piss. It’s 12 month old mower petrol. 😂
  11. I knew this would end in tears. stripping the carb was going well. Various parts removed, cleaned, o rings replaced etc. Until I got to the power valve, which is seized solid. Couldn’t get the float pin out either. So it looks like this carb is getting expensive. I’ve ordered another power valve. I hope the floats don’t leak. They’re another 40 quid on top. Won’t be long until it meets the same value as a new carb!
  12. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  13. Currently I’m rebuilding the carb. I want this completely rebuilt and ready before I commit to getting more parts for it. Hopefully it will be fine. I’ve a couple of different carbs knocking around for other models but ideally want this DGV all up and running. It’s a mess in there!
  14. Yeah I think you’re right. This bracket would have a cable looping round the carb, bloody huge cable at that.
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