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  1. If yours has 4 bolt holes that’s an early one for solid fan drive. Don’t bin it though, might come in useful for someone.
  2. Nice colour that. I have the yellow and green one in my collection. Didn’t buy it from them though
  3. Oh how I bet they regret that now 🤣🤣
  4. There should be one thick spacer and a paper gasket either side. Easy enough to take off and push the piston in enough to check it works by hand. But like above, if all that’s ok check for blockages. Also, check you have fuel in the tank, as it’s possible your voltage regulator may be giving false tank reading.
  5. Mates caddy has shockers in the bumper. It’s to reduce low speed impact damage. He hit a bus with his old caddy and the front bumper popped itself back out a couple of days later lol
  6. If you are careful you can disassemble the headlight and get the inner piece recovered. Some folks have resprayed the bowl themselves but I feel a home made rattle can job is probably not going to be as good as getting it done properly.
  7. All the batteries I have in stock are flat lol
  8. Waiting for another transit van driver to up it another £500 🤣
  9. Well up for that. I’d even help drive the van 🤣
  10. My S definitely had rubbing strips, and those odd shaped early mirrors (or one). I can go either way with it. I have found a pair of deep headlight glasses but the inners need work. I’ve plenty of shallow headlights, in fact ones brand new. I might paint the surrounds anyway just in case.
  11. Yes indeed. My early B still has the original stingrays on the wings. I’ve got headlight surrounds for mine but after 1900SRs post I might leave them off for now. But then again I’ve put a 2.0 in it instead of the original 1.6 as they’re crap lol.
  12. Wow that’s a beauty. And cheap too. My 76 is the same model (S) 1.6 and was utterly buggered. If I had the money I’d scrap mine and buy that!
  13. Do you still have a good B series bonnet?
  14. Yeah I’ve got a 9 inch clutch at home. It’ll need skimming as it’s got storage corrosion on it…
  15. Pretty sure I might have what you’re looking for…..
  16. Be interesting to see what this goes for. It will value mine well. Although mine is a better colour, with better mods to complement the XE.
  17. Another 20k motor. Lovely looking condition but definitely needs some engine bay shots and more info on the motor. I wonder what the legs are like!
  18. Seen that white one somewhere before. a lot of mantas going through auction with them recently
  19. I’m thinking of earlier mantas perhaps. They did change. Thinking about it I think my 87 one is like that.
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