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  1. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  2. Excellent work. Give CAVALIERCOUPE a message he’s usually cutting a hatch up. If you need any spare 1.8 engine parts let me know, I’ve loads. But no sumps. Mainly alloy parts see forsake section. I do like a 1.8 hatch. Great engine and easy to get running well.
  3. Yes. These mounts allow engine to sit higher in the Carlton at there is more clearance in the engine bay.
  4. Ive figured it out. These mounts are carlton CIH 2.0/2.2 mounts. So im going to need manta ones. I have found a picture of the 2.2 i rebuilt for my Rekord and it has the same mounts fitted.
  5. Yes steel on right alloy on left. still none the wiser as to what these mounts are off. I just hope they fit!
  6. No rush. But if you find them I’d be interested along with anything else black interior wise cheers
  7. NCB should be earned through the driver, not the policy. Like you said Jonathan.
  8. Thanks. Ive seen the later CIH has one alloy mount on the left side, and the 1.8 mantas have alloy both sides. Not seen anything with these style mounts. Can’t see them being custom made as they are very well made!
  9. I can’t find a picture of these mounts anywhere on any other CIH Opel. It’s strange. I’ve just been to check a friends 1979 GTE 2.0 and it has these mounts, like pretty much all other B1 mantas.
  10. Before I put another layer of chassis paint over these engine mounts, are they correct for an early B1?
  11. I’ve been after a set of those dark door cards for my hatch for years, they’re like rocking horse poo and cost a fortune when they come up for sale!
  12. Yeah those massive overrider bumpers looked horrid! Like a swollen lip 🤣
  13. That’s lovely. I do love the US spec side markers.
  14. Look on the cylinder head, above spark plugs forward of the side cam cover there’s a flat surface. It should be stamped on there
  15. This. Unfortunately. I was with Adrian flux in 2011 when I had a rather nasty accident and they screwed me over. No offence Adrian. Etc.
  16. I’m not sure who the area rep for Shropshire is, but I’m only in the next area over (staffs and Dale’s) and I can do you a letter headed valuation from the club. I’d need to see the car, but currently I can’t drive. If it’s something you want to arrange with me I’d be more than happy to help you.
  17. I find carbs weird. That 1.8 carb ran a big valve head SRI 130 2.0 engine all the way up to 124hp. Which I think was brilliant. I’m going to get a rebuild kit for the DGV, I’ve another nut and lock washer on the way. 😊
  18. Done a small amount in the engine today. Engine mount brackets painted. also been looking into the carbs. Turns out my 1.8 Weber might fit? But the carb I’ve taken off is in fact a Weber! Now, which is better? 32/34 DMTL, or a 32/36 DGV? the 32/34 came off a 1.8 ohc, the 32/36 unknown but came with this engine? Which is better?
  19. Just found a P2E head on my scrap 2.0s engine. I didn’t know they were unleaded heads. Good to know!
  20. Nope! I think this gearbox came out of a shuvvit. Thinking back, the 2.0CIH it was bolted to also came out of a shuvvit! I’ve pulled the cross member off my spare 1.8 box, need to hunt my unit for a 4 speed rubber block now just in case I have one hiding.
  21. It belonged to Keith Mayman (sp?) for a long time, then he sold it to Will not long ago. Then a dealer bought it from Will and it’s been in the “classic” dealer network ever since. Once they get into the “classic” dealer network they rarely come out of it. Poor thing.
  22. Already gone over my budget so I’m out lol. Do love a 1.8. They’re easy to get running.
  23. Just looking at the 4 speed gearbox I have, unsure if rear crossmember is correct.
  24. I’d love a go at putting that back on the road, will probably go for more than I can afford though!
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