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  1. Hi folks, sorry I've not been on this for about 5 years!!! I moved to Northern Ireland years ago and I couldn't keep up with maintenance, insurance, etc on the manta. It was never going to be a show car but I loved it. Someone bought it from me, maybe 2019 and it may have been dandonegal, either that or he bought it from the guy that bought it from me.
  2. I got mine from superforma, excellent quality spacers but you'll pay. Hubcentric spacers that bolt to the hub and the wheels bolts to the spacer..... and no, good spacers don't ruin wheel bearings like some folk say
  3. Adrian flux firstly didn't know belfast is the uk then said they couldn't insure me there
  4. I'm a salt road warrior, car just doesn't come out in the snow or ice
  5. Engine lifted, clutch changed, all back together an the car cuts out sometime at high revs then cuts back in as if nothing had happened

    1. opelscott22


      check the crank sensor, I had one that was on the way out and only failed at a certain rpm.

    2. HutchRoslin


      Aye, cuts out at about 5.5k most of the time but not all. Thanks, I have maybe just pulled a cable but maybe just replace it anyway

    3. HutchRoslin


      Don't get any fault codes

  6. The garage (I was lazy and didn't so it myself) put 1.5 ish litres of oil into my 1.8 gear box, is this the correct anount?

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    2. opelscott22


      Which oil did you use?

    3. mickappy


      cant remember. it wasn't gm tho.never had trouble.

    4. HutchRoslin


      I used the gm stuff that someone wrote on a post here. It's the one with the long serial numbers

  7. Looking for a donut washer for the rear of the A series prop. I'm near edinburgh but I'm sure it's a small enough part that can be posted. Can anyone help? Thanks
  8. Not sure, I got the proper gm oil anyway so will change it to that and see what the story is
  9. I just had the oil changed in my 1.8 box with comma sx 75w-90 gl5 grade and it's not doing well. Slipped out of 2nd a few times and changing down from 3rd to 2nd crunches ?
  10. I have a 3 core radiator and the engine reaches 85 degrees maximum, no need for a road car to have the oil cooler
  11. I have an aftermarket gauge and if the earth is taken off it reads off the scale, maybe a bad earth on the gauge?
  12. Does the pump whine or is it vibrating through the car?
  13. Does the c20let clutch fit on the c20xe?

    1. taylorblue5


      Yupp. Aslong as there the same type of flywheel. Different clutch for different flywheel.

    2. HutchRoslin


      Ah! Well I just bought one from eBay... 50 - 50 chance I got the proper one

    3. Kevin Abbott

      Kevin Abbott

      most let came with a pot flywheel, the friction plate is the same though

  14. got a hankering for a rear window louvre

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