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  1. The file name has the wrong extension and the contents are half scale. It's a DXF file but the extension is .txt. Change it to .dxf and you're sorted. Draftsight is a free Autocad compatible 2d drafting package. I use it along side ProEngineer. I can get you a price for one part but I imagine the postage is the expensive bit. Have you read this thread? You need to login to the forum.
  2. If you pop over to opeltuners.com, you'll probably find a drawing for one.
  3. 3.9:1 is standard in the Kadett GTE. As I remember it, 4.22:1, 4.7:1 & 5.28:1 were the available aftermarket ratios. I have a 3.9:1 cwp which may be up for sale soon. As stated above, get a plate diff.
  4. The spring rate quoted by AVO is more like the rate at the wheel.
  5. They are quite easy to change to suit a different key but you need to remove the barrel from the lock to do it.
  6. I think they're at the back somewhere.....
  7. I should have some in the garage. Infact, I might have all the bits for a 16v conversion.
  8. Sat in my garage looking unloved and will be weighed in soon. No sump, pickup, mounts, etc. If anyone needs a bit, let me know.
  9. VW is supposed to fit. I'm sure I read the 22mm one from most mid 90's cars was the one to have.
  10. It's 4 linked as standard. I've not put mine next to my manta to see if the lower arms go near the chassis mounts, but the upper arms will need something fabricating. You would also need a new prop making.
  11. If anyone is interested in hearing about Brixmis, the reason for this car's existence, then I've put the radio 4 program here.
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