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  1. Looking for a complete gte p2 cylinder head to update my mk1 cavalier 1.9. Im in Lincoln Lincolnshire so hopefully local so can collect, if not either postage will be required or I’ll be having a Road trip!
  2. Saw this car in market rasen yesterday parked up on the industrial estate near Jackson building centres. Looked a bit rough but it was being used as an every day car. Nice to see it.
  3. Yes it is, or was my car. Seemed the right time to sell it. Love spending my spare time with my son, don't really love spending the weekend on a sunny day in a garage refitting a car and missing out on Adam time. Wanted a clean out of everything manta so the new owner had everything to keep the car running for a long time. The new owner is from Sheffield and already has the car mot'd, roof lining renewed. He's definitely the right man for that car. I made him fully aware of the club and also he could sell any surplus spares here on the club site. Just have the granada now, a friend of mine is finishing the painting and reassembling it as part of a house refurbishment deal. The leather seats are being recoloured and conditioned by a local retrimmer. I'll really miss driving the manta, it's like no other car. The seating position, the noise from the exhaust, the tiny dash, the hole for the radio being 50% too small. May be in the market for another in 10 years or so. Shall still attend the east midland meet when Jonesey picks me up on the way past.
  4. Definitely interested. How much do you want for it and more importantly what colour is it?
  5. Surely someone has a bonnet tucked away for sale somewhere? Surely an interior roof handle????
  6. Due to a rusty blob right on the front of the bonnet i thought if i could find a decent one id just replace it rather than fix it. The car is Steel Grey metalic so this colour would be ideal, failing that Black or Anthracite. Also need a light grey passenger grab handle as fitted to the roof above the door, with the plugs etc in good condition as mine has no means of attaching it back to the car anymore. Im in Lincoln, Lincolnshire and don't mind travelling 50 miles radius to collect the bonnet, obviously the handle colud be posted in a jiffy bag.
  7. Someone surely has got one of these. They're not hens teeth are they?
  8. Looking for the passenger side roof handle that girls grab on to when you're going to fast! Should have 4 expanding lugs on the back that splay out when the pins are pushed in, mine are all snapped off. Can paypal if required or send a cheque to avoid the fees if you can post to me. Obviously the one i require is to be in better condition than the one i have. OOh ... also 2 screws that hold the interior sunvisor in!
  9. Was eyeing that one up, but cannot get one manta fixed let alone another one too! Mate of mine is a bodyworks man. He showed me the other day the new water based paint - Direct Gloss. Ready mixed in the tin, just put it in the gun and start spraying. It dries matt but is then covered with 2 pack lacquer which gives it the deep gloss shine. Very impressive. And ok for DIY with a clean big enough covered environment. Only drawback is that you cannot get metalic colours yet. Plenty of silvers available though.
  10. Been there in B&Q and had the same think happen to me! If its the little red tins of solvent glue (looks like pva) i use them for attaching end strips to worktops. If its the same thing did yours hold ok? the reason i ask is i plan to use the same stuff to stick back my original headlining after partially removing it to fit a replacement sunroof. (See my sunroof project) Everyone tells me its an unpleasant job but compared to grinding rust off the bottom of a car i think as jobs go it'll be pretty good. Well... so long as the adhesive sticks! B&Q thinks kids will sniff the glue so they have the stupid token to the desk arrangement. Don't think kids sniffed glue since the late eighties. Think they're more into facebook, canabis, stabbing other kids, drinking cider out of brown plastic bottles and x-box now. Got so much work for you Clive, shame you don't live in Lincolnshire.
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