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  1. I believe so yes, but I would say they went with the Bump strips and chrome work...... In the 90's everyone was painting chrome bumpers body colour, removing bright work and bump strips in an attempt to make there car appear more 'Modern'. Nowadays you want your classic car to look classic (IMHO)
  2. Took the Manta to the Drags last week. All runs were 14.9 @ 160kmh (100mph).... I just cannot get it off the line cleanly, so frustrating!, as even with the Auto selector held in the gear one position Manually as soon as you release your foot it shifts up into 2nd, combine that with an open centre diff and low down V8 torque it just spins the wheel as soon as you floor it, let off the throttle to modulate the wheel spin and bam second gear. Long story short may as well start off in 2nd gear The MPH is good though and if I can sort out the issue with the auto it should run high 13's like the cars below that have the same 100mph terminal speed Audi A4 2017 AWD 7A 5.0 sec 13.7 sec @ 100.4 mph BMW 328 2016 RWD 8A 5.2 sec 13.9 sec @ 99 mph Chevrolet Impala 1996 RWD 4A 5.6 sec 13.9 sec @ 100.9 mph Lexus GS 350 2007 AWD 6A 5.3 sec 13.8 sec @ 101.8 mph Mitsubishi 3000GT 1997 AWD 6M 4.8 sec 13.6 sec @ 100.5 mph Rolls-Royce Phantom 2014 RWD 8A 5.5 sec 13.9 sec @ 100 mph Volkswagen GTI 2015 FWD 6M 5.6 sec 14.2 sec @ 100 mph
  3. Judging it purely on the pictures and not being able to see underneath surely it is worth £4000 everyday of the week!? Sure its a Cavalier and not a Manta and the interior is rough but the rest of it is very neat and respectable. It takes quite a bit of money getting a Manta / Cavalier looking that nice. I paid £1500 for basically the exact same car (only the Manta equivalent) to this 4 years ago, my interior is immaculate but the rest of the car was in far far worse condition than this Cavalier and it cost way more than £2500 on rust repairs paint etc etc to get it looking similar to this. I hope he gets a decent price, its about time the steel bumpered models start comanding the same price as some of the later models.
  4. Yeah unfortunately non of those cars were ever available in Australia. The only Manta sold here was this http://m.australiancar.reviews/reviews.php#!content=review&make=HSV&model=Manta&gen=1011 Anything here will be a personal import
  5. Mantas of any variety were never sold here. Having said that i have seen a few A's pop up on ebay locally over the years but very...very rarely.
  6. Maybe my eyes? but it looks like the sway bar maybe lowered on the body mounts? ps There 550lb springs not 400lbs springs as mentioned
  7. This pretty much hits the nail on the head Without the Manta there is no club, exposure is everything. Im a bit of an odd example being on the other side of the world, but still, i consider myself a Manta enthusiast. I want to come to this forum basically to share my build with other members paid or not, for which I have made a very detailed thread with plenty of pictures and information should anyone be stupid enough to want to emulate it.. I also want to see other members build threads and enjoy / learn from them. That's basically all i want, and am realistically going to use from the club, but I cannot unless I Pay....... I feel that's a fair issue for you to vote on at your AGM, if it was not discussed in the open section would you even realize it was an issue?
  8. At present the one proposal we have is: that the Forum should be open only to members to post for security reasons as well keeping the Forum a happy place without dispute and foul language. Personally I think to do so would be a very antiquated and backwards way of thinking, and extremely likely before you know it to make the OMOC the next 'BlockBuster Video'. The Fan club Facebook site is killing the forum atm for Content and Activity....and will continue to grow if more restrictions are put in place here. Just as 'Manta Magic' ran its course and basically gave way to the 'Forum' times are a changing again.......
  9. I think the joke has gone well and truely over your head If you google pimp this is the first image that comes up You wrote fuel pimp instead of pump, now hes imagining a fuel pump dressed like a pimp (as above) Get it? ......anywayyyy lets move on, i mounted my pump underneath the rear of the car above the rear axle but below the tank itself as has been mentioned they are gravity fed and like to push fuel rather than suck it, few self taping screws and job done.
  10. Haha yes. I meant for the engine and driveline, you could keep a standard or upgraded manta radiator if you want and just change the outlets.
  11. You really only would do a Rover V8 if you were on a really tight budget, there's so many better options out there these days, there really best left in the 90's. If its a V8 you want my first choice would be the Chev LS1, but because of Kerb weight to Engine CC legalities in Australia I choose he 1UZ-FE Lexus V8 which come in at 4.0 litres and offers 300hp straight out of the box. It is a physically large engine but all alloy and only 20kg heavier than a CIH Its by no means an easy conversion but there's no cutting of bodywork required to fit, although you will need to lower the steering rack and modify the engine crossmember (and sump) if you want it to fit under the bonnet, as well as use a remote brake booster, new engine / gearbox mounts and modified tailshaft. Fuel economy seems pretty good, it also starts and idles perfectly from stone cold by just standing outside and turning the key This thing will run a high 13 second quarter mile as it is, and people say to me, well...you could have gone faster if you used A, B or C turbo 4 cylinder engine, and you can, but that would be missing the point, instant lazy torque and 'that noise' is what these are all about Plenty of good V6 options out there as well
  12. My wife made me pay the fine Anyway for those of you not on Facebook this is what I have been up to lately I made my first car show on the weekend! Custom Cars and Coffee. Decent turnout with around 500 or so cars and many turned away as venue filled to quick. So many albums posted of the event, 1000's of pictures, yet I must admit I was a bit surprised and a little disappointed that hardly anyone took a picture of my car :dunno: Anyway these are the ones I could find It did always have a small crowd around it however.....looking slightly befuddled....funny watching people walk around the back to read the badge :yup: Few more pics here: https://www.facebook.com/ashleighpeakephotography/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1209562375790990 I was also nominated to use it as Santas sleigh for our street Xmas party. "Santa in a Manta" Just driving it around on permits atm, got it unofficially weighed while having a wheel alignment Front - 745kg Rear - 450kg Bit heavier than I thought. Also used the GPS speedo to do a few 400m times on a local back road, not overly impressive ETs as traction appears to be a MAJOR issue, I just cannot get it off the line without spinning the wheels, then when I back off the stupid auto shifts to 2nd and it labours its way back up the revs, but the MPH is not to bad and indicates it should run in the high 13's if I can get the start right. I only got 2 runs in and I messed both up but as its someones street so that had to do..... 0-100 -- 6.7sec 0-400m -- 14.9 Terminal - 160kph Spun wheels backed off changed to 2nd immediately 0-100 -- 5.2 0-400m --15.2 Terminal -- 136kmh Good start but car ahead and backed off
  13. Perth Neville. Perth is close to nothing, you may as well still be in NZ
  14. Sorry been off OMOC for a while with one thing and another, can't see any of your pics yet even though I renewed my membership a day or so ago!? Looking forward to seeing your progress
  15. So.....as for the performance of it with the Lexus V8? Well its probably not as outright fast as I would have liked, although it will still smoke my OPC Insignia in a straight line (but in reality thats not saying much as there pretty damn heavy and slow!) What I am happy about is the sound, which unless your listening to the videos above on a PC with a subwoofer sound system you can not truly appreciate, this thing is LOUD and sounds as tough as!....most Lexus V8s run a twin exhaust and sound very warbley, or what we Australians like to call a 'Thong Slapper' (Flip Flop slapper for you in the UK lol ) , but this one runs a big single and it sounds sooo much better for it. It is super effortless to drive with just the merest of touches on the throttle getting you going faster than most other cars around you whilst upshifting around 1500rpm, very lazy performance, which is just what I wanted The auto for whatever reason (maybe in eco mode or snow mode or whatever) takes off in 2nd, I can only get 1st by selecting it manually, but it takes off just fine in 2nd due to its light weight, I am happy to leave it like that. I also really like the sound of this motor over say 5000rpm, with the 32 valves it truely screams for the last 2000 or so RPM, you can just hear it in the last video when the camera is facing backwards, although the wind noise drowns most of it out Everything else in the driveline feels solid and the car drives quite nicely, I think the standard diff and axles are goin to be perfectly fine with the auto. Now to organise an engineer to sign it off and get it licensed so I can drive it legally
  16. So I have been away for a little while but things have still progressed. Spent 6 weeks traveling Europe in July / Aug and managed to see a few Opels, Hired this little 1.0 3cylinder Astra which I managed to get to 201kmh on the Autobahn....amazing performance from such a small motor! Also have an outstanding fine for 150 euros for speeding in Belgium in it still deciding whether to pay that! Went to 'Classic Remise' in Berlin and of the hundreds of cars in there I was surprised this was the only Opel. Whilst the Mrs did some Berlin wall stuff I went to a car dealer to check out this Manta, all original, 20'000kms and 13'000 Euro! Back home and I sent the Manta off to a workshop to get it running. In the end it was a simple 1 wire job to get spark and fire up!...which was a bit annoying, but then there was a load of problems actually getting it to run which made me feel better as I was well and truely over it and it would have pissed me off trying to sort all the issues such as blocked injectors, crank angle sensor in operative, to much back pressure in fuel return line and so forth. This is the night I got it back, it runs but needs some vacuum lines and radiator hoses fitting .....Just checking the Handling Fixed a few niggly issues I found after driving it, like the inhibitor switch for the automatic, I had both the Mantas and the Lexus one on the box connected at the same time and as i changed the selector position it would cut the engine, I removed the plug for the Lexus one and problem solved. I found the brakes to be dangerously bad, but then remembered I had not fitted the Vacuum hose to the remote VH40 brake booster, again all good now and I have good feel. Engine was overheating, turns out the thermo stat was blocked, I replaced it and it is better, but I still appear to have an issue where the top hose is hot and the bottom cold even when I remove the Thermostat completely. And the steering seems fine, alot of people were worried it would bump steer with the 40mm steering rack lower, I have not pushed the car hard yet into corners but I can honestly not notice any symptoms of Bump steer in regular driving!?, the steering is quite heavy and slow speeds as is to be expected but I have not had the wheels aligned yet either, still seems to track straight and true and steer ok. Few random pictures
  17. Wow i never knew they were sold in Israel! Great post thanks for sharing
  18. Make your own Centuar, just add salt water and wait.
  19. Sorry I failed to mention I had a crack at fitting the COMP BRAKE track rod ends, I was a little hesitant as it required cutting down the Track Rods themselves, but after a quick look on eBay I saw they were a dime a dozen (well 15 quid) I got the grinder out and started cutting!, they require about 15mm to be taken off the track rod...I also cut 3mm into my thumb for good measure...... I ordered some longer 1/2" screw head cap bolts and made my own 40mm spacer, to match the 40mm rack drop The steering arms are now level with the lower A arm, you can see a before (with standard tie rod ends) and after below ^ I still need to finish it all off but you get the idea. I have not driven it yet obviously but I cannot notice any wheel movement as I jack and lower the car as I could before. My theory is this, it may not be perfect but I am fairly confident it will be 90% good....and i think that will be 'good enough' I have done some stupid shit to cars in the past like cutting coil springs in half with a grinder, that must have had a massive effect on steering angles, I never knew what bump steer was or considered the consequences when I did it many moons ago, but cant say I noticed any real ill effects either,,,but they must have been there!? My old R32 GTR was setup fully for track work and maximum turn in, on road it would tramline (follow contours of road) like a bitch moving the steering in your hand, but that never really bothered me...just kept me on my toes!. Even the Mrs brand new car has that damn fangled drive itself crap built into it and that steering is constantly moving around in your hand as it attempts to keep you in your lane. At the end of the day I wanted a V8 in a Manta and it 'had to' fit under the standard bonnet no option, so I am going to have to live with the consequences, but I honestly don't think it will any worse than say a Manta with a 40-60mm suspension drop? Time will tell, videos to follow, if its shit I will say its shit I'm off to the UK next week for a month to make the most of your now weak pound so wont I find out for a while......
  20. Few pictures of the Manta out of the Garage, it has brakes and steering now, so am going to send it off to get it running and fix a few oil leaks it has because i really am finding it hard to get motivated at the moment to finish it off......
  21. Lol looks like he's attempted to copy the HRT Livery from from the early 90's.....
  22. Very nice! How much did you end up lowering your steering rack?
  23. Maybe if I had used a rear sump....possibly...but it would require a huge motor shift backwards as the rear sump on a 1UZ sits more towards the middle And basically rests right on the Manta cross member.....keeping the car looking as original as possible and no bonnet bulges was my priority My best bet would have been pushing the front sump version, like I have in my car now forwards and moving the radiator into the nosecone like they do with the straight 6's, but I want some semblance of handling! The rack has been moved straight down 25mm, not forwards or backwards so I figure if I space the track rod ends down 25mm the geometry should be the same....unless im missing something!? My new 550lb Manta tarmac rally springs arrived today (below) compared with standard Manta springs, both give a 40mm lower ride height .....should punch the shocks thru the strut tower nicely over the first big bump! I ordered some longer (120mm) M12 Socket head cap bolts to replace the ones in my Track rod ends as they were a little short (90mm) and I couldn't quite get the necessary down spacing with them I hope it all works out OK!
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