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  1. You need some m4 stainless bolts 40mm long I think and then some m4 nylon wing nuts all available on eBay, I'm working on where to get springs from
  2. I've bought a set of these recently, although they are from a different seller. They aren't the best quality, but they will/do work from what I can see as they are an identical copy of the originals. The negatives I'd say (if they are the same ones I've purchased) are that the outer ring isn't a snug fit on the inner (back) ring, and the plastic outer ring isn't as high gloss finish as the originals but I think I'll plastic prime mine and have them painted.....
  3. Sorry my reply has been taken out of context, it was meant as humorous and sarcastic, I know they are rare but thought on here I may get a pair but shocked I didn't!
  4. Thanks for the overwhelming responses!! Not needed anymore as I have managed to find a brand new set of rings from Germany to take cibie units
  5. Just wondering got any good condition outer lights? Must has the black outer mounting rings. I have new Cibie 5 3/4 lights but no rings and don't want to clart on splitting some so would rather buy a pair of lights?..
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