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    Hi, That really helpful thanks. I had it my head it was the other way around and the SAAB ones had spades not the manta ones. Pleased I checked now(memory is obviously not as good as it once was 🙂 . Thanks again. Rob.
  2. hopewer


    Hi, Dumb question coming up - sorry I've had a starter motor in the garage for a while , which I have just bench tested and works fine, so was thinking of selling. However, I stripped both a saab 99 and Manta GTE (D reg 2.0L) around the same time and I wanted to make sure it was off the manta before I sell somebody a SAAB part 🙂 It is a Delco-remy is is stamped up as 162 5 50 8, the part that fits in the bell housing is about 80mm, with fixing bolt centres about 105 mm apart. There appears to be 9 teeth and the gear wheel is about 25mm. Solanoid wiring is 2 bolt (not spade connector) Part number doesn't seem to come up for either car after googline, but think there was a 162M....... OEM part number that I saw when I looked around which sort of starts the same. Anybody got one lying around they can check please, and see if the above tallies or better still recognise that part number (though I'm pretty certain I changed the starter whilst I had the car so may be none standard). Many thanks, Rob.
  3. Hi, I have an inlet manifold without injectors etc. from a 2.0 GTE if that the correct one and the others have not sorted you out. Cheers, Rob.
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