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  1. Exactly the same as my first ever car...mine only cost £500 though in 1992!
  2. I don't think May 88 were really one of the last exclusives...there were plenty of F reg, so August 88 on.
  3. They'll probably be shocked how much it goes for.
  4. That underside looks amazing... I'm sure it will last for years to come.
  5. Where abouts on Facebook was it advertised?
  6. Love a black exclusive... Good to have another back on road👍
  7. Not sure you'll get a good one with a 16v or turbo in it for £10k... Good std coupe's are now 10k.
  8. You have obviously got too love Manta's or maybe just group B in order to justify this amount of money. I don't think investors will be interested now as that boat has sailed. For me this is still the ultimate Manta though.
  9. Does anybody know if there's a reserve on this? So tempted to sell a car for it if it doesn't go up too much.
  10. Can't believe he's suggesting turning it into a rally car!
  11. I'd just be a bit gutted that I'd spent nearly £10k more than I could've got it for last month.
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