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  1. You have obviously got too love Manta's or maybe just group B in order to justify this amount of money. I don't think investors will be interested now as that boat has sailed. For me this is still the ultimate Manta though.
  2. Does anybody know if there's a reserve on this? So tempted to sell a car for it if it doesn't go up too much.
  3. Can't believe he's suggesting turning it into a rally car!
  4. I'd just be a bit gutted that I'd spent nearly £10k more than I could've got it for last month.
  5. Looks like one of the better recent 400r's come up for sale.
  6. Same as my first car when I was 17...brilliant car...sold it for Bangor racing😢
  7. No close up pics would have me a bit worried...does come with a 16v engine though.
  8. I would absolutely love that...but you're right about the write up and pictures... shocking way to try and sell a £20k modified car.
  9. Wonder how much it went for? Maybe another £20k car.
  10. If it had standard interior and no roll cage I think I'd be tempted.
  11. Wow...never seen that article before! Always loved that dolphin grey exclusive.
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