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  1. Does anyone have a coupe rear boot panel that they would be willing to sell?
  2. I think that seeing this again after so many years made the weekend for a lot of members, I know it did mine. Congratulations on the trophies and the amazing restoration👍🏆
  3. It seemed to go up the track well, it looked really quick👍
  4. Well done it looks amazing... I bet you can't believe it's finally done.
  5. Well those price's seem to have returned more back to normal... Red 400 £9250 White GTE £9250 Red GTE £6750 All well below guide price.
  6. I'm staying up there next week for my 21st wedding anniversary, shame I'll miss the auction by a few days but I'll probably pop in anyway to see what they have.
  7. At around £200 this looks cheap compared to the battery tray.
  8. Wow, most people would have given up after all your bad luck, hope you get it all sorted and can enjoy it properly.
  9. I've definitely seen it on a blue exclusive.
  10. No , definitely on a blue exclusive.
  11. I remember seeing A1 0MOC at Billing most years, it always seemed a really nice car.
  12. Is this the most iconic club car ever? Can't wait to see it in the flesh, It will look amazing and will bring back lot's of memories, especially for those from the northwest.
  13. If you do can I have first dibs please?
  14. I would love a full set of cibies but just can't find them.
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