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  1. It only went to £56900 on mine which was is strange. Collecting cars auction site also keep adding minutes at end, doesn't really seem right or fair if you are bidding and winning, just gives people more chance to out bid you.
  2. I bet the owner was disappointed...£56900 would mean it would have gone for less than he paid for it 2 years ago.
  3. I bet the reserve is set at about £60k...they won't be wanting to lose money on it.
  4. It's still only showing £37,200? I was tempted but I just don't know how much fun/enjoyment I would get out of something so rare and valuable?
  5. Less than 1 day to go and it's only at £37,200. I think the owner is wanting about £75k
  6. Spotted a nice looking brown A parked up in Buxton today, drove back for a pic but unfortunately it had gone.
  7. Anybody who saw Sean's 400 back in the day would know that it is as close to perfect as they come. That and his 16v exclusive 😍
  8. I had a nice chat this morning with the owner of the Zoo auction house that is selling the 400. He came across as a really nice, genuine guy, he said that as a new business they have been getting 200 to 300 website hits a day, but since the 400 was listed that has jumped to 3000 a day! Apparently there is a discrepancy with the mileage, the true mileage could be 100,000 more than shown. I did say that I didn't think that this would unduly affect the final price achieved in the auction, as it is such a rare car.
  9. 2 400's for sale in 1 week...that doesn't happen very often.
  10. Well I've registered on the auction site...just in case.
  11. We'll also soon have an upto date price on what a rhd 400 sells for.
  12. That is my all time dream Manta, but I can't help thinking I'll have more fun in the Manta's that I already own. I'm sure it would just end up being kept in the garage and not being driven for fear of something happening to it.
  13. This is going to look amazing... and a really nice change to all the exclusives being done.
  14. It definitely looks slightly unfinished in places.
  15. It's not overpriced compared with what has recently sold at auction, you could even say that it's well priced in today's market.
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