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  1. I would absolutely love that...but you're right about the write up and pictures... shocking way to try and sell a £20k modified car.
  2. Wonder how much it went for? Maybe another £20k car.
  3. If it had standard interior and no roll cage I think I'd be tempted.
  4. Wow...never seen that article before! Always loved that dolphin grey exclusive.
  5. Looks just like my first ever manta...good luck with the build.
  6. It has a good sunroof and the original lights come with it. Also had 3 piece spoiler and infill panel.
  7. Funny thing is I have an email off last owner stating paintwork is better than new. Whole car was a bit rough. Sold for £7260 total!
  8. https://www.classiccarauctions.co.uk/opel-manta-exclusive-coupe I've never seen rear lights like that before
  9. Couldn't make it due to being in Scotland on holiday...saw your photos on instagram, that looked a good drive down.
  10. I think he has just removed it...was going to try and fix it up before relisting.
  11. Welcome...looks really nice and must be rare having one for so long. Noticed it has no decals, has it been resprayed?
  12. I've emailed awaiting a reply. Needs to be good underneath to be worth anywhere near the asking price.
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