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  1. starmist


    The black gte would look a lot better with the standard gte spoiler.
  2. A lot of money, but it's faster and rarer than a cosworth and they can go for double that.
  3. I fitted some RS recaros similar to these years ago to my 16v exclusive and although they were really comfy, they sat about 1" higher which was very noticeable.
  4. ...or sat under a tarp rusting.
  5. Just love that underside....looks like new 👍
  6. Been watching live, hardly anything is reaching the reserve. Manta is already at £15k before the auction starts!
  7. It must feel like selling a child when this one goes. Looks stunning 👍
  8. Just saw a red exclusive coupe by the Bet 365 stadium in Stoke, made my day😀
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