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  1. Correct, that's where the aluminium chassis plate should be. However, the plate is only fixed on with pop rivets, so it would not take that large area of grinding, to remove the plate.
  2. Thanks for highlighting this problem / links where to find more info. First time I've herd about, this oil tube falling out problem. Anyone else come across this before? My standard 1.8ltr Manta 5 speed gearbox , has not been fitted in the car yet, so my be worth me securing this tube in place. Looks like it is possible to drill, tap a small M4 thread and insert the securing bolt, without taking the gearbox apart?
  3. Over a time period of 15 years, I used a few sets of Korean made Kumho tyres, on my daily workhorse estate cars. Found them to be good all rounders for the money and Kumho seem to be a respected brand, with good review ratings. For your smaller size of 195/60/14. Does look like your get a set of 5, within your budget of £300...….
  4. That sound like a great plan Shrug. I'm pulled between spraying my manta on my drive/garage or taking it to a pro. I have not had a quote, but guess it would be £2k - £3k? I attended a college evening course on spraying back in the 80's, but have only sprayed 2 cars since, with varying degrees of success. Guess if I also do all the prep and a coat of epoxy primer, then a local pro spraying quote, should reflect this?
  5. Hi Shug, WOW…….....looks like you have got well stuck in with the prep work 😀. What brought that on, are you still looking to sell it or going to be a keeper and show at the NEC? Will you be respraying it yourself again, if so, I will watch with interest, as I will be respraying my manta A soon.
  6. Waxoil tends to be on the thick side straight out the tin, especially in this cold weather. Did you warm the can in hot water to thin it, before spraying inside the chassis legs? There are several ways to finish over red oxide, eg rust resistant paint, stone chip textured paint or some just prime and spray 2k paint, the same as the car body colour. What finish over the red oxide are you looking for and are you covering under the whole floor pan or just a local repair?
  7. Thanks for the link Exclusive Opel. I also need these badge fixings.
  8. Nice restored Manta A. Looks standard-ish and 2ltr engine £10k is not a bad price and the guy will take offers. Guess only limited appeal to buyers in the uk, as it's LHD? Has standard steel wheels, but no Opel hub caps? Maybe the car had nice big alloys fitted, that have now been removed?
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-A-Berlinetta-1900-1973-barn-finds-restoration-project-spares/253546349129?hash=item3b088a4249:g:MWgAAOSwjrlayLbV
  10. The whole front subframe, was off my Manta, so was not possible to jack it up. As the springs were to be replaced, I cut through about 3/4 of the spring, very slowly with an angle grinder. I then levered the spring until it snapped. If you intend to refit the same springs, then I do have a pair of spring compressor clamps you can borrow ( am 5 miles away), but am not 100% sure, if there is enough room to fit them on?
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