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  1. I always quite fancied painting my 400r in the original GT-J colour, reapplying the GT-J decals and putting banded rostyles on to fill the arches (I think i'd need 15" ones though). Loving the look of yours though, it's a credit to you!
  2. Nail on the head Steve! Guy bid on it 4 minutes from the end then didn't respond for a week! I haven't even spoken to him directly, he just agreed to the cancellation within 5 minutes of submitting the request. Why would you do that??? Open to sensible offers if anyone fancies it.
  3. Indeed it was! It all seems a blur that week leading up to the wedding. Cheers again mate!
  4. It's mine, I'm not currently a member though! Congrats on the house Steve! I hope it's got room for a fleet of tat!
  5. The first bidder has placed a bid higher than the reserve. That's why the bidding appears to jump to the reserve price.
  6. Looks stunning mate! A credit to you.
  7. Nice Roof!! The rest of the car is pretty good too! Puts mine to shame T
  8. Hi Steve, My white exclusive is available if thats of any interest? email me at passmethegun 'at' gmail.com if you fancy and I'll give you the lowdown. Cheers, Tony
  9. My GT/J 400R has rusted through the top of the pedal box as well, I thought it was normal!
  10. I'd love to see a pic of that! The 400's pretty much unloved at the moment, I've moved down to yorkshire but the cars still in the garage in scotland sans engine/box! I need to get my arse in gear and do something about it, looking back thru the thread it seems a shame to leave it. Ho Hum. Cheers, Tony
  11. Nice meeting you at the weekend dude, Exhaust looks good, bet it sounds even better! I still don't think those arches need replaced, a couple of bubbles isn't the end of the world, strip them back treat them and a skim of catty would finish them fine. Save your money for shiny bits! Cheers, Tony
  12. It's been a while since I updated this. I managed to get the 400r pretty reliable on the megajolt ignition but started having trouble with the oil pressure going through the roof. The last outing was a classic speedfair up at knockhill where I met a few of the "Clan", nice to meet you guys I planned to take the car down to the annual Escort meet down at Kames in Ayrshire (a mate of mine has a couple of mk2's) but the engine just wouldn't make it. I had a brave attempt the night before to put a 2.2 in it but at about 2am we gave up (didn't have the correct thermostat housing bit, doh!). The 2.2 came back out a week later and I got my hands on a 2.9 cossie v6. I've got a deadline of May to get it reliable again as it's booked in for an Old Skool Ford tracknight (you've gotta try to educate them). Problem is I've just been offered a 3.5 Rover V8 with 5spd manual box. What should I do? The V6 is gonna be a bit of a bitch to wire up and map with Megasquirt, but the V8 should be pretty much plug and play but how easy does it fit in a manta? Any help appreciated. Cheers, Tony
  13. I've got some ultra lowering springs that have also been cut i dunno if they'd be any use to you? Here's a pic on my coupe. I changed them for standard ones so they're now spare. Did I see your viva at crail t'other day?
  14. Hi scott, Good to see a fellow SOSE user on here! You should definitely keep the manta alive, and post some pics of your vivas. Keep up the good work Cheers,
  15. Absolutely beautiful mate! Mine is still a bit away from yours but hopefully one day! Cheers, Tony
  16. Ok, so, I took it for an MOT t'other day after replacing the knackered exhaust with the ashley one off of the 400r and guess what...IT FAILED! All that it failed on was: pretty much all of the brake lines Bad earth on n/s/r indicator Horn inoperable Washer fluid not present 1 rear tyre below limit The sump seems to have gone a bit porous too. All of the above has now been fixed bar the sump but it's gonna get nicked aff the 400r aswell (I'm feeling a bit sorry for it at the mo but it is destined for greater things) Today I and a couple of mates started prepping the rusty bodywork for a bit of a touch up in time for my wedding. a bit of progress I suppose p.s. Anyone know what the paint code for opel white is? Cheers,
  17. Nah, the one I saw was a later GTE with no vinyl roof. A mate of mine saw a manta in penicuik t'other day, from his description it sounded like an early B GTE, silver wi a big black stripe along the side. Anyone seen that? Cheers,
  18. Dunfermline mate. Even weirder.. One of my neighbours came round the other day when I was working on the 400 to tell me a manta had broken down outside my house and could I come and help. Turns out it was "Suzy's Silver 2" which is on the galleries page. I couldn't believe it, neither could she. What are the chances? Cheers,
  19. I saw that one t'other week when I was on my way to buy the exclusive, totally freaked me out. Looked like it was sitting kinda high on the springs though. Dunno who's it is Cheers,
  20. Colin, my special lady seems surprisingly up for it! I'm just worried about me getting out of the 400r with a kilt on. I dinnae want to scrape the boaby on the rollcage if you know what I mean! Congrats nicgm! any manta would be a good wedding car IMO! Andy, i'm probably more likely to throw the housekeys or even the bride! (i'm only kidding if you're reading this honey )
  21. I'm getting married in August..... you can see where I'm going with this. Cheers,
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