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  1. Wanted. Decent crankshaft dizzy worm gear and matching dizzy shaft for 87 gte Also need a battery locking plate Any helpers?
  2. You think your getting close, then Bammmmm In need of a front timing case cover for my 2.0e 1987 block.. I have been using the frontera for the crank sensor wheel and crank sensor to use DTA engine management. The casing has just broke off where the oil feed pipe for the Turbo comes out of it. Hopefully a standard Manta cover will be able to take the frontera crank pulley and oil pump base (for the crank sensor to be mounted)
  3. Its jammed.... got power to motor and got power to switch and tried to short switch nothing. Tried 12v direct to motor so yea its jammed....
  4. I need to.replace the heater motor.in.my 87 Gte. Does.anyone have advice of either fix, replace or modify with a polo fan?? Ta
  5. Odd combination I know.... I have the dash apart and the temp gauge has had it. Don't mind if i have to take the whole gauge cluster. Also discovered that I haven't got a horn unit. Thanks
  6. I'm in need of the complete dizzy, including the oil pump gear and shaft please (1986) Dizzy does not need to be working as it won't be used as a dizzy, but I require it to be in place. Located near Chester. Cheers
  7. I need to replace the pipes that connect to my coupe fuel tank. Any ideas what size pipe it is before I start stripping down Thanks
  8. Looking for an alternator for my 87 2.0L Im located near Chester Thanks
  9. Could do with a replacement for mine.. the one that's on mine is not quite lining up Thanks
  10. Any good for someone? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2408987325791848
  11. I'm after at least 4 manifold Bolts please
  12. As above, I'm in need of one for a 2.0l cih engine Thanks
  13. Just spotted this on fbook.. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/373519996475047
  14. Having a clear out of spares that I am never going to use. These need to be collects and gone as a job lot.I have no time to separate and sort out. Maybe use for someone/ all/ club members? Link to pics are here https://photos.app.goo.gl/8zYIKXxWNnoIYath2 Lots of bits and bobs, maybe total rubbish, but dont want to just chuck away. Some Frontera 2.4 parts, mainly Manta Located in CH66 near Ellesmere Port
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