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  1. Not going to make this one, car's running ok but it's too cold and wet out there for me...
  2. I will try and get there then, seems to be running ok now but I've said that before
  3. Right, I'll try this again.....
  4. That's brilliant, been having trouble with one of the self adjusters recently, bet it's the same thing
  5. Spoke to soon, probably won't make it now
  6. Are you guys having a meet this month? Thought I might drop by now I seem to have a fully functioning manta again......
  7. Did I hear my name being mentioned?????? IIRC the old Manta Magic article was a bit of a bodge and relocated the wiper spindle hole to the centre of the scuttle panel, it's much easier just to use the existing hole. I've since done a better version, sure I wrote a rough guide to doing it somewhere relatively recently, I shall be back.................
  8. Red FTW Some impressive work going on, just one thing...... Looks like you know what you're doing but are those seat bars up to the job just being welded at the ends like that? normally they have spreader/reinforcing plates where they attach to the body.
  9. remove the front subframe (with wheels attached), fit engine/box etc to that. lift the front end of the car up, roll subframe/engine etc in place, drop back over it - job done
  10. ^^^^^Exactly For that kind of money I'd want something road legal. Also be curious what it would take to get it back on the road now with the sva/biva regs, guessing more than an afternoons work
  11. Sure you're reading the right number mate? It's stamped on the flange the bell housing bolts to Should start with 20XE........
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