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  1. Tried numerous coils, including a know to be good one and a brand new one. As soon as Andrew drove off with it I thought about the leads but there you go. Sometimes when you spend too much time looking, you can't see anything. The original fuse box was so knackered that the fuses fell out as you shut the passengers door. It looked ok with the cover on and it worked . I was going to do more with it. If you think I have a lot of coils you should see my collection of starter motors
  2. welder

    400 bonnet

    How much would you be after?
  3. My old car! Any updates on it?
  4. Spotted doing a little drifting on a roundabout in Leek this morning. Anyone on here?
  5. Great work, one of my favourites from Billing
  6. Spotted on Kerfoots roundabout in Porthmadog on Saturday.. Anyone on here?
  7. I'm liking this, new wheels look good.
  8. I've heard the Golf seal fits too. Car looks great, any suspension mode planned? Would look even better if it was lower
  9. welder


    Liking your work so far and I've always wanted a Kadett Coupe. Keep it up.
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