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  1. I use i240 kit so a wee bit wider .that one in photo is what a was looking for and bolt a tray under crossmember make flat for down force
  2. Looking for front lower splitter for manta .not bothered what it looks like as a will be modding it
  3. Where can you find manufacture date in manta b .think a went to opel in germany before .
  4. Would love to .have to check my event list .no sure if this the date a was meant to be going down
  5. That would be me you bought it from .did a not trailer it to dundee for you
  6. Looking for 240 body kit only need rear arches but will buy full kit
  7. Got a pitch for the club here if a can get numbers who are coming so a can let them know who is coming .my manta will be on track and a cavy .come and support 2 club members racing .6th n 7th september. Now 2 cavys and my manta competing
  8. Well 2 bends not counting the top one .so no good for competion but ok for road car .looking for 200 ish
  9. not realy got a price in mind for it , what they worth second hand
  10. pity , a have sd cage a will be selling
  11. sorry a cant make it , racing that weekend
  12. great to see younger generation still there to keep the manta going , you have good taste boy
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