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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/384241009016?hash=item59768c8178:g:8iAAAOSw4h1fsR7R
  2. Just checked on a spare tank I have, it follows the line of the larger inlet pipe the bends off to enter in the centre of the tank....found this on ebay...
  3. Didn't know this model existed.....looks great... https://www.theparking-cars.co.uk/used-cars-detail/opel-diplomat/opel-bitter-diplomat-cd-coupe-5-3l-automatic/G5YOHWJ5.html
  4. I would be interested too....for larger parts, I saw a Wheeler Dealers/SOS program ? the other day when they managed to get a Astra GTE wheel centre cap 3D printed...plastic or metal parts can be reproduced..
  5. And here http://clubs.hemmings.com/oana/tech/24l.pdf
  6. \Found some info here... There are many possible ways of machining the stock 1.9 liter Opel engine for more power. Many discussions mention upgrading the airflow capacity of the cylinder head with installation of non-Opel parts like Chevy Valves (big valve 1.72" or 1.84" intakes coupled with 1.50" exhausts from V8 engines). This is often combined with installing Chevy pistons (from the 265 or 305 engines), and others advocate stroking the engine by modifying the Opel crankshaft to achieve a 2.4 liter displacement. The lure is lower entry costs, but the obstacle is locating experienced professionals, who understand some of the more theoretical aspects of machining parts that were never intended for use together, to assure proper clearances and heatexpansion tolerances (that were never specified in any Opel service manual). Quality engine machinists who will work on an Opel are a rare breed (and their services are usually priced accordingly). http://www.opelclub.com/EngineArticleSample.pdf
  7. Like the wheels and ride height...
  8. Hi Snowy, I have a 5.7 Chevy V8 in my Viva. HB. The 5.7 pistons are 4 inch in diameter about 100mm...I know Manta blocks can be bored to 97mm for 2.7 conversions, not sure if you can go to 100mm...maybe a piston from a 5 or 5.3 V8 may be an option......the other consideration is the pin to piston head measurement...and of course the rods..
  9. Welcome back, any pics of your car to show us?
  10. May have been carlton 2.2 calipers and vented discs.....
  11. Herman, do you know if there a supply of new 2.0 or Frontera 2.4 front timing covers in Europe, both have been NLS in the UK for a number of years...Luckily I have 2 nearly new 2.4 ones but was thinking of the future...
  12. not at all , pleased to help out...
  13. I have 17mm outside, 12mm hole in middle, 5.6m deep. The one I measured is not a genuine seal, made by payen..also found this image
  14. Hi Herman, the one at the in the front cover water way (fits between the cover and head? ) I have a new gasket set, so can check later...
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