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  1. The cossy ones are a perfect match in respect of bell depth, but as mentioned needs the centre hole enlarged and the 4 hub bolts redrilled....
  2. Help needed in finding a F##d Focus Mk1 2- door n/s rear quarter panel P/N 1346795, Fords claim its NLS, but your local dealer may have one...any help appreciated (its my low miles daily driver with full recaro leather interior which I would like to keep on the road) For info there is a 5.6 V8 Focus on ebay....but not tempted at £8000...
  3. In reply to your question re exhaust, yes the engine will run quieter with a balance pipe, plus it will improve the V8 sound, albeit depends on what silencers you have fiitted ( I have V8 chevy engined HB Viva) . The axle is a Opel Commodore, narrowed by a couple of inches. The gearbox was a brand new factory getrag 265 monza box which was going in my Manta, but passed on to a chap who sold it to Paul....
  4. Never seen the alternative spacers widths 3mm and 9mm for sale..assume it would be easy to machine some up on a lathe...
  5. Thanks Snowy....wonder if they would offer a club discount if they get several orders? I have repaired mine twice now due to heat hardening...
  6. Group buy? Although not listed, they may be interested in making an injection loom for the club... https://www.autosparks.co.uk/
  7. plus they will tell you the fuel flow rate too...
  8. Hi Chris, what about listing your other non Vauxhall/opel cars you have owned ????
  9. Saw you driving in Reading last June....noticed 2 blokes in a builders van pointing at you when you drove past them at a junction..nice car which still looks good on the road!!!
  10. One of Uk's oldest hill climb events held in Princes Risborough....15-16th September 2018 https://www.kophillclimb.org.uk/ Advance Tickets, 1st July to Midnight 14th September Adult advance day ticket – £12 18 years and under advance day ticket – £4 5 years and under advance day ticket – Free Advance family ticket A – 1 Adult plus up to 3 paying 18 and under – £16 Advance family ticket B – 2 Adults plus up to 3 paying 18 and under – £28 Grandstand ticket – Half-day session – £4 On the Day Tickets Adult day ticket – £15 18 years and under day ticket – £5 5 years and under day ticket – Free Family ticket A – 1 Adult plus up to 3 paying 18 and under – £20 Family ticket B – 2 Adults plus up to 3 paying 18 and under – £35 Grandstand ticket – Half-day session – £5 – subject to availability We accept Mastercard and Visa credit / debit cards at the pay points on the day. If you want to book in a car for display please use the booking system. If you have not registered before please go here: https://login.kophillclimb.info/registration/classics If you have booked in before please login here: https://login.kophillclimb.info/
  11. Rare part!!!! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Blitz-Transfer-Gearbox-/292054558867?hash=item43ffcee893:g:jDQAAOSwsW9Yxsch
  12. Yes 2.2 flywheel is same as Monza one.....however, I think you can machine a standard gte flywheel flat to fit larger 9 inch clutch....
  13. concur..used on 3 litre engines....makes it easier to fit and remove compared to hex heads...I use ball ended allen keys with a 3/8 drive rachet/extensions (fuel injected engine) ps great opel parts website 611...
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