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  1. Hi Nick yes, will be going saturday. Do you want me to take any parts you have sold to the show???

  2. Hi Chris


    Are you and simon going to the Sywell show???


    cheers Pete

  3. hi steve, re your spares, at home today....07715168070 cheers Pete


    flywheel, timing chain adjuster etc

  4. Hi Steve, is flywheel aftermarket ? also interested in timing chain tensioner, and maybe timing cover/oil pump


    cheers pete

    1. Steves


      No standard but with weight taken out of it, will send photos, but i havent got one of the flywheel yet, working away so will be thursday, will send photos i have tonight.




  5. All I remember is that you need pads from an early xj6, you need to look at pad catalogue with illustrations and compare the volvo ones with jag ones....

    1. Aggressor


      thanks mate i'll check that out

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