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  1. I remember an Ascona 400 being sold for £3500 many years ago at one of our Stoneleigh Shows, but don't remember it belonging to the club...it was broken for spares due to rust...they still have the engine/box and rear axle, but are not for sale..
  2. This shows what happens if you do not repair your rusty sunroof quick enough!!! seriously looks a good buy....
  3. Great job, what 400 body kit and 5 stud conversion kit did did you use on your car????
  4. Want a nos box as my Frontera engine is brand new too...although have an option of getting my old Monza box rebuilt...
  5. If anyone hears of a nos box...let me know...it needs to be the Monza spec one rather than the 400 version (if any exist)...does anyone know if the Monza box was used on the early Senator too, before Vauxhall used their own version???
  6. hi steve, re your spares, at home today....07715168070 cheers Pete


    flywheel, timing chain adjuster etc

  7. Hi Steve, is flywheel aftermarket ? also interested in timing chain tensioner, and maybe timing cover/oil pump


    cheers pete

    1. Steves


      No standard but with weight taken out of it, will send photos, but i havent got one of the flywheel yet, working away so will be thursday, will send photos i have tonight.




  8. Thanks for heads up, thought I had put it on Ford Focus owners club forum (my daily driver)i!!! seriously its a great handbook....
  9. I agree with Chris...an mot would help your sale....plus you tube footage...
  10. Highly recommend BURTON's Catalogue, excellant general info on engines/gearboxes/induction/cylinder heads/suspension/aftermarket ecu's etc etc http://i242.photobucket.com/albums/ff261/GTEPETE/BURTONS%202016%20001_zpsrf4wvxal.jpg[/IMG] http://i242.photobucket.com/albums/ff261/GTEPETE/BURTONSa%202016%20001_zpsjjrbxqlx.jpg[/IMG] http://i242.photobucket.com/albums/ff261/GTEPETE/BURTONSc%202016%20001_zps3ifl0l6f.jpg[/IMG]
  11. Too cheap, anyone bought any??? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Connecting-Rods-for-Opel-Vauxhall-Frontera-2-4L-CIH-Conrod-Con-Rod-AMI-/182050081542?hash=item2a6307cb06:g:SJwAAOSwr7ZW4Y1u
  12. An old trick I used to do on Rover V8s is to fill the chamber with vaseline before bolting the plate up, helps with suction....to circulate the oil on start up...,
  13. Very high price for a non standard Exclusive, if it was an original spec one, would be a better buy....mentions one of the last produced, are there any more 1989's on the road. Remember asking my local dealer to find a NOS Exclusive in 1990 with no success...ended up with a 20 000 18 month old one lady owner model..now on 55 000.....
  14. All I remember is that you need pads from an early xj6, you need to look at pad catalogue with illustrations and compare the volvo ones with jag ones....

    1. Aggressor


      thanks mate i'll check that out

  15. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1972-opel-manta-A-series-street-legal-drag-car-unfinished-project-/291664621393?hash=item43e890ef51:g:BXYAAOSwqrtWn4kd
  16. Have a soft spot for Viva HBs, especially the rare 2 litre GTs. This was a mates (scrapped in the 80s, the side pipes give a clue!) which started as a competition Viva GT body shell, then had a 2.2 Lotus twin cam and finally a 3.0 V6 .....mine started as a GT, then had a Rover V8 in 1980, followed by Chevy V8..still have it too....
  17. Makes my friends purchase of a road going 400 in mid 90's for £3500 a bargain....
  18. A Frontera exhaust manifold is a must with this conversion, as has larger ports....(if not already fitted)....
  19. Nearly there, just need one rocker ball and one pair of valve colletts now, anyone have these???? (head is going to Ray West's at Thruxton for modding)
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